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  1. The Discerning Gentleman

    What Fantasy Movie Most Inspired Your Interest In RPG Gaming?

    When I was youngster there was a spike in not only fantasy movies, but in D&D role-playing. Was this just a coincidence, or are the two related? So what movie inspired you the most to take up the sword and venture into the unknown?
  2. N

    Disney is making a live action Lady and the Tramp remake

    And they are filming it in the city I live in! Should I try to get roles as extras for my dog and I? Also, I wonder how they will handle the... problematic nature of the Siamese cats?
  3. Malkavian87

    [Where I Watch] Vampire Movies

    I love vampires, have since childhood. Vampire: the Masquerade isn't just my favorite roleplaying game, it's my favorite fandom, franchise, fictional setting or whatever you want to call it. But my other favored vampire medium has always been the movies. To such an extent that my goal is to...
  4. Extinction Burp

    Hereditary (movie)---EEeeeeeewwwwww (spoilers possible)

    I saw it last night. Yep, it's a horror movie. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwww! But in this case, I'd need to unpack that a little more, since it does what it does in an interesting way. Toni Collette is Annie, a mother of two kids. Until recently, her mom lived with the family, but has now passed away...
  5. Shay Guy

    [game] Highest average number on the Oracle of Bacon you can find?

    https://oracleofbacon.org/onecenter.php Rules: default options (so William Rufus Shafter is out, having only appeared in two shorts labeled as "News") and people with their own Wikipedia articles only. The most I've found in my brief search is Mari Iijima, with an average number of 4.433...
  6. Donald Stone

    Bill And Ted Face the Music officially announced! (Triple Merge)

    Since everything old is coming back, might as well roll with it. And this one, this one I really wanna see.
  7. U

    MCU Rumor Roundup: Phase three, To Infinity Wars and Beyond!

    Since we're hitting the overflow point again, I think it's time for a third thread. Well, at least they're not going anywhere near as fast as the politics ones. :) MCU rumor roundup MCU rumor roundup: Age of Unsourced Rumors
  8. The Watcher

    Happy Independence Day

    Twenty one years ago today the world was united against the greatest threat mankind has ever faced. An invasion by aliens, a notion which would have been thought fanciful in more innocent days, threatened our very existence. But in the face of almost certain extinction we did not cower in...
  9. dmjalund

    Guess what movies I just saw!

    I just saw two movies back to back. they both had Dan Stevens in them (the main guy from the Legion TV series!) both first release movies clue: both movies had a woman as the main protagonist can you guess what movies I just saw?
  10. Civil Savage

    [I summon the recommendations of Open Media] Dreamers and Optimists

    Our December holiday tradition is to have our own little movie festival. This year our theme is "Dreamers & Wild-Eyed Optimists." We have a good list started, but I welcome your additional suggestions for films that would fit in that category (including anything that might happen to be in...
  11. T

    Recommend Horror Media

    I want to expand my horror media horizons, so I come to you looking for recommendations. Below you’ll find an almost exhaustive list of the horror media that I’ve tried. Not everything on the list is strictly horror, but helps elaborate on my tastes. I haven't listed any tabletop RPGs, but if...
  12. hippokrene

    Share Your Favorite Movie Themes

    What are the best movie themes? I'll kick this up with Star Wars by Jon Williams. He also did the themes from Jaws, Superman, and Indiana Jones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG5OsfOuEy0 Next up is the theme from Beverly Hills Cop. Do you remember the plot of this movie? I think it...
  13. Hunter

    [Movies] It's Six Months Until The Oscars, So, Naturally, Predictions...

    With summer movie season behind us, and film festival season in full swing, the pundits of the cinema world are turning to their next big obsession - handicapping the Oscar race. Even thought it will be months until the statuettes are actually handed out, that isn't stopping anyone from...
  14. S

    Top 10 films released the year you turned 5

    A semi spinoff of the hit movies no one remembers thread, I kind of wanted to start a thread were we talk about the top grossing movies from the year we turned 5. Mine are from 1979: 1. Kramer vs Kramer I haven't seen it, but I know of it. I think this is still relatively well known. 2. The...
  15. K

    Hit movies that no one talks about anymore...

    Inspired by the Cracked article from last year, I've been thinking of this. Movies that were very successful when they came out, but have since fallen to the wayside of popular culture. I was thinking about this because An American Tail was on TV yesterday, and I realized that in 1986, that...
  16. C

    [Star Trek III: Search for Spock] one thing that bugs me...

    I'm watching the original Star Trek movies again and just watched The Search for Spock this weekend, and a question arose that I didn't know the answer to. Apparently it's the Vulcan way to dump their memories into someone else before they die (at least in some cases, like when they're about to...
  17. M

    How many movies do you think you've seen?

    So I'm using FlickChart to rank every movie I've ever seen and I'm through 477 films and probably less then a tenth of way through every film I've seen. So that puts me close to five thousands films watched which seems about right to me. Four movies a week for twenty three years comes...
  18. K

    [necro]Worst "Best Picture"?

    Alright, so the Academy Awards are next week, and almost invariably someone or something is going to win when it shouldn't. Of course that happens all the time, especially with the biggest prize of the evening. So, what would you say has been the biggest miss for the Academy Awards? For me, I'm...
  19. V

    Silver Screen Nightmares - Perfect For Halloween!

    Happy Halloween all! Silver Screen Nightmares is a one-shot rules light horror system meant to emulate the scares and thrills of modern and classic horror movies. Character and scenario generation is quick and simple. Each player selects an archetype and role and the GM makes a couple of quick...
  20. Fred

    [Humor] Superheroes ruin films

    I watched The Martian last night and, at the end, I couldn't help but think that if the story was set in the DC universe, the movie would be excatly the same up until Wyatt makes contact with Nasa and lets them know he's alive. The next scene is Superman landing on Mars next to the habitat and...
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