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  1. Markotny

    Paper miniatures design

    I started designing paper miniatures. My templates are ready to download from my website. I suggest to print them on photo lab as standard 6x4inch/ 15x10cm on glossy paper. Cost of single print - 0.12$ in my local lab. All the rest you can do in ten minutes : fold the sheet, cut the outlines...
  2. okumarts

    🎨 Creative Paper Miniatures and Terrain

    So, I've been making paper minis for my games since around 2008. I started selling them on RPGNow in 2011. Here are a few images of some of my sets in action. https://www.patreon.com/okumarts
  3. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20170725

    I have to admit. I am a frugal gamer. (Markers) You have seen me mention Magic Boards, one of the original cheap applications for note sheets, work sheets, battle mats, charcter sheets, and so. So you know I like smart and inexpensive game hacks. This has been with me since the beginning...
  4. R

    Markers, Counters and Tokens: Gaming Bling reviews by Rich

    I love gaming bling. Playing with nice components is a massive improvement over playing with crappy ones. I have nice dice, I love decent minis when I'm playing a game which requires them and I like to use nice counters for other stuff, like Bennies/Action Points etc. This applies to all...
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