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  1. Aincumis

    [Nobilis] Evil Friends

    EVIL FRIENDS CHAPTER ONE - "Plastic Soldiers" "You can drift along You've got the time The rest of us will live and die Like plastic soldiers Only growing older" The Lonely Serpent moves through the world. She is predator and prey. She is enormous and titanic, yet subtle and insubstantial...
  2. Rand Brittain

    Destroy Christmas (A Holiday One-Shot For Nobilis)

    A year or two ago, I ran a story in a Nobilis game with friends involving Santa Claus. More recently, I wandered into a chat room just as somebody was saying "someone run Nobilis for me" so I did, and pulled out that old story. A few days later, someone asked me if they could use the same...
  3. H

    [Nobilis 3e] help with aspect and inherent superiority

    I am pretty sure I'm misunderstanding this, but if I am understanding it correctly essentially an Aspect 0 gives a +3 to any of your skills. So like if you had a 3 in martial arts, it would be the equivalent of 6? And does this for superior skills too? Like superior strength?
  4. Oddsod Blok'ed

    Nobilis: The Cornucopia of Peculiarities

    Behold my vanity project - or if you want to be more generous, a compilation from all the RPG.net Nobilis games I've been in that have gone the way of all flesh. I have Paranoia listed as my favorite RPG, and that's still true, but Nobilis is only an eyelash away from the title. Rather than...
  5. M

    🎨 Creative [Nobilis] 101 Excruciated Estates

    It was my birthday last monthish. Therefore by right and custom, I demand... examples of Estates that were once part of Creation, building blocks of our world, but which have been stolen from us. Things that had been before the dark riders from outside reality ripped them away - but now never...
  6. C

    [Interest/Recruitment] Nobilis! Or Chuubo! Or Chuubilis!

    I want to run a Nobilis game! Or a Chuubo game, but we do have a few of those going on and a lack of Nobilis games. I have a few pitches for Nobilis games and about two/three people interested, and I'm willing to take two/three/four?! more, maybe! I like a once-a-week post dealio and will...
  7. A

    [Nobilis] Which edition to use?

    So, my players are interested in me running Nobilis in the near future and I notice there are three editions of the game? What are the pros and cons of each version and is there a consensus as to which one is better? Or are they simply iterative and the latest one is the most refined? Thanks in...
  8. J

    *Podcast* Nobilis 1:1 game: He's the GM, I'm the Player

    He's the GM, I'm a player, a new Nobilis 1:1 game with a podcast. This 1:1 Nobilis game uses 2nd edition. We're pretty new to this podcasting, and it is literally just my wife and I playing Nobilis. Anyway, give it a listen if you are curious about some Nobilis actual play, give it a listen...
  9. T

    [Nobilis 3e] A Few Questions About Aspect

    While reading one of Jenna Moran's old posts, something she said bothers me. She said that each level of Aspect is, essentially, self-contained. If you use an Aspect 4 miracle, it can't be enhanced with the perfect timing of Aspect 3. If you use an Aspect 5 miracle, it can't be enhanced with the...
  10. M

    [Nobilis 3e] Help with converting a character

    Just for fun, I'm trying to convert/update an old 2e character to 3e (despite not having played 3e before). I love the properties system and the way this influences what's possible with Persona and Domain but I'm having trouble distilling my thoughts into appropriate 7-word bullets. So I beseech...
  11. ParadoxDruid

    [Nobilis 3] Figuring out a Gift and looking for unique Gifts

    So, I'm going to be running a one-on-one Nobilis campaign with my wife, and I'm hoping to put together some interesting NPCs and situations-- exploration and discovery is her favorite part of roleplaying. The game is set in Japan, and will have a slightly whimsical, anime feel to it--...
  12. T

    [Nobilis 3e] Miraculous Defense?

    Here's something I STILL don't understand. Is a Miraculous Defense when you use an actual miracle to defend yourself (I use my Aspect to dodge the bullet because I am just TOO DAMN FAST) or something else? If this is the case, can you not use a have a miraculous defense if you've run out of...
  13. T

    [Nobilis 3e] Limited Gifts

    I never did get an answer to this question in the other thread, so I'll put it here. Limited gifts say that they offer a number of powerful techniques. With respect to aspect gifts, how many techniques should that be?
  14. GoldenH

    Nobilis Character Sheets / Roll20 Resources?

    I'm gearing up to run a game of Nobilis for a team of friends I've been streaming RPGs with on twitch for the past year. Before I spend a lot of time making handouts and character sheets for the group, is there anything like that already made that I could download? Really excited about sharing...
  15. T

    [Nobilis 3e] What's up with the Zu?

    What's their actual purpose? What do they do? Are they for Creation, against it, or ambivalent? I don't recall them being attached to anyone in particular, but the books mention an Excrucian learning techniques from them, so I really have no idea which way they swing. Are they JUST martial...
  16. zenten

    [Nobilis] Is third edition Nobilis a story game?

    While a lot about the mechanics and assumptions and way things are explicitly spelled out makes it not really a trad game, I think the way the players must advocate for their PCs ultimately makes it not a story game either. Your thoughts?
  17. G

    IC Nobilis 3e - Will of the Gods

    It's no surprise that some parts of Hell are rarely visited, even by the Nobilis. The Ocean of Rot and Tears is isolated: a world defined only by the refuse that falls down from the Ash and into its depths. It tears them apart, things and people alike, and reconstructs them into vast monsters...
  18. A

    [Nobilis 3e] Some Help With Estate Properties?

    I've had this idea for a while that one of the (failed) counter-offences in the Valde Bellum was an attempt by Heaven to define the Lands Beyond Creation in terms of an Estate. The end result (Emptiness) is unhealthy for the Nobles that hold it, tending to do things like empty out your heart...
  19. T

    [Nobilis 3e] Aspect and Social-Fu

    How exactly do these interact with each other? I once read on these boards that a Noble cannot use Aspect to convince someone of something, but that they CAN use Aspect to make themselves REALLY convincing. I think that's how it went anyway. What does that mean?
  20. A

    [Nobilis 3e] Is a combat heavy adventure possible with the core rules?

    Hello guys, we recently started playing Chuubo's and we fell in love with Jenna's games, so I decided to pick up Nobilis 3e again and give it a good shot this time, as my group wants to experience something more action-y, and sadly where we live 4 USD is quite a lot (we were thinking on buying...
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