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  1. DavetheLost

    [WIR] Metamorphosis Alpha (1976)

    I have had a long love affair with Metamorphosis Alpha. It took me years to track down a copy of that little booklet, before which I used Gamma World 1e and the articles in Best of Dragon, vol 1 to run a pseudo-MA campaign. With now 5 editions of MA and the first edition getting a raft of new...
  2. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20170804

    Setting: The Argon There are so many ideas out there. Writers, artists, gamers, all generate ideas for settings, for characters, for plotlines, for various cool bits that push it that bit beyond. Many of these things are wondrous... awe inspiring... and more adjectives than I can conveniently...
  3. T

    🎨 Creative It's my birthday - please give me adventure seeds

    Hi. Today is my birthday and I humbly request some adventure ideas. My current setting is in a giant (20,000km long and wide) generation ship with 1000's of biodomes each with a unique culture. Magic exists in this world as does high tech. The metaplot is tbe ship is out of control and the pcs...
  4. O

    Whatever Happened to Metamorphosis Alpha 5th edition?

    Just what the title says. This was supposed to be a new edition using the then-current D&D rules and supposedly had James Ward onboard. They did a Kickstarter and released cover art. It was originally slated for a 2010 release, and the latest info I can find says that in 2013 it was nearly ready...
  5. I

    New Metamorphosis Alpha -- any thoughts?

    So I noticed this today, and was wondering if there were any first impressions or thoughts from people who kickstarted it.
  6. Tom McCambley

    [Metamorphosis Alpha] Goodman Games has a KS to reprint 1E Metamorphosis Alpha

    I hadn't seen anything here about this yet, but it looks like Goodman Games is on the way to producing an oversized reprint of 1E metamorphosis alpha. They've raised I think 2/3 of the money for the reprint and it looks fabulous. Basically you get a hardcover reprint, all the errata and Dragon...
  7. Jerry D. Grayson

    [Kickstarter] Metamorphosis Alpha

    Metamorphosis Alpha Roleplaying Game New version of an old favorite is up for kickstarter. And Like the Bandit “It has along way to go and a short time to get there” This one looks like a winner and I suggest everyone get in where they fit in Does anyone have any details...
  8. Peter K.

    Megadungeons... IN SPACE! (Anything like that?)

    D&D derived space stuff is not nearly as extensive as the traditional fantasy materials. But between the earlier stuff like Metamorphosis Alpha and Dragonstar, and the more recent OSR-derived offerings (X-Plorers, Terminal Space, Stars Without Number), there is something along these lines...
  9. C

    Metamorphosis Alpha 1st Edition

    WardCo. have released a reprint of Metamorphosis Alpha first edition, here. :D Same as the RPGNow version, minus the hex sheet on the last page. Unfortunately Lulu and RPGNow don't have a simple system in place to allow people who have purchased pdfs to receive a discount. Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  10. Aysez

    [Metamorphosis Alpha] Which Edition?

    I'm only really familiar with the Amazing Engine version, but I'm aware of several other editions. It seems to be up there with Gamma World in that regard. So, open, which version is the best? Why? Which should be avoided like the plague? And does anybody know when the new D&D4E version will...
  11. GreenTongue

    [MA1e] How did you fill YOUR Warden?

    The "classic" levels were: Level 1 - Raw materials storage Level 2 - Finished materials storage Level 3 - Storage for levels 4 and 5 Level 4 - Mothballed factories and light forest ecology (nature preserves) Level 5 - Mothballed factories and light forest ecology (human recreation use) Level 6...
  12. Burgonet

    The post-4e return of Metamorphosis Alpha

    Everything old is new again. [And courtesy of Goodman Games' Twitterfeed]. I confess I'm intrigued by the notion of bringing this game back. We're yet to see much in the way of games inspired/dervied/created in the broad and post 4e mould. Given that this was a game I played as an early gamer...
  13. Cam Banks

    Metamorphosis Alpha: 4th Edition D&D!

    Action-Adventure Science Fiction Returns with Metamorphosis Alpha Signal Fire Studios LLC is proud to announce that 2010 will see the publication of the newest incarnation of the very first science fiction role playing game, Metamorphosis Alpha! Using the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition game...
  14. GreenTongue

    [Metamorphosis Alpha] What is the BEST inspiration?

    I just read "Non-Stop" by Brian Aldiss. Except for the disaster that occurred and the number of animal survivors, I think it is a perfect fit. If it wasn't one of the original inspirations, it should have been. "Orphans of the Sky" by Robert . Heinlein is good and adds more mutants but I don't...
  15. GreenTongue

    [Metamorphosis Alpha] Which is a better starting place in your opinion?

    === Awakening (Internal, Limited Knowledge) You are in a Security Retention cyrocell room. People held for minor offenses are retained here. You should have been here for a short duration as the paperwork was done and a Community Service punishment job became available. Clearly this had taken...
  16. M

    [Setting riff - Metamophasis Alpha] The Argon

    It seems interesting enough to persue. Are there things you think are important? Are there some cool ideas here that need to be expanded? Options I missed? Options that are not optional? <b><u>HISTORY .</b></u> The Argon is...
  17. M

    🎨 Creative [Setting Riff] The Sojourn of the Starship Argon

    Hey RPG.NET I need a couple of sets of eyes on this. I sort of rattled it out over my morning coffee this moring. It seems interesting. Are there things you think are important? Are there some cool ideas here that need to be expanded? Options I missed? Options that are not optional? <b><u>THE...
  18. B

    You ever run Metamorphosis Alpha?

    A game I have had since I was a kid, but never got to run (did run a lot of Gamma World back then instead). I was thinking of running it as a back up for when some players can't make our regular D&D. It would take place in a secluded "Valley" (a forest level of the ship) where humans have some...
  19. grubman


    Sounds like this might make up for the crappy MAU: Imagine my shock to discover this by accident!
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