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    Tianxia martial arts schools

    I keep trying to get my head around the Tianxia setting and hitting a stumbling block. I just can't quite figure out how exactly the jianghu and martial arts schools fit in with the rest of the setting. For a start, how common are martial art schools? One on every corner like modern martial art...
  2. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180709

    Setting: Studio of the Spiral Dragon Martial Arts & Urban Fantasy Every large North American City has a Chinatown of some description. The City's is larger than one would expect. (We play it as a faux Seattle, but choose a good city.) It is full of semi-exotic goods in the market, some...
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    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180423

    Martial Arts: Building a Martial Art/System Inigo: You're using Bonetti's Defense against me, huh? The Man in Black: I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain. Inigo: Naturally. You must expect me to attack with Capo Ferro! The Man in Black: Naturally. But, I find that Thibault...
  4. Tyrrell

    Things happening during a Martial Arts tournament

    I am asking about Exalted but I'm looking for (mostly) setting agnostic ideas. I'm going to pitch a short Exalted game to a few friends. I'm planning to run a martial arts tournament. We'll do a session for character creation (Dragon Blooded) and 3 or 4 sessions to play the game. I want the...
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    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180223

    Fist and Foot - Martial Arts Summary Post Let me explain... no that will take too long (tl;dr) let me summarize about martial arts genre and style. There will of course be a setting, because I have a couple of those spread through dozens of setting spread over the site. Our first set of bad...
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    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180221

    Martial Arts: The Hoods - A anime-ish/ sentai-ish chronicle Ideally it is set in The City in a medieval period. (This could be a Japanese medieval city and somewhat realistic, but I have thought of it as western-ish looking. It could be placed to a specific place or time, or left vague.)...
  7. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180219

    Martial Arts: Pentagon Rising Who said science fiction has to be star ships and blasters? In the future not too distant, Humankind is just another species in the Greater Galactic Sea of Black. The great splash of Humanity was subsumed by the greater sea of The Society. Humanity settled in and...
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    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180216

    Martial Arts: Studio of the Spiral Dragon A martial arts, urban fantasy chronicle and some notes about Martial Arts Gaming Some readers wanted to see how we should do Martial Arts gaming. The next couple of posts will fill that need. Every large North American City has a Chinatown of some...
  9. J

    Kung Fu game

    To my surprise, one of my players suggested I might run "Weapons of the Gods" for our next major campaign, which I would love because I'm quite the fan of Chinese mythology and Kung Fu movies. I was curious, however, what sort of thing other people would want to experience most in a Kung Fu...
  10. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20171129

    Setting: Pentagon Rising Blog Post I have had crap internet all night. I was looking for some posts on and off all night because there was a specific gaming tirade I wanted to use. (Mostly off. Anyone know what you need to do for an internet fairy? Do you leave a saucer of milk for them or...
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    MoonHunter Sayeth 20171108

    Setting: Of The Blood This setting needs a new name, but this is soo perfect. So maybe a tack on, like.. a isles setting... or soemthing like that. Convergence Point Status Writing called on count of changing barometric pressure and sinus headache In its place we have a chronicle I have run...
  12. Jenna Moran

    [Exalted 3+] Hidden Horse Style

    Hi! I felt like writing an Exalted martial art today. ^_^ Hidden Horse Style Hidden Horse Style is a combat style built around the idea that a horse your opponent does not expect is a horse that they cannot defend against. It emphasizes flexibility, surprise, and mounted combat techniques. This...
  13. L

    Ideas for a martial art tournament story

    I'm writing a scenario centered on a martial art tournament in a "strange fantasy" world. All PCs will be participants, but I don't want the game to be only fights with nothing in between, so I'd love some inspiration as to what could happen "behind the scenes" of the tournament, so to speak...
  14. S

    (Anima) Need some help figuring out how an idea would work.

    (Anima, DBZ) Need some help figuring out how an idea would work. Ok, so I was playing Raging Blast 2 while talking to a friend of mine on Skype about an anima campaign idea that was meant to be sort of an homage to all those tropes we know and love in anime, and an idea hit me for an anima...
  15. A

    🎨 Creative [It's (Not Actually) My Birthday] Hit me with some weird kung-fu!

    (My birthday was 4 days ago - I think I can still ask for this?) Hit me with weird kung-fu action. Please - my Master's honor is at stake!
  16. F

    Cascade City: Recommend Me a System

    I have a setting, and I need a system for it. Cascade City is a... complicated mix of genres. The core of it is the interaction between urban fantasy and wuxia, with the drama of the jianghu playing out in the back alleys and on the rooftops of Cascade City. The Earth that Cascade City lives on...
  17. M

    Ninjas and Superspies

    I have a copy of the book but it reeks of cigarette smoke and I could read a page before I had to walk away from it. Before I buy a non-smelly copy I was wondering is the game more James Bond or Enter the Dragon. I love martial arts movies like Enter the Dragon, Bloodsport, all those cheesy...
  18. U

    Martial arts games in which contrasting styles matter

    What games are out there in which contrasting martial arts styles matter mechanically? I'm thinking of situations where a martial artist might say "Ah, you are using Tiger Style! You are strong and direct, but you cannot evade the circuitous strikes of my Serpent Fist Style!" That sort of...
  19. T

    Good cinematic martial arts system

    Hello, folks. I'm looking for good cinematic martial arts systems, specially if they don't need miniatures/tokens/maps to play. Any suggestions?
  20. H

    [Exalted 2e] Advice on building a Martial Artist (named Jojo)

    Salvate my fellow role players! With 3e coming out, some of my friends and I decided to get back in to Exalted and try a few mini campaigns. I was planning on doing mostly melee builds but I wanted some help making the concepts realities. For the most part, I was going to use characters from...
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