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mass effect

  1. Tensen01

    [Mass Effect] What's a party look like?

    So despite the fact that I just ended a Star Trek game due to GM fatigue, the fact that I just started playign Andromeda has my brain turning about ideas for a Mass Effect story. But I keep stumbling at an important aspect... What does a Mass Effect party look like? I suppose I could just look...
  2. D

    How to Adapt Mass Effect to TV

    Because it's been too long and the world needs more Turians. So what are your thoughts on the best way to do something like this? First of all, I would definitely go for a 'loose canon' approach. The video games were accurate in broad strokes, but the specifics not so much. Maybe even lampshade...
  3. Angel of the Dawn

    My (& Your!) Inane Mass Effect Crossovers

    Because nobody asked for for any of this. ----- The Quarillithid The quarillithid -- also known as mind flayers -- are a dying race forced to flee their home world of Rannoch after an uprising by their synthetic slaves. They are a technologically advanced people, but have fallen on hard times...
  4. S

    Infinity 2d20 - Can it do Mass Effect and the like?

    I'm a big fan of Conan 2d20, and the system in general, but does anyone with more experience know if the Infinity version could be used for Mass Effect or similar combat filled Space Opera universes? Obviously I'll need to change the factions/hoemworlds, but hopefully those can be reskinned...
  5. CitizenKeen

    How do you convey a Space Fantasy campaign setting?

    I've been thinking a lot about games like Destiny, and Numenera, and Mass Effect (DOUBLE BUNGIE), and Fragged Empire, and Star Wars, and so forth. So you've got a genre of space fantasy. There are guns and space ships and some kind of magic/psionics/mass relays/nanos/whatever. The full kitchen...
  6. S

    (Starfinder) Converting Mass Effect?

    Honestly, I'm surprised no one's brought it up before now, Mass Effect would seemingly be the perfect setting for a Starfinder game. I think that you'd have to revamp the "magic" to work as biotics, but all the races would probably be easy converts.. What would you do to convert Mass Effect...
  7. Faethor

    "Gritty" Savage?

    Would anyone care to share their experience of the Savage Worlds "gritty" combat ruleset (as per "the Moscow connection / Interface Zero) and the assosiated "armour stacking" rules? While I know there are two "Mass Effect" ports in cyberspace they seem to focus in great detail on modifying in...
  8. CitizenKeen

    [Mass Effect] Justification for More Psionic Biotics

    I'm on a Mass Effect kick. I love the biotic space magic. But I'd like it to do more. What other classic exemples of psionics in scifi can we do with biotics, if we stretch the laws of science far enough?
  9. CitizenKeen

    🎨 Creative [Setting Riff] Mass Effect: The Next Generation

    Lying awake last night, I realized the game I really wanted to play: Star Trek in the Mass Effect universe. I love Star Trek. Its ideals, its goals, it’s format. I love the generalist nature of the crew: experts in Action Science, Action Diplomact, and when necessary, Action Action. But… I...
  10. R

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    Hi folks, Firstly, apologies if this has been asked and answered before- I couldn't find anything on the top few pages. I've recently been playing (and thoroughly enjoying) Mass Effect Andromeda. Naturally, my thoughts turn towards 'How can I capture this in a tabletop RPG'? With regards to...
  11. P

    My Ridiculously Specific Mass Effect Andromeda Questions

    It's time to figure out if I'm asking for this game for Easter. I'm generally a big Bioware fan, but with Andromeda there are a few things I'm worried about. I've been keeping an eye on the now-long-past-N7-Day thread, but I haven't wanted to be spoiled too much, so lots of details I don't...
  12. D

    [Mass Effect RPGs] Happy N7 Day!

    In honor of N7 Day, check out the Mass Effect RPG hacks listed along the right side of this site: http://masseffectd6.blogspot.com/.
  13. Ravenfeeder

    Mass Effect Andromeda - N7 Day

    Bioware have promised us much for N7 day. Let's see what we have: Ryder Voice Actors: Fryda Wolff: frydawolff.com/ Tom Taylorson: www.tomtaylorson.com/ Edit: New Mako is call Nomad And that radio controlled version is part of a very expensive collectors edition Edit2: and a video as well...
  14. CitizenKeen

    Mass Effect classes

    So, I'm thinking of hacking Blades in the Dark into the Mass Effect universe. But my question is a little broader than just BitD. (If you haven't read BitD, and you should, just assume it's an Apocalypse World variant and you're good to go for the purposes of this conversation.) When building...
  15. Z

    5E Mass Effect/Sci FI Hack

    Has anyone done a 5E hack for modern/future/sci fi type rules. I was thinking of 3 basic class (biotic/psion, soldier, expert). Subclasses/archtypes with be things like your psychic warrior/jedi/vanguard types. Thoughts?
  16. S

    [Mass Effect] Shamus Young's Mass Effect Retrospective is now complete

    The thread about the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda reminded me to go and check on the progress Shamus Young has made on his retrospective of the ME series. To my delight I discovered that the retrospective is now complete! http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?cat=508 I find myself...
  17. Tango Samurai

    Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay teaser

    Link: http://fandom.wikia.com/articles/mass-effect-andromeda-hero-reveal It's just a couple of minutes but gives a good idea of movement and enviroment. However, the big thing is the Lead Character: Ryder. You play as either the male or female version, and the other is your sibling. So kinda...
  18. C

    Mass Effect Trilogy retrospective

    Well, Origin had their Spring Sale last week with the entire trilogy available for $15, and somebody clued me on the existence of something called the 'Happy Ending Mod' on the Nexus (as well as the existence of ME3 mods in general, as I hadn't known that the modders had finally figured out how...
  19. F

    Mass Effect AGE - What's the latest on fan conversions?

    Anyone have the skinny on some Mass Effect AGE conversions? I know there were a couple floating around, but I figured now that the Fantasy AGE core book has been out for a bit, folks might have done more along these lines.
  20. Tensen01

    [Sci-fi] Help me populate my Sci-Fi Dungeon-Crawl Setting!

    Okay, so I recently made a post about a Dungeon Crawl styled Sci-Fi game idea I had and through much help I decided on an idea. It takes place in a single, multi-star, planetary system. And the idea is instead of having a single land-mass fantasy map, I have a Planetary System map that has...
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