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middle earth

  1. JoeNotCharles

    Let's explore all the Middle-Earth games

    I started doing this once before and bogged down (you'll see why in a minute). But with talk of The One Ring 2nd Edition coming out soon, I think it's time to give it another go: There have been a bunch of licensed Middle-Earth RPG's over the years, and a bunch more games that work well for...
  2. PaladinTroy

    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    Personally for me, I hate the following. 1. People who clown around too much, especially in serious situations. 2. People asking me what’s my class and abilities in game. ( learn what I am and what I do in game....that is, if I so choose to show or tell you, either way, let’s role play it out )...
  3. PaladinTroy

    A Paladin’s obituary

    To begin this, I would first like to say that I am unfamiliar to you all, being that I am new to these forums and know not if this would be the place for such things, thus, please forgive my ignorance in this. Now with that said, I continue on..... I wish to speak of a character that has passed...
  4. V

    The One Ring vs Adventures in Middle Earth: your thoughts

    I have both TOR and AiME. They're both very good games. In reading them, each seems to have strengths & weaknesses in comparison. I still haven't decided which to use as my go-to middle earth RPG. Where do you feel TOR succeeds best, and where do you feel AiME succeeds best? For example, which...
  5. mindstalk

    Blue Rose and Tolkien

    I've been thinking recently -- spurred in part by various Silmarillion fanfics -- that Blue Rose (first edition, I don't know the AGE one[2]) would make a decent system for moderately high magic (like the Silmarillion) Tolkien-esque (as in actual Tolkien, not D&D) gaming. Mostly it's that the...
  6. T

    [MERP] Palantir Quest?

    Man, I'd love to have a copy of this, but they're all well over $100 anywhere I can find one. I'm guessing that ICE cannot sell PDFs either. Anyone got a beat up falling apart one they want to sell? :P
  7. Particle_Man

    When *did* Saruman exchange wisdom for madness?

    Is there a definite time or period of time that Saruman got corrupted? I assume he was pure at the beginning, but how early did evil get its hooks into him?
  8. P

    Middle Earth Roleplaying 2nd edition by ICE

    Is anyone out there still playing MERP. I just found MERP 2nd edition and im liking the idea behind it. i think it fills LOTR for me better than The One Ring or other games that are Tolkien based. id like to here from players and Gms alike
  9. V

    How do you want the forthcoming Middle Earth D&D rules handled?

    So Cubicle 7 is doing a line of Middle Earth D&D RPG books. Ignoring whether this is a good fit or not, how do you want to see the rules handled? Here are some questions: - Should there be spellcasters? How should magic be handled in general? - What classes should be eliminated, altered, and...
  10. C

    101 LOTR campaign ideas

    Always love these lists, now I would like one of my own. I am rather high after breaking several toes in an accident, so my assistance at this time is rather dubious, however I will try. 1. Go west - King Elessar in the process of reestablishing his kingdom of Arnor has granted "companies" to...
  11. SibKhatru

    [TOR in HQ mode] Anyone done it?

    This summer I am crazy busy... and my group wants to go back to Middle Earth. They like The One Ring. I find it very good... but it has some varied moving parts that are tougher on me as a really busy GM--my players a bit, um, lazy, and I have to hold hands pretty much constantly to help them...
  12. J

    Considering The Darknening of Mirkwood for The One Ring

    But I've never played TOR, and I'm not sure if the game and the campaign are a good fit for my group. So tell me about them! How difficult is TOR to learn (and teach)? How difficult is The Darkening of Mirkwood, in terms of preparation required? I'm more willing to work on the fly than study...
  13. DMH

    [Battle of the 5 Armies] What are those things?

    I finally got to see this yesterday and there is only one critter that I have no idea what it is- the cavemen like humanoids that weren't orcs, goblins or trolls (much too human to be any of those). There was 2 or 3 of them in Dale. So what are they?
  14. P

    [LOTR] Nazgul - so how powerful are they?

    I got a chance to see Battle of Five Armies today, and something came up during my viewing. Exactly how powerful are the Nazgul? I understand that movie adaptations aren't always consistent in how they display relative levels of power, but the Nazgul have me flummoxed. We went from Elrond and...
  15. zedturtle

    IC The One Ring: The Beornsvager Saga

    It is a crisp Autumn day when you arrive in the village of Stonyford. The sleepy little place is on the Eastern banks of the great river Anduin. Since the trouble here last year, a number of families have moved north to Ford-town (at the sight of the Old Ford), closer to Beorn's Halls; there are...
  16. zedturtle

    OOC The One Ring: The Beornsvager Saga

    Here is an OOC thread; there are many like it, but this one is yours. Amuse yourselves or each other in this thread; I anticpate a game-starting IC thread in about 24 hours or so.
  17. Anatosuchus

    [LOTR] Is there a current Tolkien/Middle Earth game?

    Hi, I modest web search suggests that there isn't a currently-active licensed Middle Earth game, but I was interested in checking so have a couple of questions for those considerably more plugged-in to the industry gossip than my remote self... 1. Is there actually a currently-in-print game...
  18. burningcrow

    [The One Ring] Minimum size of fellowship?

    Hi there! I've been planning to run The One Ring now for a while but somehow I don't seem to get enough people to play it. Currently only 2 of my players are available. Do you think it makes sense to play TOR with just two members of a fellowship? Or maybe I can add two NPCs to the group...
  19. Herne's Son

    [Brainstorming] Middle-earth: Rangers of the North

    So, I've been casting about for some idea of a game to start up in the new year. One of the many ideas I've hit on is the idea of running a campaign where the PCs are Rangers, protecting the realm from the predations of the Witch King, and other nastiness. Essentially, they'd be sort of like a...
  20. T

    [B/X] Middle Earth House Rules

    For some reason I always want to house-rule D&D to give it a LOTR flavor. Here's my master plan. Top out PC levels as 6. Because characters beyond level 6 feel a bit overpowered for Middle Earth. Ditch Charisma and replace it with a new attribute: Stealth [STE]. Instead of a Charisma bonus...
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