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misspent youth

  1. B

    Misspent Youth: The Celestial Bureaucracy

    Yesterday the group that was playing Nobilis met to figure out a new game. We decided to do our Spark-inspired method of choosing a game. Meghan chose Star Wars: The Force Awakens (but really the franchise in general) because she wanted something in SPAAAAAACE. Sarah chose the Lucifer TV show...
  2. Mechante_Anemone

    [Misspent Youth] Moon Pirates

    We had our intro session of Misspent Youth on April 1, which means we created the Authority and three Youthful Offenders, and set up the first scene for Episode 1 by answering the friendship question, selecting Authority figures, and playing through the intro of Scene 1. However, it was getting...
  3. B

    Actual Play - Misspent Youth: The Nation of Christ

    So yesterday, in addition to making yummy stir-fry, we created our setting and characters for <B>Misspent Youth</b>. I've made a character <a href="http://innocent-man.livejournal.com/497319.html">here</a>), but haven't actually played before. We were supposed to make characters last month, but...
  4. R

    Underground Network: Cell leaders wanted

    You want to be a cell leader in the Underground Network? Play Misspent Youth (available currently for preorder) with me from this day forward, and you're in. Once you're a cell leader, you get a free, enhanced, and personalized copy of the game in PDF form, and the power to make more cell...
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