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  1. M

    Roleplaying established characters

    Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve been active here but I’ve got an interesting question on my mind. So this was triggered by me researching into two games Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and DC Adventures. Both seem to feature the capacity to pick them up and play your favorite heroes from the...
  2. AJ the Ronin

    New Marvel RPG? [Speculation]

    Fantasy Flight Game has the Marvel license for a card game. FFG, via Asmodee is doing a miniature game. How long before we see a Genesys powered Marvel RPG?
  3. Jhiday

    [Comics] House of X - the big X-Men relaunch

    So, this week the X-Men comics see the start of a big relaunch. They've had a LOT of them over the past few years, none of them lasting more than 18 months at best. (The last one started in November 2018, less than 9 months ago !) It doesn't help that they all just about reached the level of...
  4. Crinos

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

    I don't think there was a thread for this so I'm starting one. The third in the quite frankly awesome Marvel Ultimate Alliance series is coming out this year as a switch exclusive. As someone who played the first two games, I look forward to this one. As the name suggests, it will cover...
  5. JJ Hall

    [WIR] X-Men II: Focussed Totality Is A Song Within Her When Ah'm Blastin'!

    Link to the first thread. August 30, 1983 At the movies: On the radio: Magik 1 of 4 We open on Illyana watching the sunrise outside the mansion on the day she turns fourteen. She reflects on how half her life she was a prisoner in Hell, 'where I was consort to a devil,' and what that...
  6. dmjalund

    [Spoilers] MARVEL's Runaways Season 2

    so what did people think?
  7. G

    [Marvel] Kamar-Taj and K’un Lun?

    Have the comics ever delved into any interaction, relationship, or connections between these two Himalayan based mystical Sanctum realms that made two different rich white New Yorkers their Chosen Ones? I’m not saying it would necessarily be good, but the wuxia vs wizards war with Iron Fist and...
  8. M

    [comics] Marvel Unlimited - how are they on 90's X-books?

    So, I've recently discovered the rather fun "Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men" podcast, and since recent episodes have covered a period from which I own most of the comics (the early Mutant Genesis era), I've been enjoying reading along with them. However, they're close to reaching the point...
  9. jacobkosh

    [Homebrew, NSFData] Marvel's Agents of S.T.R.I.K.E.

    Created by an order from Nick Fury himself, STRIKE is a classified team of highly trained agents and superhumans designed specifically to take on missions that the Avengers can't or won't. A covert force that could go anywhere and do what needed to be done, without question... Hello and welcome...
  10. Yellow Signatory

    OOC [FASERIP]Guardians of the Galaxy- Dangerous Freedoms.

    This is the Out of Character Thread for Guardians of the Galaxy-Dangerous Freedoms an Original Character game of Advanced Marvel Superheroes RPG set in but not limited to an Alternate 31st Century of the RPGnet PBP Universe of Earth 615. Home to Bellerophon's X-Men, my own Midnight Sons and all...
  11. Yellow Signatory

    [Closed Recruitment][FASERIP] Thunderbolts!

    DISCLAIMER- The only politics I intend to comment on in the game are those of Henry Gyrich, Robert Kelly, Cameron Hodge, Valerie Cooper and the like. All fictional characters that have served as antagonists and foils to heroes for the majority if not the entirety of my middle aged life...
  12. Fred

    [Amazing Spide-Man #1] I'm confused

    On the recommendation of a fellow poster here, I read Amazing Spider-Man #1. From the title to the way the story was going, I had the feeling it was going to subvert the original Brand New day, which was odd, because Joe Quesada is still listed as Chief Creative Officer. Since my understanding...
  13. Yellow Signatory

    IC [FASERIP] Midnight Sons: Lesser Evils

    Stark striplights illuminate the grey cinderblock of a basement in the less than upscale corner of Fabryczna in Wrocław It was a large, spartan room bereft of all comforts beyond an office chair, and lined with disassembled circuitry and other technology it's occupant was working on and the more...
  14. Yellow Signatory

    OOC [FASERIP] Midnight Sons: Lesser Evils

    So, here we are. The OOC thread for the Midnight Sons. I couldn't be more thrilled to have this group, everyone has thus far shown amazing ideas, and I'm sure together we're going to make something pretty great. But there's a price, there always is to forbidden knowledge. Once you read this...
  15. Majestic

    Marvel's 'Annihilation' - A Question for Those who have Read It

    There's a series from about a decade ago that I've heard great things about called "Annihilation". Until recently, one had to spend like $675 to get a copy, but it now looks to be available again at an affordable price. I've got a huge stack of older comics that I'm reading through right now...
  16. $

    Marvel, Hitler, and Hate-Monger

    How well known is it among Marvel characters and or the public that Hate-Monger started existence as Adolph Hitler? You’d think Captain America would work on nothing else, and he’d be Mossad enemy number one, if they knew. But nobody ever comments. They can’t know, but how can they not? He’s a...
  17. S

    Marvel Fate Blog - Updates

    Hi guys, I cannot edit the main thread I created some time ago about my Marvel Fate Blog (original post). I'm just posting the updates so that it's easier for you to have a look at it, if interested. --------------------------------- UPDATE: Series of Content The First Series "A friendly...
  18. drrockso20

    [WIR] Marvel Comics: From 1961 To Parts Unknown

    hello everyone, as the title implies this is going to be a long term WIR I'll be doing of the main Marvel Comics universe(often known as Earth 616) starting from Fantastic Four #1* to a currently undetermined stopping point(current thoughts are that it'll be sometime in the early 90's, but again...
  19. K

    Has anyone written up Jessica Jones for Marvel FASERIP?

    Just wondering. How would you approach translating the character to that old system?
  20. J

    Crom! Conan Returns to Marvel!

    Well, damn! This was the last thing I ever expected. Ever since their bankruptcy and re-organization back in the late 90's Marvel had lost all interest in publishing licensed properties, even one as historic and important to their success as Conan was. And with Marvel bought by Disney, I never...
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