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mongoose runequest

  1. Tom B

    Runequest 6e Excel character sheets?

    Anyone know of a good Runequest 6 character sheet? I'd like to customize it for a Luther Arkwright game. I've found a couple, but none have really fit my needs so far.
  2. Tango Samurai

    Mongoose RQ2/Legend Deus Vult Questions

    I've got the original leather RQ2 and Deus Vult RPG, but now that Legend is the game version it's using, does anyone know if the Training Guide and GM guide covers the basic DV rule book?
  3. Bomberg

    [MRQII] What's "Discorporation"?

    Reading through my PDF copy of MRQII core rules, I stumble across the term "Discorporation" in the section on a shaman's fetch. The same term only turns up once more undewr Sickness and Curse Spirits, but nowhere else. Was Discorporation intended to be a skill which didn't survive editing? How...
  4. R

    MRQ 1. What exactly were the issues?

    I have always loved playing various forms of the d100 skill based systems ever since I played a danish/swedish translated version of Runequest? called Drager og Demoner. I have been going over the various rule systems and found that Deluxe MRQ 1 seemed to be the one that clicks the best with...
  5. R

    [MRQ II] A Campaign of Ice & Fire

    I'm actually running a Mongoose Runequest II campaign set in the universe of "A Song of Ice & Fire", i've read all the books and i'm actually watching the show. So, my friends (AKA the players) haven't read any book, or neither watched any episode, but they're interested in playing in that...
  6. Reverend Keith

    [RQ/BRP/MW/Legend] Looking for prophecy/fate/horoscope magic for PC

    One of the PCs in my RQ6 game is a scholar, astrologer, and matchmaker. I'd like to have this character have some magic behind his divinations and horoscopes, but I'm not seeing much in RQ6, or other BRP games I own that looks relevant. Any suggestions, beyond making something up? I'm hoping...
  7. O

    How is Legend compared to Runequest 6th Edition?

    Legend's price is awesome, its only $10, but how does it compare with Runequest 6th edition? I know that both games have the same authors; are they basically the same game under a different name? Which game do you prefer and why?
  8. T

    [MRQ II] Finding a campaign.

    I just want to know: does a Mongoose RuneQuest II main campaign exit? With main campaign, i intend pre-made one that are supposed to be the "Main story", if actually there is one, like WFRP The Enemy Within, Cthulhu Orient Express or Pathfinder's many Adventure Paths. If it does exist then...
  9. G

    A Question For Cakebread & Walton

    Dear kind folks of Cakebread & Walton, I have a question to ask of you...actually ... two.. When Will Pirates & Dragons be released? and... When will your other titles go back into print?....like Abney Park's Airship Pirates...(ok I like Pirate/swashbuckling rpgs...yar)
  10. J

    Runequest, Legend or BRP?

    Can anyone give a synopsis of the differences between these games? Why would you choose one vs. The other for non-specific fantasy?
  11. S

    Stormbringer/Elric!/Elric of Melniboné - Is anyone playing one or more of these?

    I've been looking for something a bit different to my gaming staple - D&D - and Stormbringer et al have been on my mind for a good 30 or so years. After spending a few days trawling the 'net I've found a few interesting actual play threads etc... but was otherwise surprised that a system with...
  12. J

    [Mongoose Legend] Sorcery with drain?

    I am now quite taken with Mongooses Legend system however one item i am not keen on is having Magic points - anyone have any experience or know of an alternative? I would much prefer a drain system similar to what Shadowrun utilises.
  13. V

    Runequest II Spirit Magic

    I recently got my hands on the core rulebook for Runequest II and have been familiarizing myself with it's contents with the intent of running a campaign. To help test my understanding of the system, a couple friends, with my instruction, ran through the character creation process. It all went...
  14. V

    BRP, Vikings, Samurai, Japan. Discuss.

    So I picked up the BRP gold book recently, and was perusing it. I'm currently running a Dungeon World game, but I'd eventually like to try something realistic (and apparently some members of my group are caustically averse to Call of Cthulhu, so that's off the table.) Then I saw Allegiances. I...
  15. H

    Mongoose Legend: To Storm the Lair of the Black Sorceror

    Well yesterday got chatting and they showed a preference for the first serial Legend game I ran so plan on developing the next part of that game. To recap the players consist of a pair of nobles, a village blacksmith and a woodsman who are currently accompanied by 2 anima which are intelligent...
  16. L


    So. At some point either this year or next, I want to run a Runequest campaign. I've got most of the mongoose core books, and the Dorastor sourcebook from back in third edition or so. It reads well. Anyone got any campaign advice? If I want to start my PC's off as young barbarians making it...
  17. D

    RuneQuest Land of the Samurai/Moongoose Legend of the Samurai: Opinions?

    I'm curious as to people's opinion of the subject games (which are basically the same one, the latter just has RuneQuest name filed off). And yes, it's Mongoose not Moongoose - doh!
  18. N

    [Mongoose Legend] What are you doing with it, and what books should I get

    So I finally discovered the $1 PDF version of Mongoose's Legend core book last week and picked it up. I read it in one day (except the spell descriptions) and I'm very inspired to run something with it. It's the sort of right spot for where I want to run fantasy games - not enormously high magic...
  19. T

    Need advice for picking Glorantha products.

    Howdy! I have a bunch of players that LOVE BRP/percentile-based games and modern descriptive style systems, and it's been a while since we retired our last game, so I was thinking of running something set in Glorantha using one of the systems that's known for it. Keep in mind that I've only...
  20. M

    Please recommend me a Runequest or equivalent system

    It seems that most of our group (myself included) has some fond memories about playing under Runequest rules. We haven't been able to keep up with its many reincarnations and the only guy who has actually played it within 10 years or so, had played some very early version of it. So I am asking...
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