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  1. Shadowjack

    [IWIR] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Thread 12)

    A long silence. And then, a voice beyond the lights: "…Whoops." "'Whoops'?" "I said nothing." "I distinctly heard you say 'whoops'." "Oh." "I heard you say it, too." "Then it must be so." "I don't like it when you say 'whoops', Pluto. What happened?" "I think we have gone in the wrong...
  2. Shadowjack

    In Which Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon S (you are thread No. 6)

    I haven't even loaded up the DVDs yet, but let's get this party started! Previously, in this series: Sailor Moon (Season 1) http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=468442 http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=479656 Sailor Moon R (Season 2) http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=493974...
  3. Shadowjack

    [IWIW] Sailor Moon (Part 5!): R continues, Hideous Laughing Woman Strikes!

    What has gone before: One! Two! Three! Four! And this makes Five! Five threads! Ah ah ah ah! *flash of lightning, crash of thunder, flock of bats*
  4. Shadowjack

    [IWIW] Sailor Moon R (thread 4 of a continuing series)

    Old thread is old. This new thread is brought to you by the letter R and the number 4.
  5. Shadowjack

    [IWIW] Walkin' on Sailor Moon (thread 3 of a continuing series)

    Her followers called her Mahusagitman and said she was a princess. She preferred to drop the Mah- and the -tman, however, and called herself Usagi. She never claimed to be a princess. But then, she never claimed not to be a princess. Circumstances being what they were, neither admission could be...
  6. Shadowjack

    [IWIW] Sailor Moon, Part 2!

    Old thread is old. I haven't watched the next episode yet, but you may carry on in this thread.
  7. Shadowjack

    [In Which I Watch] Sailor Moon

    I sort of did this once before, but I never finished it or, for that matter, really started it. Background: I grew up at just the right time to see fragments of and mock the notorious American TV adaptation, alongside whatever Highly Superior kids' show <i>I</i> was watching. My time lurking in...
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