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  1. Jürgen Hubert

    Tell me / sell me on the Weirdness of Mystara / The Known World

    I was vaguely aware that Mystara existed from my early days as a gamer, of course (at one point I had read the German translation of the Red Box), but it only got stuck in my head as a "generic fantasy setting", and the focus of my gaming group was on the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance...
  2. S

    Mystara questions

    I recently purchased the reprint of the Rules Cyclopedia. It has a little info in the back about the Known World/Mystara. There seems to be a pseudo-Mongolia and a pseudo-Byzantine Empire as well as other lands. Do any of the old supplements have a China or Tibet analog?
  3. A

    Godbound using Mystara as setting

    Ok I have read through some of Godbound. I love what I am reading and Mystara popped in my head. I can see this as a great alternative to how immortals are handled. I can also see a neat way to handle the schools of Glantri. Thoughts?
  4. Cazacurdas

    [OSR][B/X] Elves on Mystara

    I'm running a Labyrinth Lord game, we're going to set the story on Mystara (a place all, players and me, love for different reasons) but this time I want to, and I have the time to, tweak the classes to my likes. I do not like the F/MU Elf, and I want to keep AEC off the table for now, so...
  5. B

    *Kickstarter* Calidar: "Dreams of Aerie"

    ​Calidar: Dreams of Aerie https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2959449/video-779678-h264_high.mp4 Hi All. My third book's crowd funding is coming up mid June. I've made my preview page available to the public. If you have suggestions or questions, please do bring them up. Thanks! A few...
  6. B

    DriveThruRPG Calidar -- In Stranger Skies

    Hi Folks, Some of you may not know that I've launched a follow-up to the Voyage of the Princess Ark, originally published for the D&D World of Mystara. This was a series of stories I wrote for the Dragon Magazine back in the 80s and 90s, while I was at TSR. A few years ago, I approached WotC...
  7. AslanC

    [Sell Me On] Mystara

    So I am not a fan of the Forgotten Realms, and while I do enjoy Greyhawk, I stumbled on this map recently, and remembered always being curious about Mystara. So I thought I would turn to you all and see who loves Mystara and why. So tell me about this world you love and why people should give...
  8. S

    Tell me about Hollow World

    From what I've seen, Hollow World looks pretty interesting, but aside from the whole Lost World conceit, I haven't heard much about it. So who has had experience with the Hollow World setting? What are the stand-out cultures/nations aside from the Egyptian, Greek and Aztec analogues? Besides...
  9. S

    [Mystara/Known World] What product should I start with?

    Pretty much what the title says, if I had to start with just one product (setting wise, not rules wise), what would it be? And where would I go form there?
  10. B

    💀 Necro [Let's Read] The Known World/Mystara - ALL of it, from the beginning

    Inspired by this post from JoeNotCharles in the Rules Cyclopedia thread: Since JoeNotCharles doesn't have the time I thought I'd have a go at this... First a bit of background. Over the course D&D's history there have been many published settings. Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Al Qadim...
  11. JediSoth

    Kickstarter: World of Calidar by Bruce Heard

    So the creator of Mystara and the Voyage of the Princess Ark stories from back in the day in Dragon Magazine is Kickstarter a campaign world book based very heavily on Voyage of the Princess Ark. As I understand it, he can't use Mystara and Voyage of the Princess Ark exactly because they're...
  12. Leonaru

    [Necro] How did Forgotten Realms beat Greyhawk and Mystara?

    To me, the standard generic medieval D&D fantasy settings has always been Forgotten Realms. Not because I like it (which I do), but mainly because I have almost no connection to Greyhawk and Mystara. When I started playing D&D, Greyhawk was already some old setting that only existed in form of a...
  13. L

    [Dragon Age] Mystara and sell me on/warn me away from the system

    So I was wandering around the RPG internet, and I happened to notice that there's some fanmade products porting the D&D Known World of Mystara to the AGE system. Now I'm a big fan of Mystara and I'd like to run a game using the setting in a more modern system, and I appreciate that someone's...
  14. heptat

    [ENTIRELY HYPOTHETICAL] Bruce Heard + Mystara + kickstarter

    How much do you think Bruce Heard (http://bruce-heard.blogspot.com/) could raise on Kickstarter to work on new Mystara material? (I know, he probably can't because the IP belongs to WotC but I can dream can't I?)
  15. A

    5E settings

    Following on from the thread concerning a default setting for 5. What settings would people like to see for 5e? Do you think we're going to see (yet again) Forgotten Realms, followed by Eberron, Dark Sun et al. or something new? If I had to guess I'd say they'll roll out the same same...
  16. I

    New Features in Hexographer (simple mapping software)

    Progress on Hexographer continues! Here are the latest features: Users can change the terrain types when generating a custom terrain map. Previously you could change the percentages of 11 terrain types in an auto-generated map, but now those 11 can be set to any 11 terrain types in...
  17. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    Greyhawk Or Known World?

    Which setting should I choose for a nostalgic D&D romp, and why?
  18. I

    Hexographer GM's Day Sale: 50% off

    Hexographer is having its first real sale: 50% off! And if you also want Dungeonographer, the bundle price for them both includes 50% off Hexographer and 10% off Dungeonographer. You don't need to do anything special to get the discount, just use the normal order buttons on the left side of...
  19. G

    (BECMI) Quick ?

    What year was it that dragon magazine published a series on the (some?) other lands of what later became known as Mystara? I know someone knows it right of the top so THANKS in advance.
  20. Miss Atomic Bomb

    Best of the GAZ series?

    As I tinker around with my next D&D campaign, which will be fairly Rules Cyclopedia-centric, I once again have my eye on the supplementary material produced for the RC. Which of the Mystara Gazetteers do you like best, and why? Any you'd recommend staying away from? Is there any significant...
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