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  1. J

    A Multiverse with a Metaplot, but would the "ending" be too Anti-climactic?

    I've had a multiverse idea knocking around in my head for a long time, mostly borne out of a desire to play all of the weird and wonderful RPG settings I've run across in my years as a GM, especially ones that don't necessarily warrant the effort of a full campaign of their own. Well, that and I...
  2. S

    Ways to travel between worlds/universes?

    I'm trying to think of a really unique way to facilitate travel between worlds in a multiverse-type setting, but all I keep coming up with is the standard "portal to another world"/Stargate type of thing. The only other example I can ever think of reading is the Shadow walking from Amber, but...
  3. BabbageCliologic

    Running an Everway/Planescape-esque game

    How would you do it? I'm looking for ideas. Oh, and I'll probably use Savage Worlds.
  4. R

    [setting riff] traders of the omniversal slipways

    It's an itch in the mind, that tells you where you'll find the slipways between worlds - an infinity of them, corroded megacities under smog just an itch away from clean skies and rugged dwurro undermountain farmers, the mystic skyfortresses an itch away from clanking desert tech-nomads...
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