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nightmares underneath

  1. Atlictoatl

    [Let's Read] The Nightmares Underneath

    Greetings. Inspired by thirdkingdom's excellent [Let's Read] ACKS Core Rulebook thread, I present this Let's Read of Johnstone Metzger's The Nightmares Underneath. About the Author's Previous Works The Nightmares Underneath (TNU) is Metzger's latest work, released in November of 2016. The...
  2. jeu de marseille

    Metzger's the Nightmares Underneath

    Immense review: http://falsemachine.blogspot.com/2017/04/a-review-of-nightmares-underneath-by.html Johnstone Metzger made one of my fave RPG books all-time (the Metamorphica) so I decided to check this out. Pseudo-Islamic horror dungeon fantasy RPG with unspeakably cool art. Very AD&D messy and...
  3. wirecrossing

    [Nightmares Underneath] Character Sheet is... where?

    Is there a digital one available? I bought the book off Lulu based on the strength of the Free Version (which also doesn't seem to have one). The physical copy doesn't seem to have one and I cannot find online. Halp?
  4. M

    💀 Necro Who has picked up The Nightmares Underneath?

    This new RPG came out recently by Johnstone Metzger, who previously has done a ton of stuff for Dungeon World. An art-free version is available for free, and from my brief skim it seems like an interesting OSR-inspired game with an Arabian Nights flavor. It's gone pretty far afield of...
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