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  1. O. Hybridity

    OSR Games Teratoscope Vol. 1: The Unbounded Lands

    72 Original Monsters Teratoscope Volume 1: The Unbounded Lands collects the original run of monsters from the ongoing Teratoscope creative-commons bestiary in a new, improved form, freshly edited, with brand-new illustrations from friend of the project Artemis Comfort and an easy-to-navigate...
  2. Talisman

    [Let's Read] D&D 3.5 Monster Manual III

    Welcome folks, to the second in a series of threads where I read through WotC's Monster Manuals for the D&D 3.0/3.5 system. With the Monster Manual II behind us, we press on to the Monster Manual III. Let's Read the Monster Manual III This cover is a lot more coherent than the MM2's; we have...
  3. Talisman

    [Let's Read] D&D 3.0 Monster Manual II

    Because I am a crazy person, I've decided to start another Let's Read. The monsters were my (and seemingly everyone else's) favorite part of my LR of the Epic Level Handbook, so why not do a LR of all the 3e monster books? I'm not going to do the original Monster Manual, since that has already...
  4. A

    *Kickstarter* Creatures from Fairy-Tales and Myth

    The Creatures from Fairy-Tales and Myth are live on Kickstarter as of this morning! 3 illustrated books about the beasts found in age old tales drawn from Scandinavian, Celtic, Baltic, Germanic and Slavic lore. You can pick a lore book (no game mechanics) or the Fate of the Norns version for...
  5. J

    New 5e Monsters on Patreon AND a possible Kickstarter for a TBH Monster Manual

    Heyo! :) In January of 2018 I shifted my Patreon campaign into monster-making mode. Since then I've created 32 new monsters for 5e. Each monster includes a full art page, a full fluff page (description, lore, ecology, adventure seeds and size comparison). They also include a paper mini design...
  6. P

     [DriveThruRPG][Crossworlds Enterprises] Lowly Denizens of Prevaricatoria for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game now released!

    Hello all, Crossworlds Enterprises has released its first product in the Prevaricatoria Campaign Setting line, containing a number of minor (which occasionally prove to be not so minor) critters to be found within or near the City-State of Prevaricatoria. Professionally illustrated, with...
  7. L

    [Legendary Games] The Alien Bestiary Kickstarter is Live!!!

    Something ALIEN this way comes! The epic Alien Bestiary Kickstarter for Starfinder and 5E is here from Legendary Games, with over 200 pages of awesome alien adversaries, extraterrestrial enemies, and interplanetary playable races, and that's just for starters! Stretch goals abound, pushing...
  8. L

    [Legendary Games] Save on Mythic Demons, plus brand-new Demons Too!

    Our very first Mythic Monsters product, released shortly after the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures rulebook itself had debuted, was the legendary Mythic Monsters: Demons! The only complaint we ever had about that book (which you can pick up this week for just 2 bucks as our...
  9. Leonaru

    [Let's Read] AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium Appendix Vol. II

    Welcome to my next Let's Read! This time, we take on the Monstrous Compendium Appendix Volume II. This MCA is (mostly) setting-neutral and the equivalent of the Monster Manual II of other editions. The cover is presented by a gargoyle with a bone club, an ettin with a wooden club and a...
  10. Leonaru

    [Let's Read] AD&D 2e Greyhawk Compendium Appendix

    Welcome to my next Let's Read! This time, we take on the Greyhawk Compendium Appendix, or rather the Greyhawk Adventures Compendium Appendix. The cover is presented by us by a dual-wielding wraith, an evil dog and a pirate zombie who still has both its hands but wants to use a pirate hook...
  11. Leonaru

    What Let's Read would you like to see next?

    Time for another poll I just finished my Let's Read of the 5e Monster Manual which took more than half a year! I think I could use some AD&D 2e next. So, cast your vote and feel free to comment. Outer Planes and Planescape have been left out on purpose. I have little interest in those and will...
  12. L


    Good? Bad? WHO CARES? It is all about the CHAOS with the latest batch of mythic monsters from Legendary Games: Mythic Monsters 24: Masters of Chaos, now available in wide release! For a quick look at the contents of this volume, in addition to a piece of short fiction by Pathfinder planar...
  13. Libertad

    [Quasar Knight Enterprises] Old School Monster Classes is now for sale!

    14 New Monstrous Races for your Labyrinth Lord and OSR-compatible games! Have you ever wanted to try your hand at a more exotic option than dwarf or halfling? Have you ever gotten your wish to play as a monster, only for their society to be lacking interesting cultural details beyond the...
  14. L

    [LEGENDARY GAMES] Creepy Crawly WORMS!!!

    One of the things that creeps me out is giant piles of squirmy, slimy worms. In honor of that creep-out, let us celebrate some of the creepiest and crawliest creatures in creation: WORMS!!! We've done plenty of horror-themed products at Legendary Games, but the latest product may be the...
  15. Leonaru

    [Let's Read] AD&D 2e Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix II: Terrors beyond Tyr

    Welcome to my next Let' Read. It's time for more Dark Sun, so let's have a look at Terrors Beyond Tyr. This book is in full colour and does look a bit different than previous MCAs. I'm pretty sure it's made with Adobe design software (how did they make books in the 80s, anyway?). Whether or...
  16. L

    [LEGENDARY GAMES] If you need more Cthulhu in your Pathfinder (and really, who doesn't?) GET IT NOW!

    Do you dare see what lies beyond the Black Gate into madness? More from MYTHIC MONSTERS: MYTHOS TOO for you! The truly devoted can pick up their copy today! Those still clinging to sanity may take the plunge or be forced to wait... Mythic Monsters: Mythos Too is now available from Legendary...
  17. L

    [LEGENDARY GAMES] New product INCOMING for Pathfinder and 5th!

    Something old and something new available from Legendary today. A pair of Pathfinder products for opposite ends of the alignment spectrum, pick up the very best of the worst for your villains to help them thwart your heroes and live to fight another day in the Path of Villains, and pick up a...
  18. Leonaru

    [Let's Read] AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium Appendix Vol. I

    Welcome to my next Let's Read! This time, we will have a look at the very first AD&D 2e loose-leaf collection: The first Monstrous Compendium Appendix. This MCA is setting-neutral and covers the classic D&D monsters. Say hello to a trio of non-OGL critters.
  19. Leonaru

    [Let's Read] AD&D 2e Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix: Terrors of the Desert

    Welcome to my next Let' Read! Due to popular demand, we will take a closer look at the monsters of Dark Sun this time. I have to admit that I never ran a campaign a in Dark Sun. I read a couple of the source books, though, and checked out the PC RPGs. Anyway, I hope you're in. :)
  20. Leonaru

    [Let's Read] AD&D 2e Kara-Tur Monstrous Compendium Appendix

    Welcome to my next Let's Read! This time, we take on the Kara-Tur Monstrous Compendium Appendix! Kara-Tur is a Far Eastern by David Cook setting and first appeared in Oriental Adventures. It was the first distinctive AD&D 1e setting (not counting Forgotten Realms articles) and merged with...
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