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monstrous compendium

  1. V

    (AD&D2e) Monstrous Compendium Volume 3

    I thought I was done with inventorying this collection, but I've stumbled over all the AD&D2e Monstrous Compendiums in the loose leaf format (all mixed up in 3 binders). All the dividers were gathered up in one area, but I've managed to find material about which dividers go to which books...
  2. M

    A little bit about the Mosntrous Compendium Appendices

    Jeff Grubb is cleaning house and getting rid of some old stuff. In the process of doing so, he discusses the 2e Monstrous Compendium binders and such: http://grubbstreet.blogspot.com/2014/12/monstrous-confirmation.html (I thought Leonaru and the others who've done Let's Reads of MCs might...
  3. S

    [AD&D 2e] Monstrous Compendium (compelled to collect all of the sheets)

    Am I crazy to want to get all of these books and the 5-hole punched sheets? Does anyone actually own all of these in hard copy? All of the "Let's Reads" out there have made me want these books even more. I will probably just stick to using that sweet "Monstrous Index" Web site. But it would...
  4. Leonaru

    [Let's Read] AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium Annual Vol. II

    Hello and welcome to my next Let' Read. We continue with the Monstrous Compendium Annual series and move on to the second volume to see how many undead guardians we get this time around. At first glance, the quality of the book is already going downhill in comparison to the first volume. The...
  5. Leonaru

    [Let's Read] AD&D 2e Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium Appendix

    Here we are! Inspired by Noisms's Let's Read of the AD&D 2e Monstrous Manual I decided to do the same - for the Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium Appendix. In case you don't know what Spelljammer is: It is Dungeons and Dragons... in spaaaaaace! This is my first Let's Read and English is not my...
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