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  1. sbr

    Recommend me the best old school rpgs / retro clons

    Hello fellow gamers! I'm fairly new to roleplaying games, my "first" DnD was 3.5. I've never played the classical "old school" dungeon crawl rpgs. However, I'm interested in learning more about the new retro-clon rpgs and similar games. If there are dungeon crawl games with new mechanics (I...
  2. Mulsiphix

    Sell Me On A Setting To Spend Years In

    I've recently started delving into the OSR and learned about the spirit and play style of old school gaming. I've chosen LL as my system. I will be spending the next year or two in a single campaign with my wife. I'm in the market for a setting that will give me plenty of ideas for adventures...
  3. R

    "Old School" Rules for Pathfinder

    Just trying to brainstorm here for a set of campaign guidelines (rather than major rules changes) for getting a more "old school" feel with Pathfinder. I use the scare quotes for a reason -- old school means different things to different people; in this case I mean early 80s D&D, both B/X and 1E...
  4. J

    Old school fantasy games: recommendations

    Apologies if am posting this in wrong place as may belong in the 'open' forum. Enjoyed the DnDNext playtest and picked up the Dungeon Crawl Classics freebie from the free rpg day and both reminded me of gaming back in the mid-80's. Like most people, I started with D+D red box but rather than...
  5. Captain Deadpool

    [LotFP Kickstarter] Hardcover happening, Ken Hite adventure happening, where are you?

    Just getting the word out that with less than 24 hours left, the LotFP hardcover & adventures project has produced an OSR adventure by Ken Hite. The gravy train is rolling away from the station, $25 for LotFP Grindhouse and the Hite adventure in PDF, $110 for four hardcovers of Rules & Magic...
  6. C

    [LotFP][kickstarter] Lamentations of the Flame Princess Hardcover: I'm in

    What it says, Lamentations of the Flame Princess got me to play D&D for the first item in a decade, and it has now got me to finally cough up money for a kickstarter. By getting me to part with a chunk of money for a book I already own. It had better get the Kenneth Hite adventure, that's all...
  7. J

    Anyone backing Barrowmaze II?

    http://www.indiegogo.com/Barrowmaze?c=home&a=589398 Looks like a fun bit. While I'm not OSR or anything I like some of the old school vibes and enjoy some of the stuff the community has done. I'm hoping they hit the $7K mark so we get the map booklet. That would be great. Still, looks like...
  8. S

    SWON: Supplements?

    So, I know there's Skyward Steel, Hard Light*, Polychrome*, and the Mandate Archives compilation. Am I missing anything? Other supplements that go with SWON like PB and chocolate? * Kinda curious if these are PDF only, or available hardcopy...
  9. Mithras

    Most Popular Clone

    The clones have been in circulation for a while now. I was wondering which of the BX clones was the most popular, which had the greatest reach??? (if there's even a way to tell, since they are all free). I know of Dark Dungeons, Labyrinth Lord and Basic Fantasy Roleplaying .... Is one of these...
  10. DMH

    [Sell Me On] Wizards' World

    Goblinoid Games has brought it back and there is a pdf of the original (83) version. So what makes it nifty? What are the rules like? What is magic like?
  11. Machpants

    Rappan Athuk Reborn Kickstarter

    Yep, here is comes. After the huge success of Tome of Horrors Complete, where they massively underestimated the numbers they could sell, Rappan Athuk is back for a third time! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/froggodgames/rappan-athuk Come and join in, I know I will be. :D
  12. Shingen

    [Kickstarter] Champions of ZED (Arneson 0e Retro-clone)

    From the kickstarter thread: CHAMPIONS OF ZED: Zero Edition Dungeoneering http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...-dungeoneering Champions of ZED is a comprehensive re-edit of the original fantasy roleplaying game. rewards seem CHEEP.. $12pdf, $25 hardcover ($5 international shipping)! 5%...
  13. M

    [Wayfarers] Player's and GM's Reference Book PDFs are now available

    That's right, Mongoose has just released both the Wayfarers Player's Reference Book, and the Game Master's Reference book in PDF form: They are bookmarked and ready to go: Player's Reference Book PDF: 196 pages. Game Master's Reference Book PDF: 188 pages. These two books are all you need to...
  14. Sinister Brain

    ...and then the GM said, "I'm sorry but your face is melting".

    I looked for a forum specifically for us nubs to introduce ourselves and didn't see one (Hopefully my google-fu and my lying eyes didn't fail me) so I hope I'm posting this in the general right are. If not, obviously feel free to send me to forum hell. :D I just thought I'd introduce myself...
  15. wheloc

    [Old/New School] Predictability

    A couple of old-school games I've read recently (Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Dungeon Crawl Classics, if you must know) do a good job of selling "unpredictability" as a stylistic feature. Adventuring is supposed to be exciting, so the players shouldn't know exactly what they're getting...
  16. The Wyzard

    Does anyone know about this Dwimmermount thing?

    I keep getting banner ads for this kickstarter. I read a bit about the page, and apparently the dude is some kind of local celebrity on another site, who ran some epic megadungeon campaign, and now he's codifying it. It seems there have been a fair number of large donations, unless I've...
  17. M

    [Wayfarers] Revised Wayfarers released by Mongoose in April. Preorders available.

    After much ado, the revised Wayfarers Roleplaying Game is slated for Release by Mongoose Publishing next month: http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/rpgs/othergames.html Wayfarers is a living game, created with old school sensibilities. The Player's Reference Book and Game Master's Reference...
  18. H

    Tell me of your experiences: The Elemental Planes

    So, I'm working on maybe coming up with something planar/planescape-y to run, but I want to know: Do people really adventure on the elemental planes? The Quasi-elemental planes? The Para-elemental planes? Because I love this stuff. It's super evocative. But it also seems, like, designed for...
  19. S

    Any good OSR bestiaries out there?

    I was thinking of running Castles and Crusades soon, but I find the C&C bestiary kind of lacking. Are there any good/free SRD or OSR bestiaries out there?
  20. T

    [Dwimmermount] Dwarven Forge & Miniatures

    I'm doing some stuff with minis and DF for Grognardia Games' Dwimmermount that I think is really cool, and I could use your help! Since James uses miniatures extensively in his home Dwimmermount campaign, some of the backer rewards I've put together for the Kickstarter effort to fund...
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