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  1. The Discerning Gentleman

     [Poll] What Is Your Preferred MTG Color(s)?

    What color(s) do you often find yourself returning to when building your MTG decks? Do you have a default color? Let us know what it is, and if you wish to comment, make sure it's positive!
  2. The Discerning Gentleman

    🎨 Creative Nifty MTG Loops!

    Tell us about any nifty loops that you may have found during your MTG deck construction!
  3. EsperDerek

    [LTTP? RTTP?] Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh "Deck Builder's Toolkit"

    Once upon a time, I was into Magic: The Gathering. Now, I'm not going to tell you that I absolutely had three Black Lotuses and enough Moxes to fill a swimming pool, but my stinkin' parents totally threw them all out when I wasn't looking. My first Magic product was an Ice Age starter, and by...
  4. N

    www.MTGFANATIC.com a decent site? (BUYING)

    Hi All, I was just seeing if any of you have ever purchased any MTG Cards from the site http://www.mtgfanatic.com/ and if you did how was the end product? I'm in the market for some Alpha cards and I don't know which site to check out (other than E-Bay) Any input is appreciated, Thanks for...
  5. Moxiane

    [MtG] Drafting set design

    So, I really enjoy drafting. I'm reasonably good at it (my record is typically 2-1), but not amazing, but I find it way too much fun. Just before SOI was released, I created what I call an "Innistrad statistical cube" which is a gift box with 40 random boosters of sleeved Innistrad cards (9...
  6. Z

    [MTG] So Shadows over Innistrad is starting to be spoiled

    Link here to the MTG Salvation list http://www.mtgsalvation.com/spoilers/170-shadows-over-innistrad Fiery temper and madness make a return. Last time we saw it (Timespiral) it was not quite good enough. Some of the cards relevant to it saw play, but the enablers were too vulnerable and slow...
  7. Ubermonkey

    [MtG] Magic General Chat Thread

    I thought that rather than have a series of threads for the various spoiler seasons, we could just have a general chat thread, where we can talk spoilers, and also stuff like the Pro-Tour. So. SoI spoilers. Madness is back. Apparently this is a thing. Creatures seem at a higher power level than...
  8. Yo! Master

    [M:tG] 'Oath of the Gatewatch' spoilers

    An almost 6th color (or maybe that those can only be paid by colorless mana?): Which also explains the bismuths seen in BFZ.
  9. V

    A few newcomer questions for MTG

    I didn't want to hijack the Shadows over Innistrad thread. So, as someone who's new to Magic, I'm curious: 1. What are some of the best sets to draft? In both a fun to play and financial sense (I want to keep costs fairly low). I've only drafted Battle for Zendikar, but we're going to be...
  10. Yo! Master

    [M:tG] Next block announced: 'Shadows over Innistrad'

    Fitting for a Halloween announcement :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm8CdY75K-s
  11. Save-vs-DM

    [MtG] Help me build a cube!

    I've been a ting to get my buddies into drafting a bit more, and I figure a cube draft is a great way to do that. But I have two problems. 1. Cash. My budget for this project is below $100. 2. Inexperience. I know magic very well. I don't know diddly about cubes. Can some of you fine folks...
  12. OneEyedMan

    [MTG] Set 2 of the Return to Zendikar block announced: Oath of the Gatewatch

    Not much (read: hardly any) information on the set so far, but the name is out, at least. Considering this art: ...I'm kind of envisioning a planeswalker-y Multicolored shennanigans going on there. Also, is it just me, or are set names getting longer lately? Less "Invasion", "Tempest" and...
  13. Z

    [MTG] Battle for Zendikar is starting to be spoiled

    Here we go again. I am aware there is another thread about this, but it does not start with a link and has meandered a bit (as these things do). Link to MTG Salvation for spoiled cards http://www.mtgsalvation.com/spoilers/164-battle-for-zendikar Early reaction. Devoid is an interesting...
  14. JasonK

    Magic the Gathering Decks As Fantasy World-Building Tools / Setting Bibles

    I went 22 solid years giving no fucks whatsoever about Magic, but some friends recently convinced me to buy a deckbuilder kit and go to town. Gamer that I am, I quickly discovered that I'm less interested in building a "winning" deck than I am in building a thematic one, which lead me down the...
  15. neutrondecay

    ISTOGOKO: How has Magic: the Gathering changed in the past over-a-decade?

    I've been enjoying the thread about how WH40K has changed in 2 decades, which is mostly making me glad I put away my badly-painted plastic Ultramarines when I did. And I'm also really liking the thread about the neural nets that design Magic cards. But I realised I'm way out of the loop on MtG...
  16. P

    [MTG] General Deckbuilding Thread

    I will make MTG the most common thread tag on this forum or die trying. I've got something I need help with, myself. See, I'm working on Alesha (this is like my eighth try) and I've finally got it going in the direction I want i.e. psuedo-dredge aggro. Granted, that's the only way to build her...
  17. Z

    [MTG] Magic Origins is starting to be spoiled

    Ok, here we go again :-). Did not bother with Modern Masters because, no new cards, so it is just about supply. Here is the link to MTG Salvation http://www.mtgsalvation.com/spoilers/149-magic-origins Let the speculation and discussion commence.
  18. OneEyedMan

    [MtG] Next block: Another revisit

    After Tarkir wraps up, we'll apparently be rehashing Zendikar. http://magic.wizards.com/en/content/battle-zendikar-card-set-archive-products-game-info I'm mixed on this. On the one hand, I did enjoy the whole "Elder Horrors from Beyond" of the Eldrazi. On the other hand, the revisit of Ravnica...
  19. Z

    [MTG] Dragons of Tarkir is starting to be spoiled

    Given the pre-release is in less than 3 weeks time, they are leaving the spoiling pretty late. However, I think between Commander, Modern Masters and Magic Origins they have a lot of product to fit in. Heres the link to mtg salvation http://www.mtgsalvation.com/spoilers/148-dragons-of-tarkir...
  20. Qooroo

    [MtG] Magic has its first Trans character...

    ...and she's the ass-kicking Mardu Khan. So, that's pretty fucking awesome.
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