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mage: the ascension

  1. T

    Using dresden files accelerated for Mage the ascension

    I love mage the ascension but hate the system and am looking at fate powered alternatives. Dresden files accelerated seems like it should be a good fit but I'm not confident about hacking the mantle. I know there are some people on here who have done some fantastic mantle hacks, so any ideas?
  2. D

    For those who played mage the ascension: Who played as groups outside of the traditions or Technocracy

    Who here has played as a character within a group that was not apart of either the traditions or Technocracy in mage? What was it like? How well did it go? What were the groups like?
  3. D

    WoD: Consensus Reality and “Alternative Facts”?

    So first off, I’m sorry if this seems political. But it seems like it could be a setting issue and will likely be of interest to my players. So... Mage (and also Genius if we include fan lines) run on Consensus Reality. What people believe about the nature of how the world works and what is...
  4. N

    Tell me about Mage-likes

    So, Mage the Ascension Revised was one of the first RPGs I played and it's stuck with me, but in practice it was always a struggle to get it to do what I and my group wanted, so I mostly let it lapse. I also just recently stumbled over the Solipsist RPG on dtrpg, which appears to take the...
  5. R

    [MTAs] How much do Mages know about their world?

    Hello, I'm currently readingthrough M20. I have had an interest in the fluff before, but this isthe first time I'm looking at it in depth, with the intention toeventually play the system. Well, I seem to havetrouble wrapping my head around the consistency of some concepts. It's not quiet...
  6. IanWatson

    Onyx Path Publishing Now Available: The Mage20 Cookbook

    http://theonyxpath.com/now-available-mage20-cookbook/ Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: The Mage Cookbook for Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition! Food is Life We are what we eat. As mages throughout history have realized, the foods that sustain our bodies sustain...
  7. Sabermane

    The Technocracy vs. the Vampire-Killing Lightbulb

    The room was a shark tank of one, a simple gray meeting room with a table and chair for one. Standing across from that table, one young and upcoming Agent, hoping to impress his seated Department Head. "Allright Agent T-3948, what is your design request?" "Well sirs, it's this! A lightbulb that...
  8. Matt.Ceb

    [Mage the Ascension] (And possible Kult and Uknown Armies) Modern Occult Soul Twisting.

    How a Syndicate member entering the Caul and coming out twisted looks like... There's this new-media artist. Mike Dive. He's made some amazing stuff. The 2016 Japanese Trump Commercial and Grrl Scouts (Which is also PERFECT MAGE FODDER!) are probably his two best offerings. (Both NSFW!) But...
  9. K

    Could this work for a Mage: The Ascension storyline

    I was thinking about potential storylines for a Mage game and I came up with this. It is basically a new terrorist group named The Black Hand who had just blown up a technocrat cover, sending the Technocrats after the Traditionalists. While weathering the Technocratic assualt, the...
  10. K

    Mage the Ascension. Which edition would you recommend for a new rpg player

    Mage: The Ascension has caught my interest and I want to know which edition is most new player friendly.
  11. K

    [Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade] Advice on Converting a Templar

    Say you're a modern day Celestial Chorus, and you've arrived in 1424 Europe. You capture a POW from the Order of Reason, a Daedalian Knight with True Faith. Without bringing up time-travel/being from the future, how do you persuade him not to slaughter the "heretics" who don't deserve it? And...
  12. wirecrossing

    What would Technocrats think of Seers of the Throne? Vice Versa?

    I'm pretty sure they would be horrified that a world rule by a magickal paradigm would be so similar to their own technocratic reality. I think Seers would be amused at the things humanity had brought upon itself.
  13. T

    [Mage 20th Edition] How influential were the technocracy

    Just a quick question. In Mage 20th how influential were the Technocracy on human history?
  14. Chris J

    [Mage] What do you do? [Both Awakening and Ascension]

    In Vampire you're part of a clan, and there's lots of political back stabbing and social warfare. There's badder guys, the sabbat and you strive against (or perhaps not) the beast. What do you do in Mage, what's its thing? Specifically the latest version on Mage
  15. Snow Goon

    [M:tAs] Help me with the Euthanatoi

    I've played and run Mage: the Ascension since the second edition and in all that time I have never really understood the Euthanatos as a tradition. With the rest of them -- even the culturally insensitive amalgamations -- I've been able to grok what the world might look like under their...
  16. D

    [Mage: The Ascension] [Mage: The Awakening] Inserting the Exarchs into Mage: The Ascension

    I'm thinking of adding a Gnostic element to my current Mage without making it dominate the setting. Basically, adding a "third" side to the Oracles and Anti-Oracles with the idea of beings who lord over creation and are behind Paradox as well as preserve Sleeperdom. Possibly the people who have...
  17. L

    [Mage: The Ascension] Real world ideologies and organizations

    How do the various Traditions, Technocracy and such deal with mages that follow real ideologies as their paradigm (or even just as an adherent)? Like an anarcho-syndicalist or a social democrat? How do conspiracy theorists fit into this; are they almost guaranteed to be marauders? For that...
  18. D

    [Mage: The Ascension] 101 Street Level Magic Adventure Hooks

    I thought this might be fun given how much everyone has been enjoying things. 1. To Mentor or Contain: The player characters are in attendance at a concert when the performer manages to Awaken on the middle of the stage. This immediately attracts the attention of a spirit who assumes the form...
  19. D

    [Mage: The Ascension] So, having Nephandi explain their POV

    So, I want to have the PCs talk with some Nephandi. Not humanize them or make them ambiguous but just give them their coherent POV. It came up with one of the PCs seeing a visit to the Cauls through a Nephandus' perspective and getting a Gnostic view of Creation which justifies their...
  20. D

    [Mage: The Ascension] So, there's been peace between the Technocrats and Traditions for 16 years

    A campaign premise inspired, in part, by the Magicians. The Avatar Storm happened 16 years ago and the Ascension War was temporarilly put on hold as the Technocracy as well as the Traditions decided to put their Forever WarTM on hold until they could get their shit back together. This included...
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