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  1. Rangdo

     [OSR] It's [not actually] the last day of Drivethru's OSR sale. What are the best products to get?

    What the title says. In addition to the stuff 75% off, I already have, from the first page of the sale ranked by rating: Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure DCC Doom of the Savage King DCC Core C&C Codex Celtarum DCC Jewels of the Carnifex Amazing Adventures Manual of Monsters C&C Castle...
  2. D

    OSR Games Wolf-Packs & Winter Snow Revised Edition - Now with pictures and even more tables!

    So here's Wolf-Packs & Winter Snow Revised. What is it? It's a tabletop roleplaying game set in a fantasy equivalent of the late ice age. The setting is a blend of the harsh arctic environment, and weird fantasy. Player characters are humans and neanderthals (or perhaps odder near-human...
  3. E

    Raven's Keep Gazette and Rumormonger for back to the Dungeon RPG

    Raven's Keep Gazette and Rumormonger https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzYaSvmA-OpUQWpBNjI4aDY4SnM/view?usp=sharing A campaign newsletter for Back to the Dungeon RPG ​
  4. Web Warlock

    The Warlock for Swords & Wizardry (OSR)

    It's Walpurgis Night. Witches and Warlocks gather on the Brocken tonight to celebrate with the Devil. You have the Witch. Now you can have the Warlock. The Warlock includes: - The Warlock class - New race: The Teiflings - Rules for goblin, hobgoblin and bugbear warlocks - 160+ spells - 50+...
  5. E

    DriveThruRPG Back to the Dungeon RPG

    Getting bogged down as the Game Master with too many rules? Old School Simplicity meets New School Options! Back to the Dungeon Role Playing Game is for sale! Here is the MASTER BUNDLE! (OR sold separately!) Easy to run, Easy to play... A HUGE BIG OL BUNCH of stuff for one low price. A...
  6. T

    Weird OSR modules?

    I'm on the home stretch of a Greyhawk campaign I've been running for a childhood D&D buddy. I'm using the C&C PHB, but with AD&D supplements and modules. We've done the "standard" stuff, and I'd like for things to get a little weird now ... I've got the Wonderland modules (EX1&2), and I've...
  7. C

    Is there a Post TSR side to the OSR?

    In another thread someone implied that there is a post - TSR side to the OSR. I am curious to find out if that is true and if so are there 1. any examples and 2. who is claiming it is part of the OSR. I am asking because I understood the OSR - regardless of what the "R" stands for(I've read a...
  8. Leonaru

    OSR: What hasn't been done? What would you like to see?

    The OSR has brought us a bazillion different games. Most of them are fantasy-themed, but there is a whole bunch of them that covers other different eras, themes and approaches from the Stone Age to WWII to... the future! But what hasn't been done? What would you like to see? What should be...
  9. Libertad

    [OSR] Spears of the Dawn and Scarlet Heroes: What parts are OGL?

    I love both of these books, but neither of them have a copy of the OGL. I can imagine that a lot of the mechanics (attributes) are OGL, but that can't be confirmed.
  10. A

    Whitehack. Goddamn. This is GOOD.

    I took advantage of Lulu's year end sale to pick up a couple of copies of Whitehack and, after a brief reading, I'm totally sold. Yes, it's a little pricey, but I think I've finally found an OSR game (though not a clone) to tear me away from Holmes Basic D&D (no small feat). Has anybody else...
  11. P

    OSR Underdark

    Hello, I have started a blog to compile all of the good, free Underdark resources for D&D and old school games taht I can find online. partly to see what is available, partly so that no-one ever has to buy a splatbook again if they don't want to. The blog is here...
  12. D

    Kickstarter ~ [OSR] The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence

    Weird-fantasy, gonzo, and Lovecraftian sword-and-sorcery adventuring for your D&Desque campaign... This is the announcement on my blog: http://vengersatanis.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-islands-of-purple-haunted.html This is the actual kickstarter link: http://kck.st/18ifoyU Thanks, VS
  13. J

    Dark Dungeons a Retro-Clone

    I found a free retro clone titled, "Dark Dungeons". How does it compare to Adventurer Conqueror King, and Basic D&D? What's good about it, and more importantly what's not so good? Anyone playing in it?
  14. D

    OSR musings with an actual play anecdote

    http://vengersatanis.blogspot.com/2013/11/inalienable-rights-prison-of-numbers.html I know that some people don't like clicking on links to read stuff, so it will be copy/pasted below. However, I hope you do click on the link... there's a Frazetta picture and everything. Anyway, I'm...
  15. D

    Liberation of the Demon Slayer

    Weird and dark old school fantasy module for zero to 3rd level adventurers now available at amazon, DriveThruRPG, and RPGNow. Thanks, VS
  16. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    [Interest] AD&D 1E (BYO 10' Pole)

    Splitting off from the "Games you'd like to play" thread. That works out to level 6-8, depending on class. Did you have a specific module in mind? What method of ability score generation?
  17. MutieMoe

    Mines of Khunmar?

    I was browsing through some old school D&D blogs lately and noticed that Mines of Khunmar was mentioned in more than few couple of years back, apparently it is a megadungeon that was released as free PDF. Is it avaible somewhere? Have you run it and/or do you have opinion about it?
  18. W

    WHITEHACK, new OSR game released!

    I would like to announce that I have released a new game. Whitehack is a complete mainstream fantasy role-playing game in only 32 pages. It owes a lot to the Old School Renaissance movement, especially to the previous work of Marv Breig and Matthew J. Finch, but it is a hybrid of old and new...
  19. S

    Monsters & Magic RPG News Thread

    Hey folks, I'm setting up a thread for news and announcements for the upcoming "Monsters & Magic" OSR RPG from Mindjammer Press, out June 2013. You can subscribe to this thread to receive the latest news, previews, and updates. Many thanks! A new fantasy roleplaying game – coming June 2013...
  20. Old DiceMan

    Boing Boing article: A promising opening...and then a train wreck

    I was happy to see one of the hobby's main discussions aired in a Boing Boing article. But the central argument derailed badly in the fifth paragraph. Not that I disagree with the premise, I just think the whole piece does not hang together and is not presented as a cogent argument. It veered...
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