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my hero academia

  1. Kreuzritter

    [Where I Read] My Hero Academia: School Briefs

    So, with Ranubis having finished their WIR of the series, and little under 5 months before we get season 4, I thought we could tide things over with my newest impulse buy: My Hero Academia: School Briefs School Briefs is a light novel spinoff of the main MHA series, of which quick research...
  2. Crinos

    LTTP: My Hero Academia

    So I just finished the first season of My Hero Academia. Some of my thoughts: 1) Its a great series. I'm always hesitant to get into a new anime cause they tend to start slow, but I got right into this one. 2) I'm not sold on the idea of a setting where almost everyone has super powers, but...
  3. Ranubis

    WMTW: My Hero Academia - Two Heroes

    *shopping on Amazon* *Idly checks if there’s a release date for the movie DVD or anything* *Dubbed Movie is already available for streaming* Well then! I guess it’s time to get started on the movie! Similar to the Rebellion movie watch, I’ll be making posts after 15-or-so segments of the movie...
  4. HDimagination

    [My Hero Academia] Crazy theory

    Ok, so, I have been re-watching MHA over the Christmas break, and thought has occurred to me. I'll preface the spoiler break by stating that I'm up to date on the anime, and haven't read the manga. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ok, so, I've seen a lot of speculation online regarding the identity...
  5. Ranubis

    [Where My Twin Watches]: My Hero Academia, Deku's Story Continues

    Sup! I've just finished up the second season of Castlevania, and what a ride that was. But now we're back to MHA, this will be the new thread for Season Three! I'll see you guys in a few days for Summer Camp. *glares out window at Midwest Winter* Yes. Summer. The best season.
  6. Q99

    [My Hero Academia General] The Class is in Session

    Since we have a MHA season 3 discussion where people regularly have to bite their tongue about manga spoilers, and the WiW threads like Where my Twin Watches My Hero Academia regularly spiral out into general discussion of the series, it's about time we had a general thread to handle the...
  7. yalborap

    [WIW] My Hero Academia, season 2! Where the hero’s still striving to become one.

    Yes, that’s right people, we’re coming back to My Hero Academia! If you’ve been watching my newly formed WIW Tumblr, you’ll know that I’ve been reposting the first season’s logs over there. It’s all been in preparation for this, this moment right here! Of course, it’s been a long time since we...
  8. VladTaltos

    My Hero Academia Season 3 discussion

    I didn't see any thread for this yet and I don't want to put an endless series of spoilers into the WIW thread. And DAMN, the OP theme knocks it out of the park this time! I've watched it over a dozen times and it's probably my new favorite. Plus now we see Deku standing in front of All...
  9. Ranubis

    [Where My Twin Watches]: My Hero Academia

    Sup! Starting up a new thread for the next Where My Twin Watches show, this time it’s a show I kept seeing pop up online when I was starting Evangelion; My Hero Academia! First question, was planning to watch it on iTunes but it looks like they’ve got two choices, Original Japanese Version or...
  10. K

    💀 Necro My Hero Academia RPG Systems Advice

    So, My Hero Academia in an anime that just finished its 2nd season, and is currently 155 chapters long in manga form. It's pretty much a shonen anime which draws heavily from American comic books and prominently features kids with powers learning to be heroes. Naturally I want to run a campaign...
  11. yalborap

    [WIW] My Hero Academia! Where the hero wants to be one more than anything.

    I am a bundle of nerves. And not just in the literal “I have so damn many nerve endings in my body right now” sense. …Anyways, let’s try to fight the nerves back with a new show. This is another one where I’m playing to the crowd, to build up for doing something that’s really just for me. So...
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