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  1. K

    [Why Not Games- Rocket Age] Slaves of the Earthlings, a Rocket Age Episode

    Heads up Rangers, you have a new mission! Now Available in pdf: Slaves of the Earthlings a Rocket Age episode. The Lincoln Brigade has been battling slavery on Mars, but a new evil has emerged. Where before the Brigade's elite Tubman agents have focused on freeing slaves and leading revolts...
  2. Stattick

    [Create a Setting] Post Apocalyptic Mars

    A long time ago, Earth was invaded by something like Mind Flayers. They took over, created a bunch of humanoid subraces (most of which are still interfertile with base humans) for various specialized purposes. They constructed a massive energy field around the planet that amplifies their innate...
  3. burningcrow

    [HEX] Revelations of Mars?

    Hey! Is there any news on Revelations of Mars, the Sword & Planet book for Hollow Earth Expedition? I recall backing it on Kickstarter a few (2?) years back ... and someone recently mentioned that it should come out in May (of 2015). Anyone know anything? Thanks for your insights! Daniel.
  4. Praetorian

    [SF/Eclipse Phase] Terraforming Mars

    Okay, so I was thinking about the various processes if SF games where Mars is terraformed. Mostly, I was thinking about this in relation to EP, but it could be equally applicable to THS or Jovian Chronicles, or whatever... Basically, it seems like terraforming in rpgs focuses exculsively on...
  5. A

    Under the Moons of Mars (board game)

    I’m currently developing a single-player board game, provisionally titled Under the Moons of Mars. As the name implies, it's set on a fictional version of the planet Mars, similar but not identical to the Mars described in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom series. I've done a playable, online...
  6. R

    Looking for Martian Steampunk Ideas for a Victoriana campaign...

    ...title says it all, folks! Are there comics, books, websites, artwork and the like you'd recommend? Rather than plot out in advance, I like to look at cool elements/artwork/concepts and build plot around them. I wanted to set a Steampunk adventure on Mars. Original ideas from you guys are...
  7. Miss Atomic Bomb

    [Honor + Intrigue / Cavaliers of Mars] For honor! For adventure! For crying out loud!

    In my swashbuckling games, I want to provide benefits to acting consistently with your characters' core motivations. To use some classic examples: Westley fights for true love, and he'll always be at his best fighting for Buttercup. Inigo fights for honor, to avenge the murder of his father...
  8. indra

    [WUSHU] Cavaliers of Mars Quickstart

    It's always a thrill to playtest a Wushu game written by someone else. Russell Bailey is an old friend, a White Wolf veteran, and he clearly knows his swashbuckling high adventure. My players jumped in feet-first, having read nothing but the pre-gen characters. (I do, however, highly recommend...
  9. wheloc

    Barsoomian Brainstorming

    I just read A Princess of Mars and I suppose I'll probably see the John Carter movie soon, so I've been thinking of martian plots, themes, and characters (with a focus, of course, on roleplaying in the setting). Earthlings randomly get transported (astral project?) to mars sometimes (is this...
  10. JohnK

    [Savage Mars] Adventures for the Game

    Hullo, folks, I was wondering... Does anyone know of where I can find or have any adventures for Adamant's Mars that I can use for conventions and demos? (Other than the actual adventures found with the game book and the PDFs of stuff that have come out?) Thanks, in advance. :)
  11. JohnK

    [Savage Mars] Converting Bennies to Style Points

    Hullo, folks, I am quite fond of the Savage Mars setting that the folks at Adamant Entertainment has published and all, but one of the things that I don't like about the Savage Worlds game itself is how Bennies are distributed and work. I've been considering converting Bennies into Style...
  12. G

    GM's Day Sale! March 1st - 7th

    It’s that time of year… Happy GM’s Day! And if you thought that our new pricing model was crazy -- how about another 25% Off? Until the morning of Monday, March 7th, Adamant Entertainment, along with dozens of other publishers, will be taking part in the annual GM’s Day Celebration Sale at...
  13. dmjalund

    [WoD] Martians!

    I am considering making a World of Darkness (probably oWod) source Mars, covering a long history from ancient times where nomads wander from oasis to oasis to a period of ity states and wars over water to a period of canals - which is followed by a period of underwater canals as the atmosphere...
  14. Kanezeran

    [savage worlds] MARS adventure ideas

    I am a HUGE fan of all this pulp weird science and sorcery fiction from moorcock to burroughs to howard and I;ve been trying to get my hands on other pulp-style Mars-related fiction. Now, having gotten the savage worlds rulebook but not the MARS setting (takes a hell of a lot of time to ship to...
  15. dmjalund

    Wraith Campaign Suggestion: Dark Kingdom of Dust

    They say Mars is a dead planet. There is a lot of SF about mars having a long dead civilization. Imagine playing Wraith on Mars!
  16. Jürgen Hubert

    [Eclipse Phase] PC Cover stories for Martian campaign

    My one-shot of Eclipse Phase (in which the PCs chased a bunch of gravikinetic Haunting-strain exurgents from Gerlach in Venus orbit to The Shack aerostat in the Venus atmosphere) was apparently popular enough that the players have decided to want to play a campaign in the setting. Now I have two...
  17. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    [Dieselpunk] Help me, people who know anything about physics!

    I have some vague notions for a dieselpunk game, set in a far future in which Mars was extensively terraformed and colonized, lost contact with Earth, descended into primitivism, and eventually climbed back up to a roughly 1930s level of technology. My question is, how would the lower Martian...
  18. mitchw

    MARS:Savage Worlds PDF for $1

    I just picked up Mars Savave Worlds from Drivethrurpg for a $1. Now that's a sale.:eek: Mitch
  19. Miss Atomic Bomb

    What if I wanted a swords mechanic that handled 4-armed men and apes with Howitzers?

    I'm working on a campaign called Cavaliers of Mars, which is basically Flashman meets Martian romance. In other words, this guy: ...is also this guy: His lot in life is to swindle, run, philander and fight to the death in a world of four-armed green giants, lantern-lit canal cities, and...
  20. Miss Atomic Bomb

    [Cavaliers of Mars] Help me with some technobabble

    I was looking at antique maps of Mars for inspiration. I noticed the various alleged "seas" to the north. And I thought, "what if those were seas of silt, fine enough that you could drown in them, but somehow you could sail ships across them?" Is there a fineness of powder in which a human...
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