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  1. Libertad

    Quasar Knight Enterprises is participating in the Drive-Thru RPG GM's Day Sale!

    From now until March 13th, two of our most popular titles, Larius Firetongue's School of Sorcery for the OSR and Death to Alignment for Pathfinder are 30% off! Larius Firetongue's School of Sorcery is one hundred pages of old-school goodness, perfect for magic school campaigns and spell-loving...
  2. O

    The Anime Hack (made with The Black Hack) now available

    Hello all, my Anime Hack book (made with the Black Hack) is now available on RPGNow. I priced it lower to match with the Christmas in July sale they are running (and most of my other products are on sale for). http://www.rpgnow.com/product/188910/The-Anime-Hack?hot60=0&src=hnum
  3. Libertad

    DriveThruRPG [Quasar Knight Enteprises] Christmas in July sale until the 29th!

    All of Quasar Knight Enterprises' products are 25% off as part of OneBookShelf's Christmas in July sale! We have content for popular D&D editions and retroclones suitable for players and Game Masters alike! Our catalog includes such titles as Playable Monsters for Fifth Edition, New Fighter...
  4. D

    OSR Games Wolf Packs and Winter Snow

    Well, I wrote a game, so now I'm gonna sell it. What it is: Basically, a it's hack of b/x D&D, along the same lines as games like Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Beyond the Wall, Adventurer-Conquerer-King, and so on. If you're at all familiar with the OSR, most of this will be fairly...
  5. John Marron

    [Swords of the Petal Throne] How do you determine starting Esteem?

    I've been playing around with CardinalXimenes' OSR intro package for Tekumel gaming, and I think its a thing of beauty. I don't know if many folks have had a chance to read through it yet (it's fairly new), but I was rolling up a clan/character over lunch today, and had a question. How do you...
  6. W

    *Kickstarter* Fantasy Renaissance Adventure Modules for 5E, Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, and Savage Worlds!

    Greetings! I am "Weird Dave" Olson and I am the owner and primary writer for Cut to the Chase Games. We've just launched our Kickstarter campaign to fund the first in what is hoped to be a long line of classic-styled fantasy adventures for your campaign setting - Fantasy Renaissance Adventure...
  7. C

    Is there a Post TSR side to the OSR?

    In another thread someone implied that there is a post - TSR side to the OSR. I am curious to find out if that is true and if so are there 1. any examples and 2. who is claiming it is part of the OSR. I am asking because I understood the OSR - regardless of what the "R" stands for(I've read a...
  8. T

    [OSR] New Classes for ACKS, Labyrinth Lord, and other clones!

    Matthew Skail, lead designer on The Sinister Stone of Sakkara (first stretch goal reached yesterday!), has released a set of third-party character classes that support ACKS, LL, and other clones! Check them out here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/8327/DYS-Games
  9. Libertad

    [Quasar Knight Enterprises] All products 40% off on D20 Pathfinder SRD!

    For one day only you can get Quasar Knight Enterprises products for OSR and Pathfinder games at super-low prices! Death to Alignment, Nice Things for Fighters, and Old School Monster Classes are down from $4.99 to $2.99! The Abstract Thief is down from $3.99 to $2.39! Playable Monsters Volume...
  10. Libertad

    [Quasar Knight Enterprises] 50% off weeklong Valentine's Day sale!

    Pathfinder and OSR games are home to a wealth of material, but even then some concepts go relatively unappreciated in terms of content. Playable monsters with detailed cultures, alignment-free games, and single class mage-thieves are but a few options. So in the spirit of Valentine's Day...
  11. Libertad

    Megadungeons List

    Back around mid-2012 I decided to create a Master List of D&D Retroclones and Simulators. For a time it became a very popular resource before it was eventually eclipsed by Taxidermic Owlbear's own list (which was inspired in part by my previous efforts). In regards to last year we saw the...
  12. W

    Tell me about Lamentations of the Flame Princess

    I knew of the existence of this game, but today it has come specially to my attention, thanks to some of its supplements, like Scenic Dunnsmouth. I have the pay what you want art-free version of the corebook, and I have seen it is another retro-clone. It seems very similar to standard D&D, with...
  13. Libertad

    [Quasar Knight Enterprises] Old School Monster Classes is now for sale!

    14 New Monstrous Races for your Labyrinth Lord and OSR-compatible games! Have you ever wanted to try your hand at a more exotic option than dwarf or halfling? Have you ever gotten your wish to play as a monster, only for their society to be lacking interesting cultural details beyond the...
  14. B

    How Do *You* Define "Old-School"

    Recently, it occurred to me that it's only about a year and a half before Vampire the Masquerade hits 25 years old, which got me thinking is WoD old-school? I think pretty much everyone agrees that the D&D Rules Cyclopedia is 'Old-School' and that came out in the same year (1991), but I wouldn't...
  15. legopaidi

    Trade/Sell Selling or Trading part of my collection (OSR, Corum & others) Shipping from Greece

    Message me for trade offers and prices :) Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG hardcover Tomb Of The Savage Kings (DCC rpg) Appendix N Adventures #1 - Ruins Of Ramat (DCC Rpg) Appendix N Adventures #2 - The Vile Worm (DCC rpg) Sailors On The Starless Seas (DCC Rpg) Crawl fanzines 1-6 (DCC rpg) Carcosa...
  16. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Spears of the Dawn

    Once upon a time, there was a guy named Kevin Crawford. He designed role-playing games of the old-school variety, namely Dungeons & Dragons retroclones and supplements. He was hanging out on an RPG message board when the topic of racial diversity in games came up, and he heard the familiar...
  17. Libertad

    [OSR] Is the OSR Logo public domain?

    So I consume quite a bit of old-school retroclones. More than a few of them have a logo, of three rooms in a grid-map shaped like the letters "OSR." Although not the only one out there, this is the one I had in mind: Is the symbol intended to be public domain, for any publisher to use with...
  18. D

    Old School Gaming - Not D&D

    Whenever I read about OSR online it's always about early D&D or D&D retroclones. But the gaming group I play with consistently play old school games, just never straight D&D; things like GW Judge Dredd, 1st/2nd Ed WFRP and other old school dark fantasy games. But I'm not seeing a lot of an old...
  19. Old Geezer

    Original Dungeons and Dragons: Rules

    That rule... ... the one you hate so much? It doesn't matter which one; level draining undead, save or die poisons, XP for gold, or ANY rule you hate.... Gary put it in there ESPECIALLY TO ANNOY YOU! You should feel honored.
  20. T

    OOC [SWN] Yes, We Do Walk Dogs

    This will be the OOC list for the SWN game "Yes, We Do Walk Dogs." No doubt you gleaned that much from the title. The GM: TBear The Players Carwyn Mr. Kent The Wyzard Peers Sabermane As a first step, would everyone please repost their characters to this thread? It'll save a little flipping...
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