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old world of darkness

  1. D

    WoD: Consensus Reality and “Alternative Facts”?

    So first off, I’m sorry if this seems political. But it seems like it could be a setting issue and will likely be of interest to my players. So... Mage (and also Genius if we include fan lines) run on Consensus Reality. What people believe about the nature of how the world works and what is...
  2. Peter_Smyk

    Powered by the Dark - A PbtA Hack for Vampire: the Masquerade

    In case anyone's interested, Holden Shearer wrote a hack for Vampire: the Masquerade in Powered by the Apocalypse. It's pretty interestingly done - it keeps the feel of Vampire but using a completely different system. It's on his Patreon and you can access it without being a patron...
  3. johnnype

    Who wins in a fight, a Werewolf (Garou) or a Space Marine (40K)?

    I'm trying to get a sense of power scales. My first inclination would be the werewolf but make the SM a blood angel or a space wolf (heh) and I'm not so sure. What's your hot take?
  4. Dragonlover

    What are your oWoD houserules?

    Posting here rather than in the "What's wrong with oWoD" thread, cause I feel like it could be an interesting discussion. The game(s) I'm in have built up a fair list themselves but I'm at work and don't have most of them to hand. To get the ball rolling though: Mages now cast on Arete+Sphere...
  5. T

    [One World of Darkness] Why I Wish There Was an Intro Guide to the Settings' Conspiracies

    With the upcoming release of the fifth editions of the various WoD game lines, the plan - as I understand it - is to present the game lines in "seasons", which explore and develop the games' metaplots. It's exciting stuff - if you are already invested in the conspiracies. I find the WoD games a...
  6. C

    [cWoD] Which are the Best/Worst City Supplements- Why?

    Going through my collection, it turns out I don't have many of the city supplements from the old/classic World of Darkness lines. The two I do have are New York by Night and Mexico City by Night. The first I picked up because my group had ran a Werewolf game as the sept in Central Park and I...
  7. sagaston

    [oWoD] The Quintessential Aspects of Each Game?

    If you were going to run or play in a Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith, or Changeling game (or sure, Demon, Hunter, Orpheus, etc), that was aiming for sort of the classic, heart of the game experience, which stuff for each game would you consider to be the quintessential stuff? Vampire might be...
  8. K

    Could this work for a Mage: The Ascension storyline

    I was thinking about potential storylines for a Mage game and I came up with this. It is basically a new terrorist group named The Black Hand who had just blown up a technocrat cover, sending the Technocrats after the Traditionalists. While weathering the Technocratic assualt, the...
  9. C

    Tell me about Vampire/OWoD City books

    For some reason, I've been reading through my copy of V20 lately. I haven't had the chance to play either WoD, but like some elements of both. At any rate, i'm curious about city books. I gather these detail, well, cities, and probably describe the factions which live in them. The only one...
  10. sagaston

    [Vampire the Masquerade] Hacks and Houserules

    I'm starting up a new, deliberately Trenchcoat and Katanas style, Vampire the Masquerade campaign in about a month. Set in Chicago in 1990. I ran VtM pretty regularly for like a dozen years, but haven't run it since Gehenna came out. Since then, I played a lot of nWoD, a lot of Savage Worlds...
  11. D

    [Mage: The Ascension] So, there's been peace between the Technocrats and Traditions for 16 years

    A campaign premise inspired, in part, by the Magicians. The Avatar Storm happened 16 years ago and the Ascension War was temporarilly put on hold as the Technocracy as well as the Traditions decided to put their Forever WarTM on hold until they could get their shit back together. This included...
  12. Agemegos

    VAMPIRE: essays about disciplines and feeding [TRIGGER WARNING: sexualised violence]

    Back in the old, old days of Usenet and VAMPIRE-L I published four essays about the practicalities of feeding as a Camarilla vampire in the old World of Darkness. I came across them in my archives while l was looking for something else, and thought I might put them up here as a historical...
  13. T

    Has anyone run Mage20 yet? If so, I have a question

    Specifically Mage20, not just Revised. I'm trying to to decide if I really need to bring the 700 page behemoth of a book to the table when running Mage, or if I can get by without. There have been a number of changes in the M20 rules compared to Revised, and I've heard some people say they up...
  14. M

    Old World of Darkness political leaning

    Hello guys i need your opinions about an arguement me and my friend had this night. So i decided to ask this here. Is OWoD gameline has a left leaning or right leaning ? I always thought that the OWoD ( especially the Mage and Werewolf ) has a left leaning. Because of some references and...
  15. T

    [cMage] Plots outside the typical framework

    Mage is obviously on people's minds more than usual right now, so what's some stuff you can do with cMage (from either faction perspective), outside the Ascension War hook? Other top-tier threats count, but you get extra credit by going outside the "default" options.
  16. Z

    waht bloodline to make Alucard from Hellsing

    waht bloodline to make Alucard from Hellsing am wanting to stat up Alucard From Hellsing for Old World Of Darkness vampire the masquerade. But he is my problem no one bloodline has all of his powers he would be the sheriff npc of my game so him being overpowered is not a big deal. the temiscize...
  17. T

    [cMage] Group Awakening/induction to the World of Darkness

    Is there any good way of having a pre-chronicle take place as a group, and/or serve as an introduction to the society of Mages, indtead of just the PCs' Awakening? I think there is much to be gained from this approach, if possible. Most obviously, it would be a good way to establish a working...
  18. T

    [M20] Making the Traditions the baddies

    The step back from Tradition-default campaigns makes Technocracy campaigns more possible than ever. The biggest obstacle towards this is two-fold: The Technocracy has all of what might be viewed as the traditional Hollywood-style shorthands of the "bad guys", whereas the Traditions have much of...
  19. S

    Mage: The Ascension: Anything in revised not in 2e?

    I posted a thing a while ago about getting into Mage, and I'm kind of sparking that interest again. However, I'm kind of a collector and I like knowing which books work with each edition and which are redunandt. So my question is if there is anything in Revised edition that is not covered in 2e...
  20. B

    I've figured out what always bugged me about the oWoD (and why I have fun playing it anyway)

    The other day, I was reading Tribebook: Children of Gaia to get inspiration for a game I just joined. It was the first Old World of Darkness book that I've read in ages, even though I used to absolutely devour them when I was in my early twenties, so I was able to look at it all with a new...
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