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no man's sky

  1. Bailywolf

    [No Man's Sky NEXT] Anybody want to form a VGO Exploration Group?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3HphgSn0o4 Ya see this? It's going to fight with Warframe for all my free time. All of it. What about forming a VGO group? We'll need a cool name.
  2. Mr Adventurer

    [LTTP] No Man's Sky - what do I need to know?

    So, I was gifted No Man's Sky for my birthday. I've had my eye on the game since it came out, as I've always thought it looked great; so, I know that there have been several changes and updates since it was released, although I'm not sure exactly what. But I've found the game doesn't show you...
  3. M

    [No Man's Sky] An Intergalactic Gallery of Wonders

    So I figure we should have a thread for sharing screenshots. Here are some things I have seen on my journey so far. :) The planet of Abterra as seen from it's moon Abterra-Ka The Planet of Buldvell A... Thing Conan
  4. The Wyzard

    [No Man's Sky] I feel like we should have a thread for this game.

    There's not a lot of information out there yet! We've got a couple gameplay videos, and some vague ideas about what you'll do in-game. What we know is: 1. The game takes place in a procedurally generated galaxy so goddamn enormous that you will never explore it all. 2. The color palette and...
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