1. R

    [Recruitment] Not Your Everyday OD&D Experience [The Hero’s Journey]

    Upon re-examining The Hero’s Journey by James Spahn, I am once again charmed by this little gem. I’m seeing an intriguing take on the OD&D chassis with overtones of AD&D that leads to a specific sub-style of (or near to) OSR gaming. I’m starting a game that runs with this in a improvised style...
  2. JediSoth

    Found in the Basement

    So, my step-daughter and son-in-law are in town visiting. They brought me a gift, just a little something their neighbor had in his basement and offered to my son-in-law in lieu of throwing it away. The D&D stuff ranges from 2nd - 7th printings. Vol. 1 doesn't say. Vol. 2 & 3 are 2nd...
  3. K

    Has anyone played OD&D/similar using all the fighter abilities from Chainmail?

    Various abilities for fighters were supposedly left out of OD&D as they were assumed to be understood from Chainmail. These include: --I've read some people say they should get +1 to damage and attack but that seemed contentious. --The famed multiple attacks vs 1HD foes. This was included in...
  4. R

    [Recruitment] White Box Dungeoneering

    Okay, a confession. I saw Jay O' Bedlam's thread last week for his new game. Wanting to participate, the timing was wrong for me. However, I had been thinking of running another crawl in the near future using some flavor of D&D, and his thread made me look again at the rule set in the White Box...
  5. Canageek

    For Sale 200+ RPG books & boxed sets, Board Games

    Alright, my parents are selling their house, and I live 3500 km away from them, so I have to sell off most of my gaming collection. I've found 200+ items so far from my Dad's and my collections that I would rather not have to pay to move across the country. All prices are in $CDN, which is...
  6. G

    [OSR] "Superhero" Fighters

    So, I understand that in Chainmail and the early editions of D&D with level titles, an 8th level Fighter was called a Superhero. Does anyone know what the game's creators meant by this? Did they just mean "someone as badass as Conan", seeing as the game came out about the time of his Marvel...
  7. C

    Restrictions on Classes

    So what are peoples opinions on restricting certain character classes. For example a world where no clerics exist and only Druids handle the religious aspects of communities. Overall my feeling that if it fits a theme then it can add to the settings feel, however the loss of these character...
  8. V

    What retro clone is the closest to OD&D?

    There are a bunch of OD&D retro clones, but every one I've seen puts their own spin on the rules, adding and modifying as they see fit. Of the retro clones out there, which one(s) come closest to being an actual clone of OD&D?
  9. C

    OD&D -Monsters - My Altered List

    In this thread I am going to list the monsters that appeared in OD&D, as well as any alterations that I made and, in addition, new monsters that I added. I will start with the most dangerous monster of all: Monster Type Number Appearing* Armor Class Move in Inches** Hit Dice % In Lair...
  10. AndersGabrielsson

    [Beyond the Wall + GME]

    I've found Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures to be a fascinating read and it's quite possible I'll get to run this for my regular group, but until then I thought I'd do a solo play to get a better feel for the game and see if there's anything I want to tweak. I'm going to use the Mythic GM...
  11. T

    [OD&D+] Top Ten OD&D Myths That Need to Die

    What are the top ten myths about the original edition of D&D that really need to die in a fire? Note that this is a [+] thread, and it's not about edition warring. It's about the things people say about OD&D that just aren't true. Stuff that makes it hard to have a conversation about the game...
  12. legopaidi

    Has anyone tried to combine OD&D with D&D 5e?

    The concept is to merge the low number crunching and abstract nature of OD&D with newer stuff like backgrounds , advantage-disadvantage etc. Would it work? Has anyone tried this? Are there any hacks online?
  13. Pillsy

    How was the "Outdoor Survival" game used in OD&D?

    One thing I learned relatively recently was that the original D&D boxed set not only depended on Chainmail, but also on an old Avalon Hill game called Outdoor Survival, which was evidently some sort of strategy or simulation game about, uh, surviving outdoors. The game seems to focus on a...
  14. Leonaru

    OD&D Rules Clarification

    I've got a couple of questions regarding the OD&D rules. Firstly: Learning magic as described (or not really explained) in Greyhawk. INT grants mages three values: Chance to Know Given Spell, Min/Max Number of Spells per Spell Level and Maximum Spell level. The latter is obvious; only mages...
  15. Leonaru

    Does anybody have a copy of The Grey Book: OD&D Compiled?

    There seems to be yet another OD&D clone I have completely missed so far named The Grey Book: OD&D Compiled. See here: http://blog.retroroleplaying.com/2009/09/grey-book-od-compiled.html Unfortunately, the link is dead and not even the Internet Wayback Machine could resurrect it. Does anyone...
  16. Leonaru

    Do we have a full OD&D retroclone?

    The retroclone closet to OD&D is probably Delving Deeper, but it covers only the three original booklets. The most popular or well-known OD&D clone is probably Swords & Wizard, which covers more classes, but also does some streamlining and leaves out a lot of stuff (like tables or even more...
  17. S

    Old School Dungeons & Dragons Meetup in Los Angeles this Saturday March 1st

    Game Empire in Pasadena is hosting the Pasadena D&D Meetup this Saturday March 1. If you are a fan of Classic D&D, then come enjoy back to back adventures. James Zack is running at 10am-2pm and Robert Lionheart is running 2:30pm to 6pm. We have a stack of 4th level pregens and our events always...
  18. A

    A question for Old Geezer

    Did you folks give elves all the bonuses they have in Chainmail as well as those in the D&D books? And how did the combat bonuses against the listed fantastic creatures work in the alternate combat system? Allen
  19. The Venomous Pao

    OD&D Reprint Disappointment (Debacle? Disaster?)

    So I bought the fancy OD&D reprint box set the day it came out (11/18). I paid full retail (call me a sucker, but I like to support my local ship when I can). I took it home and a few days into flipping through it I discovered a nasty rip in one of the pages of the Greyhawk book. My local...
  20. wheloc

    (OSR) Arguments against stat rolls?

    My introduction to roleplaying was an older kid running an improve game in the back of a schoolbus, where characters consisted of nothing but a name and the six traditional D&D stats (I hadn't heard of Dungeons & Dragons at this point, but he presumably had), and the only resolution mechanic was...
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