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  1. gaminggeek

    Infernal Humanoids 28mm 2D Fantasy Gaming Miniatures

    I've launched an Indiegogo campaign to produce a new set of 2D gender-variant player-character miniatures - Infernal Humanoids (commonly known as "Tieflings"). If you're looking for inexpensive and easy to use miniatures for your tabletop RPGs, check 'em out. This set will become part of my...
  2. C

    *Kickstarter* The Curse of Hollow Hills - Undead Fantasy Miniatures

    Greetings fellow adventurers! We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign full of high quality, resin, undead miniatures & heroes for RPGs & various other boardgames. We got funded in less than 2 hours and are now unlocking one stretch goal after another. If cool miniatures is your thing...
  3. Umbraed Nox

    eBay Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures 51 in all: see the list.

  4. Billy_Whisper

    Bite-Sized Encounters: Miniatures for Roleplaying

    A thousand years ago I considered starting a thread that walked the reader through assembling and painting miniatures for role-playing use. Seemed like a good idea then, seems like a good idea now! Over time the scope of the project changed a little, but I'm hoping some folks will find this...
  5. E

    Other Publisher Miniatures made by Espresso Printing

    Espresso Printing Have you found a miniature that you really want, but the color is off? Did you find something on thingiverse.com that would be perfect for your dream campaign, but you have no one to print it for you? Well fear no more! Espresso Printing has you covered. With over a dozen...
  6. karpomatic

    For Sale - Colossal Red Dragon & More

    I've got the following for sale. USA only, sorry. Serious inquiries only please. I will consider all real offers. Paypal only. I purchased these all at retail and have been the only owner from a smoke free environment. Photos upon request. 1 x MISB Colossal Red Dragon $800 1 x MISB Gargantuan...
  7. Burgonet

    The Peasants are Revolting! Looking for recommendations for miniatures

    Hello all! I've resolved to run a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition game as I've picked up the new edition for Christmas. Having recently spoken to a few folks it'd seem that Citadel doesn't really make actual peasant miniatures these days as they once did. But I'm sure there are plenty...
  8. C

    Looking for ship miniatures

    And a rather specific type at that. Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese ships from the 13t/14thh century (although a little earlier or later would be acceptable). Ideally in 1:1200 scale since there are already a few appropriate ships in that scale knocking around the club. This is for an...
  9. Gentleman Highwayman

    [Minis+] The no numbers edition.

    I'm back to thinking of game that straddles the line between miniatures and role-playing game. And while I haven't really come to terms with a bunch of details of where I was heading, I got a new idea after reading about the RPG The Spire. I have a love/hate relationship with character sheets...
  10. C

    Urban Manhunt promo video

    Coming in early 2019 from Spectrum Games... https://youtu.be/U_LRSNLbtiQ
  11. karpomatic

    Wanted Reasonable D&D minis

    I'm looking for big lots of the normal D&D miniatures from years ago. I want normal monsters like goblins, undead, kobolds, etc. but I'll take everything. I'm not interested in paying $3 a miniature. Perhaps around $1 a mini. I'm not searching for the rare ones but I'll take them. I don't want...
  12. B

    Question - Paint on sealer for miniatures?

    I am wondering if anybody knows of any good paint on sealants for painted miniatures? It's been a long time since I've painted, but the last decade or two when I used to paint, I used only spray on sealants. The problem is that I now live on the edge of nowhere, and I can't get anything here...
  13. LatinaBunny

     Minis-friendly rpgs?

    I think Savage Worlds was one. (I definitely want to read this one.) D&D (depending on edition?) is another. Are there more out there?
  14. DMH

    [Skirmisher Publishing] Ragnarock: Age of Wolves

    http://www.rpgnow.com/product/239126/Ragnarok-Age-of-Wolves Ragnarok: Age of Wolves is a skirmish-level game for novice and experienced tabletop gamers alike that emulates the desperate small-scale actions that might result during the unending winter that is the first stage of the Viking...
  15. Chikahiro

    Sell me on printable miniature terrain! :)

    So, I've got a ton of foamcore at the house that I brought home over the years. I'm finally getting around to making terrain for it, and want to do things like small buildings and the like for our roleplaying games and Warmachine/Hordes and Company of Iron. I've been told that there are...
  16. Markotny

    Paper miniatures design

    I started designing paper miniatures. My templates are ready to download from my website. I suggest to print them on photo lab as standard 6x4inch/ 15x10cm on glossy paper. Cost of single print - 0.12$ in my local lab. All the rest you can do in ten minutes : fold the sheet, cut the outlines...
  17. Gentleman Highwayman

    [Minis+] Miniatures Adventure Game ideas

    A certain thread with some great ideas got me thinking about what I'd like in a table-top miniatures* game. I know it should have miniatures and an RPG-lite feel and while it isn't necessarily focussed on combat should have some quick and easy physical conflict resolution...but I want to have...
  18. Jay

    So, I bought a copy of Trinity: Battleground, and I have questions

    I bought a used copy of the original boxed set for $15, missing only the dice, and completely unused except for the aforementioned missing dice. (I essentially bought it for the terrain and painting practice.) I remember it being released, but don't remember anything much after that. So, my...
  19. J

    The first Monster Man contest! Make monsters and win prizes!

    Hi all, If you listen to my podcast, Monster Man, you will know that I have been talking about an upcoming contest in which people make monsters out of cheap toys, in the spirit of the owlbear and the rust monster. It's not system-specific: I just want people to make cool monsters from junk...
  20. J

    *Kickstarter* Alien Adventurers - 32mm resin miniatures --- now LIVE!

    Hello, everyone.This new miniatures Kickstarter is now live at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/161801557/alien-adventurers-32mm-resin-miniatures The miniatures are awesome and the sculpts by Kevin Cayuela Borg are really something special, with available modifications for each mini...
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