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magical girls

  1. Shadowjack

    [IWIW] In Which Shadowjack Watches Nanoha A's

    All right, folks, it’s time for me to try watching some Lyrical Magical Girl Nanoha A’s, the second series. (I have relatives who would be disappointed that it was not Lyrical Magical Girl Nanoha Giants. [/sportsball]) EPISODE #1: THE BEGINNING COMES SUDDENLY • New OP! Our heroine couple...
  2. Kuhan

    Magical Girl (Warrior) music?

    For all the threads there are about TRPG background music across the internet, I've found shockingly little advice for music to play in the background of a Magical Girl game. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to add to a campaign playlist? The available soundtracks for various Mahou...
  3. Rook S.

    [Dresden Files Accelerated] Magical girl mantles?

    Has anyone written or seen fan-created mantles for playing magical girls in DFA?
  4. rbingham2000

    [Lasers & Feelings] Love and Justice is Out!

    So Encoded Designs has recently released their Magical Girl hack of Lasers and Feelings called Love and Justice. For the most part, it's a fairly simple and fun little game and pretty faithful to the genre in question. Oh yeah, and it's also free.
  5. L

    🎨 Creative [Setting Riff] Magical Girl Dystopia

    I'm always curious about dumb ideas, and I just encountered the phrase "Magical Girl Dystopia". More specifically, a dystopia run by Sailor Moon style Magical Girls. So: I'm interested in what kind of dystopia run by Magical Girls is possible. Please, try to play the Magical Girls as straight...
  6. A

    Magical Girls. Okay, this is new for me and I need some help.

    I'm actually pretty familiar with the Magical Girls anime genre (mostly by way of Sailor Moon) - but not so much in tabletop games. Here's the deal. I've been listening to a lot of Necronomidol lately, and I'm inspired to run a Magical Girls type game. Except the magic is mind-bending Mythos...
  7. R

    [Sparks]An Aspect in Ritual Casting-uses?

    So. Say I'm making a character in Sparks, and I give her an Aspect of Brilliant Ritual Caster, or maybe more evocatively, Young Archmage of the Grand Library as a High Concept. The problem with this, of course, is that most Rituals are done without a roll - once you gather all the elements...
  8. yalborap

    [WIW] 10. Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!! 20. Where the hero's GOTO 10

    That's right, motherfuckers, I'm doing BASIC humor! What up. ...Okay, so. We're going into weird territory again. I suspect this is gonna be a lot like Vividred Operation, where I have to avoid engaging with the weird, skeevy animation to focus on the parts I like. It's Gonna Be the...

    [Fate Core] Off the cuff idea: using Stormcallers (and maybe Tianxia) for a magical girl game

    I've kinda got magical girls on the brain at the moment. I'm pretty new to the genre, but I just started watching Madoka Magica, I've been reading the webcomic Agents of the Realm, and I've been looking at Princess: The Hopeful and Magical Burst. I'm a huge Fate fanboy, though, so I started...
  10. T

    [I01] A 101 Magical Girl Themed Ideas

    This is the thread for talking about Magical Girl themed plot ideas. Discussing ideas about Magical Boys, Magical Mascots, or Magical Sidekicks, or anything that has anything to do with the Magical Girl genre is fine, too.
  11. jamieth

    Wherein I create a Magical Burst character

    Since a new edition (4th Draft) of this my personal darling had appeared after a long, long hiatus, and it finally features a complete set of random tables for character creation, I decided to give it a spin. Quick note: Magical Burst employs a concept of "d66". What that means is roll 2 d6...
  12. B

    "Your mother and I were Mahou Shoujo. Before the Dark Times. Before the Empire." (setting riff)

    "Your mother wanted you to have this when you were old enough." "You knew my mother?" "Oh yes. Your mother and I were mahou shoujo together... before the dark times. Before the Empire." What if Star Wars were a post-Nanoha, post-Madoka Magica (but not necessarily with the same rules or...
  13. sun_tzu

    [M&M] For the Spirit of Creation: San Francisco (Thread 3)

    The continuing adventures of a magical girls team and the NPCs in their lives! Thread one. Thread two. Thread OOC. Wiki. And TVTropes!
  14. The Wyzard

    Magical Girls: Fantasy [redacted] Vietnam

    This is a campaign I'm running using Google Chat. The players are Banshee (listed as All in the chats), Alice Sara, MarianLH, and Tapeworm. These files are pretty raw because I didn't want to spend inordinate amounts of time cleaning them up. Hopefully, those players will chose to post a thought...
  15. Bliss Authority

    [Interest/Recruitment] Playtesting a Madoka-inspired Magical Girl hack for Bliss Stage, who wants in?

    After finally getting around to watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I've started working on a reskin/hack of Bliss Stage, Dream Contract, for playing through that particular brand of dark magical girl story. (Except with, you know, a wee bit more potential for it to end well.) It wasn't really...
  16. J

    Explain: Magical Girl shows that air at 2am aren't Magical Girl shows. They're some other genre dressed up in...

    Can someone explain this to me? It comes from a poster's sig, Boco I think. A more fuller quote would be: "Magical Girl shows that air at 2am aren't Magical Girl shows. They're some other genre dressed up in a thin veneer of Magical Girl styling to cater to perverted 30-year old men." Then...
  17. W

    [Setting Riff] Magical Girls, Unite!

    For thousands of years at the least, going back to pre-Pharoanic Egypt at a minimum, there have been girls and women empowered by forces unknown to combat various mystical threats to humanity. What we would call today magical girls, though not always in the mold of Sailor Moon. The number has...
  18. S

    [Interest/Recruitment] Princess: The Hopeful

    Looking to put together a Princess the Hopeful game, the creators said I look for them here on RPG.net. But I am also looking for players, and maybe someone to help me GM ( I am a newbie to GMing) but I enjoy world of Darkness and Magical girl is the genre of anime I cut my teeth on. For...
  19. H

    Princess: The Hopeful Alice 7th Thread

    Thread 1 Thread 2 Thread 3 Thread 4 Thread 5 Thread 6 Princess: the Wiki Well, what do you know, nothing did stop us. Let's hope that this time we manage to nail down most of San Francisco, as that's the biggest thing left.
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