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old school

  1. E

    Which of the retro-clones do you think is best? Tell me why!

    I just discovered Swords & Wizardry and am pretty impressed. Reading through it I remembered some things that I totally forgot about from my early days of gaming. There seems to be a plethora of clones available these days and it's tough to sit down and evaluate all of them. So, this leads me...
  2. J

    [old school +, sell me +] spellcraft & swordplay...swords & wizardry questions

    I want to kick it old school :) I noticed that both swords & wizardry and spellcraft & swordplay both seem to hearken back to '0E' rules, and was curious as to their differences. It seems that swords & wizardry is very similar to brown box + some supplemental material; i.e., it's 'osric for...
  3. T

    [RC D&D] Weapon Mastery

    Has anyone ever used, or is using, this intriguing subsystem? I've been considering going back to RC (possibly with a dash of BFRPG and/or Spellcraft & Swordplay), and I've stumbled across this. In the past, I found it too damn crunchy, but now I wonder whether this might be a great way to...
  4. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    Finally got a part of my Old-School map!

    I finally got my map to truly look old-school. I have spent far more time than I should have on this, but I just couldn't resist. Getting the right shade of blue was hard in-of-itself. I can't post the whole thing because I have player's going through it, but I can't resist putting up just a...
  5. D

    [Let's Read] Dungeon Crawl Classics pt 2--Index and Castle Whiterock

    Since you asked for it, I'm starting off by indexing all of my previous DCC reviews. DCC #0: Heroes are Made, Not Born DCC #1: The Rat King's Idyll DCC #2: The Lost Vault of Tsathar Rho DCC #3: The Mysterious Tower DCC #3.5: The Haunted Lighthouse DCC #4: Bloody Jack's Gold DCC #5: Aerie of the...
  6. The Fiendish Dr. Samsara

    What Retro D&D Game Are You Playing?

    Just idle curiosity. If you don't play any, that's great, but don't bother to post here thanks.
  7. C

    [C&C] Sale at TLG

    And I'm broke till April. :(
  8. Mulsiphix

    Castles & Crusades Questions

    I have heard two people recently comment on this, one pro and one con; Is it true that it is practically D20 with a few minor mechanic differences/flip-flops? If so, would I just be better off playing straight D20 given the amount of material already published for it? I took a look at the...
  9. S

    💀 Necro Sell me on pre-3e versions of D&D

    So I've given 3e, 3.5e and 4e their day in the sun, but I've never really played 1e or 2e. Could a grognard sell a youngling on either of those editions?
  10. Web Warlock

    Spellcraft & Swordplay: What will you use S&S for?

    So. I have been playing a lot of Spellcraft & Swordplay lately. I think it is a fun system and great game. To me S&S is a great little system to do something really gritty and for lack of a better saying, "old school". I am going to be putting togehter a new campaign here in a bit that is...
  11. C

    Swords & Wizardry

    Just curious if anyone else has checked out Swords & Wizardry, a clone of 0e DnD. I guess there are a couple changes to the game, but nothing major. What really strikes me about it is that the game was really rules-lite. A regular character sheet didn't have all that much on it. But it was one...
  12. J

    4 Color System - What're you using it for besides supers?

    I picked up a copy of the PD 4 Color System the other day. I loved the old Marvel game, and remember many wonderful adventures using the system. I saw the announcements about the 4 Color System when it was released, but haven't heard much else about it in a long time. Does anyone have any...
  13. Captain Deadpool

    [Old School] Need GMing advice...

    Planning a 3 PC game of Labyrinth Lord, and was wondering how to capture that old magic. What does it for you? What sort of things will I need to keep in mind as a GM? Any advice I can give more modern-minded roleplayers to get into the right mindset for old school gaming? Any particular...
  14. L

    101 tips on how to survive an old-school dungeon.

    So, you’re in a dungeon. It’s an old-school fantasy game with an old-school DM. How do you survive? Well, the Old School Primer, by M Finch and Mythmere games, has some great tips, listed below. How to survive an old-school dungeon according to the Old School Primer: (1) View the entire area...
  15. T

    [Sell Me] Forgotten Realms 1e "gray box"

    I've always heard how FR was this awesome, old school, sandbox setting in its original incarnation, and how TSR fucked up with its Time of Troubles, and its angst-ridden, dual-wielding drow outcast, and turned it into Marysueland. Besides, I've always been of two minds when it comes to FR. Back...
  16. S

    [HackMaster] Making it playable

    HackMaster is wonderful for many reasons, many centering around its tongue and cheek handling of the quirks of 1e and 2e D&D. The Gary-speak is endearing, the parody amusing, and the complete seriousness in which it spends countless pages detailing minutia is laudable. However, as I believe has...
  17. T

    [Old School D&D] Your Favourite Setting

    I was raised on Mystara, and I remain a big fan of that setting. But lately, Greyhawk has really grown on me. It's the original D&D setting, after all, home to the great classics such as Temple of Elemental Evil and Against The Giants, and everything about old Greyhawk products -- the Gygaxian...
  18. V

    Anyone remember KABAL?

    Back in the early 1980s, Dragon magazine often had full-page ads taken out for a game called the KaBaL RPG (Knights and Barbarians and Legerdemain). The ads were attractive and the game sounded superior in every way to AD&D. Why was it superior? Because the ad said so. The ad copy used the...
  19. D

    [Let's Read] Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics!

    Do you remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level? Because I sure don’t. The first Dungeons and Dragons I ever played was in 3rd Edition, and both the games I played and the games I...
  20. J

    [OD&D] Looking for online game. Suggestions?

    Hello all, I've been itching to play an Original Dungeons and Dragons game since reading Matthew Finch's essay over at Lulu, "Quick Primer for Old School Gaming." I don't think I have time to run a game, but I would like to participate in one as a player. Meeting weekly or biweekly would be...
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