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mob psycho 100

  1. yalborap

    [WIW] Mob Psycho 100 II! Where the hero wants to finally stand out

    So I was considering what to do next for a recap. What do you think of the choice, Reigen? Alright, we’ve put some personal projects and some massive sized stuff behind us, let’s get back to that day-to-day anime goodness. Some big, well loved things came out over the last year or so, and I...
  2. yalborap

    [WIW Mob Psycho 100! Where the hero kind of blends into the crowd.

    Today…Has not been a great day. But we will salvage it, no matter what it fucking takes. We’re going into a new series, people. One that will show my grand return into…watching anime and reacting to it in a text recap for your amusement. …Okay what I do isn’t very grand. Look it’s Mob Psycho...
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