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  1. Extrakun

    List of SRDs/OGL games

    Is there like a grand list of games that have SRDs or OGL-sort-of licenses? A quick search on Google only yields on thread on reddit, and that is dated 2015. Personally, the ones that I know of are Archmage, FATE Core, Cortex Prime, Year Zero and d20.
  2. RPGWebby

    Modern 5e Tabletop Roleplaying Game “The Spy Game” Coming to Kickstarter in July

    Hey everyone! I'm Sam Webb, I'm usually found behind the desk of the RPG department at Modiphius Entertainment, but I've also began branching out with my own projects - one of which we've just put out the quickstart for on DrivethruRPG: https://bit.ly/2HYqK18 The Spy Game is an action &...
  3. The Discerning Gentleman

    [Let's Read] Airships

    "Red sky by morning, sailor take warning... While some choose to sail the seas and oceans seeking trade, adventure, and fame, others are more daring and sail the skies of their world's. Discover the wonders of flight and the beauty of sailing the winds from many different methods and in...
  4. E

     Knights of the Chalice 2 Kickstarter Thread

    Greetings, all! KotC2 has a Kickstarter! As of this writing (Feb 12, 2019) it isn't yet live, but it'll be soon enough! The game's author kindly explained what Knights of the Chalice 2 is(n't). The Knights of the Chalice series is a turn-based adaptation of the Open Gaming License (OGL)...
  5. D

    [Realms Beyond] upcoming turn-based CRPG using OGL (i.e., D&D 3.5e), Chaos Chronicles reborn?

    Realms Beyond is an upcoming isometric CRPG that I'm rather excited about For those familiar with the canceled game Chaos Chronicles, this is more or less the resurrection of that project. (Ceres games has the rights to all of the art assets created for CC and the lead developer was previously...
  6. Chris Goodwin

     Action! System + M&M powers = ?

    Combining Action! System with M&M powers This is a thing I've had stuck in my head for a number of years, and a recent thread in TRO had me thinking about it again. I've dropped it multiple times because something just didn't feel satisfactory, but as a result of the TRO thread I got past some...
  7. T

    Heroquest rules released under the OGL!

    I just learned that the Heroquest rpg engine will be released under an OGL and there will be an SRD available soon! And there are a number of genre packs on their way (including SF, Supers & Pulp!). Being one of my favorite systems, these news really made my day :)
  8. E

    5e/OGL consultant needed

    Hi all, I'm looking for someone who is a pro with the Fifth Edition rules set published by WotC and someone who had written their own rules based on the OGL for 5e. Bonus points for anyone that's ran a successful Kickstarter campaign as well. Please PM me if you have the experience, time, and...
  9. V

    Small Press 5E Adventure: A Delve in the Cave

    With Wizards of the Coast focusing on huge storyline-focused campaigns, I think there's plenty of room for shorter "module"-style adventures. I wrote a cavern-crawl for low-level characters with a cool map and a new creature. It can be used as a straightforward dungeon or you can layer in story...
  10. F

    OGL SRD 5.1 observation and question

    I've been perusing products produced for 5th Edition in OneBookShelf and I've noticed many repeatedly refer to "Monster Manual" or "Basic Rules" or other specific products. I've yet to see a single product correctly reference "SRD, page [blah blah]" when using existing monsters. At least that's...
  11. D

    Small Press Ramen Sandwich Press Publishes The Village of Darkharrow for D&D 5E

    Ramen Sandwich Press is pleased to announce that The Village of Darkharrow, the first in our Places by the Way series of a short location/adventure modules for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, is now available on print on demand from Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s website. (Please note that this is...
  12. D

    *Kickstarter* Places by the Way: A Series of Modules for D&D 5E

    There was a hiccup with one of the rewards that necessitated rebooting the campaign, but Places by the Way is back on Kickstarter and better than before! The new reward structure features PDF and autographed print copies of a special, Limited Edition of The Village of Darkharrow, the OGL version...
  13. Lev Lafayette

    Petition to grant D&D 4th Ed an Open Game License

    This petition has just started, an initiative of the RPG Review Cooperative. It's about granting 4th Edition D&D the same sort of Open Game License as 3rd and 5th editions. Even if you're not a huge fan of 4th edition please spend the minute or so that it takes to sign the petition. Thanks...
  14. S

    What was the best stuff to come out of the OGL?

    Hi folks, With part of the 5E rules released under the Open Game License earlier this week, I was thinking about the OGL boom back in the early 2000s, and also generally about the best 3.0/3.5 that was produced during that time. For me, a stand-out was Arcana Unearthed. I found that project...
  15. S

    NUELOW Games Revealing 'Secrets of the Immortals' for the d20 System

    They appear when things are at their most dire, saving those they can, and vanishing as quickly and as mysteriously as they appeared. Some worship them as gods, other curse them as demons. They are men and women who rise again and again from the final defeat, to live and continue on into new...

    Open-licensed games with interesting (and stealable) subsystems and rules tidbits?

    By which I mean things that could be stolen and used for other games, even if converting to another base system is involved. Of course you can always rewrite a mechanic in your own words, but an open license can save you that trouble, especially if you want to share your compiled game or...
  17. A

    d20 Modern reprint?

    Hey all, I've always been a big fan of the d20 modern and am saddened by the lack of extensive material for it. As a game publisher, I am curious to find out, would a reprint of the d20 modern rules be something people here would be interested in? For instance if I were to put them up for sale...
  18. S

    NUELOW Games The Spear and Magic Helmet!

    Here's a link to a post at the NUELOW Games blog with some d20 System content that I hope will make you smile. The Spear and Magic Helmet! (As mentioned, the link goes to a post at the NUELOW Games blog. If you don't like silliness in your RPG content, you should not click on it. I once got...
  19. S

    NUELOW Games Coming from the past to terrify the present -- 'Horrors of Egypt'!

    The latest comics/rpg hybrid product from NUELOW Games is another horror-themed release that has some OGL d20 rules (feats and talent trees) useful when creating cultists, and six short comics relating tales of the tragedy and terror that follow when the ancient spirits of Egypt are disturbed...
  20. Jürgen Hubert

    5e and Third-Party Publishers

    I haven't followed all the news about 5e all that closely. However, I do wonder: Will there be an option for third-party publishers to write supplements for 5e? An SRD, or any other kind of open license? I think one of the reasons for the staying power of D&D 3.X - including its continuation in...
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