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old-school roleplaying

  1. Umbraed Nox

    eBay (EBAY) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Al-Qadim Campaign Setting RPG And How To Game Master Like A F&%# Boss

    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Al-Qadim Campaign Setting RPG How To Game Master Like A F&%@# Boss https://www.ebay.com/itm/Advanced-Dungeons-Dragons-Al-Qadim-Campaign-Setting-RPG-How-To-Game-Master-LFB/232982053195 Start Bid: $20 Buy-It-Now: $30.00 Shipping: $6
  2. J

    *KICKSTARTER* update... a smoother overview

    Heyo! Here's a new promo vid for my monster series... if you know any other DnD folks, please share it with them. :) Link to the Kickstarter is in the video Description. Thanks! :^D https://youtu.be/Ew5zQAcYnAE
  3. F

    OSR Games Your Knights & Legends 2E free upgrade is here! | DTRPG Halloween sale.

    -Praised be he, the one who set us free. The new Knights & Legends 2E is upon us, and it brings many new enhancements and improvements to the title. Knights & Legends is not just another OSR, this baby is a proud standalone title. 2E features all new artwork and many improvements. "2E is an...
  4. Jon H

    The Road to Hell Cover (Warning: Horror)

    Hey all, It's been such a long time since I posted here, so hello to anyone who still knows me hereabouts! Here's a very recent piece of work I made for D101 Games - the cover to The Road to Hell, which is Kickstarting now This one was made with Procreate on iPad Pro and Photoshop on desktop...
  5. NinjaWeasel

    [The Black Hack] Cool Fan-Made Hacks

    So I backed the Kickstarter for 2nd Edition a while back and I'm thinking of doing some things with it and probably using some of The Lazaro Heresies rules. In particular I'm thinking the Roll High or Die rule is one I'll implement. One thing I've noticed, and it may well be down to the fact...
  6. D

    [Kickstarter] [OSR] Bloodwraith

    jim pinto launched a Kickstarter for a creepy OSR setting called Bloodwriath. It's based on Coin and Blood, which is in turn derived from Swords and Wizardry Whitebox. Does anyone have experience with Coin and Blood? It wasn't on my radar before. What do people look for in a new OSR setting?
  7. G

    Modules in the 3-4 level range? (OSR)

    Hey all, As the title says i'm looking for modules to drop into my sandboxy campaign. Looking for more site-based stuff if possible. Preferably OSR rulesets, but am open to anything convertable. Any favourites come to mind?
  8. Daz Florp Lebam

    [OSR] how does OSR D&Dishness *feel* different than later editions

    I am genuinely curious. I've been playing D&D since the late '70s, have played all the editions when they were the current edition, but have never gone back to play previous editions. I don't know why that is, even though I've had opportunities to do so. I used to think my nostalgia for those...
  9. nocac

    DriveThruRPG The Sorceress of Mekaloare

    Here's the latest from Sharp Mountain Games: http://drivethrurpg.com/product/249620/The-Sorceress-Of-Mekaloare?term=The+Sorceress+of+Mek&test_epoch=0 THROUGH THE PORTAL TO ANOTHER PLANE! In this adventure, your players will journey to the Mekaloare, a plane of mechanical beings and...
  10. LazyLitch

    *Kickstarter* Woodfall - Mini Dark Fantasy Setting last 48 hours

    Hi, Just letting people know that the new mini old school setting book I am making is in its final 48 hours on kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lazylitch/woodfall-a-mini-hexcrawl-setting?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=woodfall What is it? Woodfall is a modular dark...
  11. Umbraed Nox

    eBay OSR Labyrinth Lord RPG Core Rules, Advanced Edition Companion & Delving Deeper 1, Dungeons & Dragons Retro-Clones

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Labyrinth-Lord-RPG-Core-Rules-Advanced-Edition-Companion-Delving-Deeper-1-OSR/232865860963 There is very little ware (little bend or cress on page corners). In fact, the books are darned close to new. Oh, but the goodness contained therein these sacred tomes are a...
  12. R

    [Online][LFP][PST][Discord][Roll20][Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls]

    System: Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls Platform : DIscord Voice and Roll20 Day / Time: Thursdays at 5:30PM PST Time Zone: PST Notes: This will be a sort of mini-series. 6-8 3 hour sessions. Looking for 3-5 players. Will probably be a mildly goofy light-hearted game. . Somewhat Bonkers character...
  13. LazyLitch

    *Kickstarter* Woodfall - Mini Dark Fantasy Setting

    I just launched my kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lazylitch/woodfall-a-mini-hexcrawl-setting?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=woodfall
  14. LazyLitch

    *Web Site* A new dark fantasy setting book

    Hi, I am making a new mini fantasy setting supplement. Project name : Woodfall (osr rpg setting book) Website : WoodfallOSR Main Premise : A swamp belonging to a king is being squatted by witches, thieves and outlaws, they have built a town on-top of the swamp and have resisted...
  15. V

    D&D May Sale on DTRPG - looking for cool/weird OSR hexcrawl/megadungeon recommendations

    I already have some great OSR systems (and I can always go for D&D 5e, GURPS, Mythras, what have you), but I'd like some more adventures that might be on sale. Preferably weird fantasy or sci-fi hexcrawl or megadungeons, I like horror but not unwinnable scenarios. I'm looking for source books in...
  16. S

    Recommend me an OSR game.

    I've recently been bit by the West Marches bug and I've been thinking about what system to use with it. I'm looking for something that's quick and robust, but preferably a bit more modern than the really old-school stuff. I get hung up on old-school quirks like only thieves being able to climb...
  17. Numanoid

    IC [Godbound] We Who Are about to Live Salute You

    Ancalia Even in the thickest of boots, the chill of the sodden earth of Ancalia's northwest bogs creeps into your feet with each step. This land is one of great beauty and great tragedy. As you walk the decaying roads you still see traces of its once-envied kingdom; hollowed-out fortresses...
  18. Numanoid

    OOC Godbound: We Who Are About to Live Salute You

    We Who are About to Live Salute You: A Godbound PbP game A tale of Gods when they were merely Mortal Cast: squidheadjax as Ajawan, the Humble Flame t@nya as Leonello Caloprara The Wyzard as Serendipity ajdynon as Astrid Johannsen Icon as Mikkos Szabo EnigmaticOne as Zhou...
  19. F

    Sellswords & Godwars Alpha Design Documents

    I'm currently in the process of developing my own... quasi... OSR... thing. It really is a thing shaped unto itself. I'm using the SRD rules (PFSRD and SRD 5.1) to not so much recreate as emulate AD&D Player's Option, Iron Crown Enterprises' Middle Earth Roleplaying, and Palladium Fantasy...
  20. koaraeakqdramo

    🎨 Creative Let's make some OSR mutants (using the appendices of the revised Metamorphica and other generators)

    Hi, I thought it'd be fun to go through the back of this wonderful book: https://www.rpgnow.com/product/198038/The-Metamorphica-Revised and create some of the characters and weird things using the procedures therein, and possibly talk about how they could work in a generic OSR rules framework...
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