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  1. rabbithat

    Chaosium Take a walk through the Corbitt House in a new map of the classic Call of Cthulhu scenario 'The Haunting'

    Jason Thompson aka Mockman is a comic artist and illustrator, well known to RPG circles. You may have seen his popular series of walkthrough maps of classic Dungeons & Dragons modules ('Expedition to the Barrier Peaks', 'Tomb of Horrors', etc), enabling you to trace every step of the adventure...
  2. matnoo

    Drone images used as RPG maps! :D

    I am bringing out a kickstarter that is 1000 drone photos and from those around 100 edited maps from around the world. I want to raise money to go on more trips to build a huge library with maps of volcanoes, lava flow, arctic environments, disused military installations, battle ships and cold...
  3. NioNko

    Animated map: Ice Skull Dungeon

    Hi there, fellow adventurers! Second room pack have been published at our Patreon page few days ago. It consists of Full HD/4k animated maps + grids + .png files for VTTs. Here is a preview which we have made for you. https://www.patreon.com/NioNko...
  4. heruca

    *Kickstarter* A "software + mapping content" combo to create gorgeous hex maps for tabletop RPGs

    GMs looking to quickly and easily create beautiful area or regional-scale hex maps should check out this Kickstarter campaign (just click on the image below). The software runs on Windows and Mac OS X (not on mobile devices). It's already developed and available; the crowdfunding campaign is...
  5. NioNko

    Animated map: Ice Skull Dungeon - Entrance (day and night version + grids + .png files)

    Hi there, fellow adventurers! Starting my first dungeon (tiles, floors, boss rooms) and like all dungeons this one starts with entrance. https://www.patreon.com/NioNko https://www.facebook.com/NioNko-242484473103243 P.S. Follow me on Patreon to discover all secrets of this dungeon.
  6. NioNko

    [OC], [FREE] Animated map: Winter Road 02 (day and night version + grids + .png files)

    Hi there, fellow adventurers! If you like what I’ve shown you, why don’t you give it a try? :) https://www.patreon.com/NioNko https://www.facebook.com/NioNko-242484473103243 P.S. Follow me on Patreon to not miss FREE content.
  7. tldenmark

    Swamp Village - Adventure Location

    I've been working on creating scenery sets for our D&D game and recently reactions to a few images I posted online gave me the idea of putting it together into a PDF on DriveThruRPG and on my Patreon. This is the Swamp Village I just completed. It does advertise my other stuff, but it is...
  8. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180625

    Mapping: The MoonHunter Way Mostly I love beautifully rendered maps. They are not just good information that is easy to use. They are inspirations for the players and the GM. They are pieces of art. It is nice that gaming can inspire such pieces of creativity/ art. Okay, let me be frank...
  9. PlotDevice

    Fantasy Maps are Freaking Awesome, and here is how you can learn to make them.

    So here is a thing. Jorm wrote a really freaking useful guidebook for making maps and I am going to wax lyrical about it for a few words. Yes, this is a blog post about someone else's blog posts. Inception me. A fairly long time ago there was a web based zombie/survival game called Urban...
  10. T

    Old School RPG-themed Button Down Shirt- crowdfunding on Betabrand

    The "Adventurer" shirt design is still up on Betabrand, and it needs your votes to reach crowdfunding! Class up your roleplaying wardrobe with a unique shirt that pays tribute to the olden days, when hallways were 10' wide and maps were smudged with #2 pencil. To vote (and save %30 if it ever...
  11. J

    [4e] Is Anyone Capable Of Ediing A Map? (Nentir Vale)

    This Version of the Nentir Vale map (https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvBxu67WgU8lhQ3bxD3ybKQtTtit) has the unnecessary and little used locations removed. It’s the best one I’ve come across except that (like many people) every 4e campaign I run starts at Kirin Dahn (the amazing Slaying Stone module - so...
  12. O

    DriveThruRPG [MINI CAMPAIGN SETTING] The Independent Territories of Belthennia

    The Independent Territories of Belthennia were established almost 400 years ago, in the year 934 of the Common Era (CE), in the aftermath of a bloody Civil War that lasted over 8 years. Two siblings, Orvar and Ödemin Brynnon, fought over the dominion of the islands, leading opposing factions in...
  13. C

    ExAlted 3: Map of Creation?

    Hi All, As somebody who is totally blind, I don't really get a lot from maps in general, but I've read quite a bit about the sheer size of Creation. I'm curious to know what some canonical distances might be. A friend of mine was kind enough to transcribe the map from Exalted 1E, which he...
  14. B

    Primeval Thule Quodeth map

    I didn't like the version I had in the book so I enlarged it and changed the way buildings were displayed. Snippet Full map available for your free use at https://woolshedwargamer.com/2017/08/22/dnd-5e-primeval-thule/ Cheers B
  15. Lord Crimson

    [Pugmire] What is the scale of the Pugmire map?

    In the core Pugmire book, we have a map on page 21, there is no scale... because dogs don't deal in things like that. But do we at least have a rough idea of how big an area we're looking at on that map? While I'd ideally prefer an "official" (or even "semi-official") answer from someone in...
  16. K

    *Kickstarter* Crucible: Space Station Poster & Miniature

    A 2 poster set detailing the complete deckplans for this station at 1 inch = 5 ft scale. A matching miniature is also available, as are digital documents describing the interior and statistics. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/0-hr/crucible-space-station-map-posters-and-miniature
  17. Gee4orce

    [Software] Sector - a Traveller map generator

    I thought some of you might be interested in a new app I've made for iPhone & iPad: Sector It's just a simple app at the moment that's based on the Traveller SRD document, and generates an entire sector worth of worlds at a time. The system density is set to vary from concentrated towards...
  18. K

    *Kickstarter* Starship deckplans poster & miniature

  19. A

    Other Publisher Station Generator, space station map generator

    For anyone who doesn't know, Station Generator a table top companion app for quickly creating space station's on the fly that you can save and print as required! I've been working away on improving it and have released Beta 1 if anyone's interested! Available on itch.io here...
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