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  1. Pandorym

    IC Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition

    Nova Station, 136.M42 "And so, as you see you have nothing to worry about, so calm down," your new boss, the Ordo Xenos inquisitor Zephyr Twilight reassures you as he dunks his nose back into the bowl of fine amasec near him and drinks deeply. He's a bit strange: a long red mane as fluffy as a...
  2. Pandorym

    OOC Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition

    Welcome to Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition, a game of FATE Accelerated Edition set in an unholy crossover of My Little Pony and Warhammer 40,000. Here our three player characters @Bremen, @Elfwine, and @Meriss serve as acoltytes of the God-Empress Celestia's holy Inquisition, under...
  3. Pandorym

    OOC Ponyhammer 40K: In Their Name, Let Friendship Be Magic

    Hello, I'm the Game Master, Pandorym, and welcome to In Their Name, Let Friendship Be Magic: a game using the FATE Accelerated system set in a mixture of the Warhammer 40k and My Little Pony universes. We have three players, listed below. Doe, playing Astral Light, Mildly Mad Psyker Pony...
  4. S

    [MLP FiM] Thread 21 - Twilight's BBBTE (Big Brother Best Thread Ever)

    "Of course not, it's... it's liquid pride. Totally different thing." Previous threads - One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty. Post all Pony-related stuff that isn't a WIW...
  5. Jenna Moran

    [Exalted 3+] Hidden Horse Style

    Hi! I felt like writing an Exalted martial art today. ^_^ Hidden Horse Style Hidden Horse Style is a combat style built around the idea that a horse your opponent does not expect is a horse that they cannot defend against. It emphasizes flexibility, surprise, and mounted combat techniques. This...
  6. Bliss Authority

    [Berkeley, CA] Playtesting at Locally Grown Games!

    I’m going to be running a demo of my family roleplaying game, The Adventures of All The Pretty Little Horses, for Locally Grown Game Sunday at Games of Berkeley! That would be on October 16th. The game is recommended for children of ages 10 and up, with parents or older children acting as a...
  7. Bliss Authority

    [MLP] [ISTKOOM] Translating thier Names

    This is a bit of an odd request, but: How would you translate the names of the Mane Six into Japanese? The Japanese dubs have them transliterated which... seems like a waste, especially since furigana/ is a thing.
  8. LibraryLass

    [MLP] An official MLP game is being made apparently.

    Surprisingly not by WOTC, it's apparently been licensed out to River Horse, who I know nothing about but seem to mostly do boardgames.
  9. Bliss Authority

    [Convention Gaming] BABSCon Needs GMs!

    BABSCon 2016, this April 22-24th in Burlingame, CA, needs game masters! It's late in the game, and we still don't have enough tabletop events. We're especially interested in Pathfinder Society games and people to teach our younger crowd how to play board and card games, but we welcome any and...
  10. Bliss Authority

    Appropriate forum to recruit for BABSCon tabletop events

    Which forum would be most appropriate for me to recruit for/have a Q/A thread about tabletop gaming at BABSCon? Would it be appropriate to post in the My Little Pony general thread about this?
  11. Bliss Authority

    (Berkeley/Oakland, Online) Looking for beta testers for All The Pretty Little Horses Adventures

    Our beautiful world is under threat. Monsters and mayhem and discord abound all around us. Outside of the confines of our own Saddle Valley, there are a million and one things that are burned by the touch of light and beauty and that seek to destroy it. Apocalypse looms, waiting to crash over...
  12. Bliss Authority

    [Apoc World][MLP] Working on a setting hack, sort of...

    It's called All The Pretty Little Horses: A Game Powered By The Apocalypse. The idea is to make a game that is simultaneously as metal, heartwarming, and girly as it's source material - Gen 1 My Little Pony and Friendship is Magic, mostly. The work-in-progress document is here; as of this...
  13. G

    My Little Pony Comics - any good?

    The Humble Comics Bundle this week is a bunch of My Little Pony comics. As there are a bunch of MLP fans here, I was wondering if someone has read the comics, and if they'd recommend them? Geoff.
  14. Bremen

    [Recruitment] MHR - My Little Mahou Shoujo

    Mahou Shoujo, or Magical Girl, is a genre all about protecting the world with the powers of friendship. Often in the form of massive friendship laser blasts, because sometimes friendship is best in more tangible (and explosive) forms. When the My Little Pony series was rebooted in its newest...
  15. Ahrimanius

    [necro] My Little Pony Friendship is Magic RPGs?

    I am looking for a My Little Pony RPG that is as close as possible to the Show as Possible I have heard of Ponyfinder but it looks like MLP with The serial numbers filled off,I also do not own the Pathfinder Corebook. Thanks.
  16. chitzk0i

    My Little Pony mobile game friend request thread

    My girlfriend got me hooked on the MLP mobile game and I'm bumping up against quests that need gifts from friends, but I barely have any friends for the game. I'm BerryTreat on gameloft's service. I'll give you hearts and chests on the regular!
  17. Bliss Authority

    [Recruitment/Interest] [Possibly Elsewhere?] [Chuubo's] My Little Pony: Bonds Are Magic

    So. In preparation for running this thing at conventions, I... would actually rather like to run my Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine game set in (a Techno take on) the My Little Pony:FiM universe. I've got precons for each of the Mane Six: Twilight Sparkle is the Primordial of...
  18. Wakshaani

    (PonyPack) I need pony vids. Fan-style.

    Music videos, fanfic animated foo, teh works. Nothing creepy, like Rainbow Factory, but cute or fun or just well done stuff. Co-worker is getting into ponies and has no idea about fanwork. I want to surprise her in a day or three. :)
  19. S

    [MLP FiM] Thread 20 - ellivynoP draobrekcehC gnitaolF s'drocsiD

    "Sense? What fun is there in making sense?" Previous threads - One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen. Post all Pony-related stuff that isn't a WIW, fanfic rec, or otherwise for another...
  20. RK_Striker_JK_5

    WI My Little Pony: FIM (Spoilers inside)

    Okay. Well, I've wanted to do a WIW thread for the show for a bit to get my 'true feelings'[/Han_Solo] out for it. And I figure after a season finale would be a good as time as any. But first... WARNING ONE! I've seen all 91 episodes, own the first three seasons and Equestria Girls on DVD...
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