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nova praxis

  1. V

    Christmas in July + Savage Worlds - What's good?

    What are some of the better Savage Worlds products on sale right now? I'm eyeballing the Sci Fi companion and Interface Zero 2.0 for some cyberpunk action (plus I secretly want to run a Stars Without Number/Other Dust sandbox using Savage Worlds.) How is Nova Praxis for Savage Worlds? I have...
  2. Memona

    Nova Praxis Savage Worlds questions

    I'm preparing for a Savage Worlds Nova Praxis game for this Saturday. I do have a few questions. 1) One of my players eventually wants to own a decent starship. Sadly, ships have a minimum of 10 Rep, and better ships cost upward to 35. How does a player buy a 35 cost shit? Personal Rep-rating...
  3. S

    Major setting differences between Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis, Diaspora, and Mindjammer...

    Hey guys, My group is trying to pick a new game to play and the list includes 4 games that on the surface seem very similar and I'm hoping that those more knowledgeable than I can help me understand the differences - in the setting, not so much the rules - between Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis...
  4. M

    [Savage Worlds] Nova Praxis

    The very successful small press sci-fi setting for Fate system is being made for Savage Worlds now using Kickstarter. Join aboard everybody: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/804836187/nova-praxis-savage-worlds-edition I am very excited about this because: - the setting seems very cool...
  5. Rangdo

    [Let's Read] Nova Praxis

    So, after having done a fairly extensive Let's Read on the Legends of the Five Rings corebook (link in my sig), I thought I'd do something a little different this time: Nova Praxis. I was actually given the pdf as a complementary copy several months ago, under the condition that I would talk...
  6. Calypso

    [Nova Praxis] Help me determine some political fallout

    So without making a huge long story of it, the PCs were hired by Dalianis to break into a Cipriani data center and plant some information. Cipriani kind of knew something was up and tried to poach the PCs. The PCs went ahead anyway and not only planted the information, but *completely* wrecked...
  7. Calypso

    [Nova Praxis] Motivating Apostate PCs

    For those of you unfamiliar with Nova Praxis (unlikely if you're reading this), in Coalition society the primary motivation for doing something is Rep rating and/or access to limited resources like templates. So you might do a job for a House because they'll give you a bump to your rep for a job...
  8. E

    🎨 Creative Pitch me your Transhuman Campaign Idea - Eclipse Phase, Nova Praxis, Transhuman Space

    General Conrad form the Planetary Consortium has gone missing and he has taken the plans for the gatetrigger [a device which can be used to remotely cause a gate to overload] You are assigned by the Jovian Jaunta to find him and bring him back. Most of the large factions want to get their hands...
  9. M

    Does Nova Praxis use the Skill Pyramid?

    That's really it. I love SoF but I'm not much of a fan of other FATE games (Dresden and SotC, but I must admit that Dresden's GORGEOUS!). That mentioned, that augmented PDF is AMAZING! So much so that even though I'm not a huge fan of transhuman sci-fi, it looks sexier than sexy and there's...
  10. F

    Nova Praxis So, how badly does the Coalition freak...

    If they come to the conclusion, rightly or wrongly, that the apostates have managed to figure out a way to hack compilers to gain unlimited use rights on them?
  11. J

    [Nova Praxis] How does it compare to Eclipse Phase?

    I just learned about this new game. On the surface it sounds like it superficially hits a lot of the same tones. Can someone tell me more about it, and how it relates to the game I already know? :)
  12. Miss Atomic Bomb

    Oh my God the Nova Praxis PDF

    This is amazing. It's not quite everything I've ever wanted to do with an app-like RPG book, but it's damn near close, and I haven't seen anything like it actually get done before. Link here. Here's a video explaining the features...
  13. C

    [Nova Praxis] PDF's out, someone read it?

    I read Nova Praxis Augmented PDF is out for kickstarter backers, on their site and will be at RPGnow in shortly (At least the Author say so). Then someone read it? Impression?
  14. L

    [Nova Praxis] Thoughts on the Beta

    Finished reading the Beta over and I'm a fan of the sleeving mechanics, but apotheosis is too expensive for my taste. I consider it something Pure PCs should have access to at creation if they want it instead of blowing a high gear choice, because no one should miss out on the psychological...
  15. T

    [Kickstarter] Nova Praxis - A Transhuman Sci-Fi FATE rpg

    Nova Praxis Kickstarter is on! The early looks on Dorkland and on Fate SF sound really sweet. :D Yes - I'm a Fate junkie! :)
  16. M

    [FATE] Nova Praxis - New Transhuman Sci-Fi game Kickstarting Oct 1st!

    http://youtu.be/Tm3pAxmxmzs Nova Praxis is… …a tabletop role-playing game featuring an evolution of the award winning FATE game system utilized in Strands of Fate; streamlined and tailored specifically for the Nova Praxis setting. …self-contained. You do not need to own, or be familiar with...
  17. M

    [Nova Praxis] Strands of Fate does Sci-fi

    [Nova Praxis] New Strands of Fate setting does Sci-fi For the last year or so we've been hinting around about having an official Strands of Fate setting in the works. Well, here it is... I'm going to use this thread to answer questions about Nova Praxis. Ask me anything.
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