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masks: a new generation

  1. Nate_MI

    OOC Worldsaving Club (OOC)

    @Rook S. @The Tim @Meliai @Unka Josh @TSSL And maybe TSSL's boyfriend, I guess, we'll see how it shakes out. This is going to be a game set in Halcyon City, specifically using the Phoenix Academy playset introduced in Unbound. You do not need Unbound to play this game. I will be allowing...
  2. Art_History_Weirdo

    Masks: a New Generation on Discord, looking for players and GM

    Looking for some players, preferably five or six, for a game of Masks: A New Generation. I'm Also currently looking for a GM, preferably one with some experience with the game. This game will be hosted over discord. If you're interested, just PM me and I can direct you to the discord I have set...
  3. SaneCharlie

    Running Masks for the first time

    So I’m soon to be the GM for a group playing Masks. I haven’t played or run it before, and nobody in the group has played it either so although I’ve run some other RPGs before, I’m a little uncertain. Specifically, I know this system is very character-driven, and I’ve seen before how those sorts...
  4. @

    Theatre of the Mind Players: Actual Play on Twitch, Podcast and VOD!

    Hi folks! I've put together an actual play podcast crew called Theatre of the Mind Players. D&D is blowing up thanks in part to the livestream boom showing people how to play. There are a lot of great shows playing Dungeons & Dragons, so I thought it would be cool to show a little livestream...
  5. DannyK

    IC Masks: The Spiderweb

    Masks: the Spiderweb IC Thread "And it's more than trouble I got myself into..." -- Tom Waits Rain pours down from the dark Halcyon City skies like God has had enough and is trying to wash the whole damn city away down the river. Close up panels show Ice cold raindrops bouncing from the...
  6. Patkin

    [Masks: A New Generation] question about the Janus and Labels

    So, I'm looking over Masks, and I have this question that I can't shake regarding the various Labels and the 'The Mask' move. Is it fruitful to have a +1 in the Label your mask is supposed to represent, since you can just switch that out with your +3 in Mundane; or should you (in particular...
  7. Civil Savage

    IC Masks: Sanguine Squad

    The first page is a splash showing the front of the Rook Industries main building, under assault by a flying man in a garish yellow and red costume. He is flinging similarly-colored giant fireballs at the building, having already done some serious damage. His dialogue is equally over-the-top...
  8. DannyK

    [Masks] How to run it?

    Masks: A New Generation seems like a really cool game. But it also seems like a very challenging game to GM. Anybody have suggestions of how to run it? One thing I notice is that the PC's tend to be really diverse, like kitchen sink diverse: there's a fairy, a hacker, a ninja with catgirl...
  9. F

    [Semi-Closed Recruitment] Masks! - All My Best Friends Are Superheroes

    Hey Everyone, This is a Semi-Closed Recruitment thread for Masks: buyA New Generation a hack of PbTA about awesome teen supers doing incredibly awesome things. A few things of early business to attend to before we get down to brass tacks. 1) I'm based in the UK so most of my activity will...
  10. MrPrim

    [Masks] Semi-Closed Recruitment: Halcyon Dreams

    Okay, let’s play… Masks. *DUCKS* BACK! BACK YOU ANIMALS! This is going to be a fairly straight Masks: the New Generation game, which is to say a game set in the kitchen-sink Halcyon City as designed in cooperation between the players, their choices, and myself, the GM. The players will...
  11. DannyK

    [Masks: A New Generation] Let's Make a Potterverse Hack!

    So, I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them this weekend, which was pretty cool! The wizards felt much more like real, no-foolin' wizards to me, maybe because they're all grownups and they can casually do miraculous stuff. MILD SPOILER AHEAD! But it made me think about gaming...
  12. Meliai

    IC Masks: Halcyon Knights

    Recruitment and Character Gen thread Wiki hub OOC Thread Just east of the downtown, in the older part of the city (though it's getting harder to tell these days as the frequent clashes of costumed superbeings taking their toll, more and more buildings damaged and replaced with new...
  13. Meliai

    OOC Masks: Halcyon Knights

    Recruitment and Character Gen thread Wiki hub IC Thread Look, a shiny new thread for OOC discussion and general chatter and whatnot! You've got a few days grace period if you want to establish any additional details about your character or their family or any NPCs. I've started fleshing out...
  14. Meliai

    [Recruiting] Masks

    Three generations of the strange, the clever, the mighty, the unique have risen, each shaping the world in ways large and small, and Halcyon City has been the epicenter of it all from the very beginning. Now you walk these streets yourself, taking the first steps towards your future, your...
  15. M

    💀 Necro Masks: A New Generation

    I have not delved deeply into PbtA games but Masks sounds interesting and right up my players alley as they are all huge Young Justice fans and teens themselves. However, what is the collective's opinions of Masks or Worlds of Peril for an experienced but haven't ran a game in awhile GM. Or...
  16. Kevin Mowery

    [Sell Me On] Uncharted Worlds and Masks: A New Generation

    There's one day left in the World Engine sale on rpgnow. I'm eyeing Uncharted Worlds and Masks, but I can't decide if I want either of them. If it helps, I didn't care for Apocalypse World, and I was pretty lukewarm on Dungeon World, but I love the heck out of Spirit of '77. I think it might...
  17. Extinction Burp

    Masks/Worlds in Peril mash-up possible?

    What it says on the tin. Can I get the power-making mechanics from Worlds In peril with the personality mechanics from Masks? I believe that they're both PbtA, right? Also, which of these could give me an experience like Aberrant/Paragons? Or are they designed for 4-color comics?
  18. W

    [Kickstarter] Masks: A New Generation. Superheroes powered by the Apocalypse

    This was mentioned in another thread, but I couldn't find a thread devoted solely to this topic so I thought I'd make this one to discuss the Kickstarter. Masks is a PbTA Supers game based around the idea of a young superhero team such as the Teen Titans or Young Avengers. Based on what I've...
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