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marvel heroic roleplaying

  1. Stupid Loserman

    [Cortex Plus/Prime] Ganging up vs. multiple threats

    I'm in the last steps of gearing up to run a Prime game (using a ruleset mostly similar to the Marvel Heroic take, minus stress and milestones and with "arenas" of conflict type replacing affiliations), and there's one thing giving me pause that the Cortex Prime is the number of threats to...
  2. Extrakun

    Help me understand Power Set Limits from Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

    I am somewhat confused about limits from Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. This is what I understand so far: The player can activate the limit and gain a PP The GM can spend a d6 from the doom pool to activate a limit What I wish to clarify is: For the limit to be activated, the criteria for it...
  3. M.D. Little

    [Recruitment] Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: The Paragon Times

    The Paragon Times is a play-by-post game based upon Cortex rules set and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying in particular. Players are encouraged to create characters centered in or around "The City of Tomorrow" with an average posting requirement of once/48 hours. Paragon Wiki provides a staggering...
  4. F

    Marvel Heroic Roleplaying or Supers! RED?

    I really badly want to do a DC universe game soon and am thinking of using either Marvel Heroic Roleplaying or Supers! Revised Edition to run it. I have played some MHR in the past and love the way it models comic books and how easy it is to build characters. However, I find myself getting...
  5. T

    [Marvel Heroic] Event Structuring and Knowledge?

    Hey all. Couple questions about MHR, as a devoted fan and content creator who intends to take advantage of the uptick in Cortex interest. First up: When creating an event, what's the ideal structure for it? That is to say, I know how to set up an event, but how much should that be fiddled with...
  6. F

    Superhero RPG: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying/Cortex Prime vs. DC Heroes 3rd. edition/Blood of Heroes Special Edition

    I have been a huge fan of both games...Marvel Heroic Roleplaying/Cortex Prime vs. DC Heroes 3rd. edition/Blood of Heroes Special Edition. I have been playing Blood of Heroes SE for weeks now and enjoying it but just found out about the Kickstarter for Cortex Prime the other night and had to...
  7. F

    Marvel Heroic Roleplaying to be played online!

    Face Front, True Believers! I'm looking for heroes or a Watcher to play Marvel Heroic Roleplaying online. I'll probably be using Google Hangouts plus an online dice roller, though I'm open to suggestions. Dates/times/etc are negotiable. My experience with the game is very limited, but I'm a...
  8. R

    [MHR] So, Doctor Strange and Cortex Plus (hopefully no spoilers)

    While we celebrate the licensing of Cortex Plus to Cam, and we lament the loss of the Marvel license (hats over our hearts), I have to say, the new Dr. Strange movie is a fantastic example of MHR magic and specifically of how to leverage assets and complications. Off the top of my head (with as...
  9. mpascal02

    IC [MHR] Naruto

    Graduation day! The day when, after years of training at Konoha's Academy, you have finally achieved the exalted-ish rank of genin and become official shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. And so, after receiving your official Leaf headbands, you sit here in your childhood classroom one last time and...
  10. mpascal02

    OOC [MHR] Naruto

    It's Naruto! This is the Out of Character thread, and I'm your GM, mpascal02! Please repost your characters here, as well as the wiki (if you haven't already). IC thread will be up shortly is up.
  11. mpascal02

    MHR Naruto (Semi-Closed Recruitment)

    This is a semi-closed recruitment thread for a Naruto RPG, using the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying system. Propagandor, KreenWarrior, and Clynol have all expressed interest already, but I can handle one more player character, if anyone else wants in. Setting: THIS GAME IS NOT STRICTLY...
  12. Aysez

    MHR Released books?

    For some reason, I've got a serious hankering to running an MHR game. Can somebody remind me of the books that made it out? (And possibly some of the pseudo official, as well as decent fan based stuff? I'd really appreciate it!
  13. W

    [Laurel, MD, USA] Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

    Where: Laurel MD When: Every Other Friday 700-1100 What: We have a Gm and 2 players for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. We will be starting with existing Marvel Characters, in a campaign that takes a look at Superhuman Registration. We have fun and look for a mixture of roleplay, drama and action...
  14. jamieth

    [MHR] Protecting an ally - how to build?

    Getting into my first ever game of Marvel Heroic, and considering a dedicated healer/protector type, and would love some helpm with representing a power. Creating a force field to block incoming attacks is, according to the book, just a Durability die in the power set which is included as a...
  15. Bremen

    [Recruitment] MHR - My Little Mahou Shoujo

    Mahou Shoujo, or Magical Girl, is a genre all about protecting the world with the powers of friendship. Often in the form of massive friendship laser blasts, because sometimes friendship is best in more tangible (and explosive) forms. When the My Little Pony series was rebooted in its newest...
  16. Majestic

    [MHR] Interaction between (datafile as PC) Watcher character and doom pool

    I'm pretty versed in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. I've run it for years, and play in an on ongoing game as well. But as I've prepped for a new session starring Ronan the Accuser as a Watcher character (one I've had ready since before the Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out), there's a few...
  17. adamsmith

    [Marvel Heroic Roleplaying] Building a gadgeteer

    Hi Guys My group are coming together for some suicide squad style action, playing d-lister villains. One of the players has an idea for a guy is a bit of a riff on the Junkman from Astro City. He can build gadgets from everyday materials which can do amazing things, but they tend to break...
  18. V

    [Marvel Heroic Roleplaying] Age of Apocalypse resources ?

    I heard there was an Age of Apocalypse Event book on the pipeline for MHR, but it got canceled due to the licensing issues. I love this series, and would like to know if people know some online resources to help me out on doing the event myself ? Perhaps some partial draft of the original book...
  19. F

    [Marvel Heroic] Inspirations for stunts/assets/resources

    If you are playing Clint Barton, you need to print these images out and keep them next to his datafile:
  20. V

    [Marvel Heroic Roleplaying] Questions from a first-timer

    My group played the game for the first time and had a blast! Some questiojs cropped up though and I would like some help from you folks. 1. My players felt the Watcher-rolled opportunities are not so effective as the players rolled ones. In fact, most of times they didnt opt to activate them...
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