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market share

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    Redefining roleplaying

    After reading some of the details about the market size for tabletop role playing games in the thread of the same name, I've come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to have a look at rebranding the image of role playing as a whole. I'll just let a few ideas run here. With a...
  2. J

    [3.x/PfRPG/4E] Goodman Games looking to Expand beyond 4E

    Interesting request from Joe Goodman of Goodman Games: Hi everyone, It's a new year with some new ideas! I've been thinking over a new approach with the DCC line and wanted to get some feedback. Think for a moment about the RPG market over the last few years: 2001-2004: 80%+ of RPG'ers were...
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