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one roll engine

  1. F

    [Reign] How big is it, exactly? I do calculations!

    Greg Stolze's Reign has one of the most interesting physical settings out there. The two continents are shaped like a man and a woman lying on their sides in shallow water, facing each other, the man's arm reaching out with his hand on her shoulder. The "male" continent is called Heluso, the...
  2. Cgeist7

    🎨 Creative One Roll Engine (ORE) App Launched

    Hello all, I've been working on a Web app for the ORE/Wild Talents RPG as part of teaching myself a new programming language. The app is now feature complete and includes: Both personal and open rosters for characters and powers Ability to create and share characters and powers Ability to...
  3. Tensen01

    Reign 2nd Edition?!

    So haven't seen anyone mention this so I may be the only person who has seen it but... http://gregstolze.com/2017/09/the-next-iteration-of-reign/ and http://gregstolze.com/2017/10/reign-update-the-messes/ I don't know about everyone else, but I lvoe Reign (Might be my second favorite Fantasy...
  4. Bipolar Bear

    "The Great Pendragon Campaign" for The Kerberos Club (dramatic events for Regency and Victorian Eras)

    I've always loved the "legacy" aspect of Pendragon, and fondly remember many a Winter Phase where it was determined that a character's horse died, he was facing economic upheaval, but at least there was an heir. So here I am, not prepping to run Pendragon but rather The Kerberos Club (cheers...
  5. F

    [ORE] Any new books planned?

    Hi all, I would like to know if there are any new books for the ORE system are planned? I would love to see setting books like Kerberos Club more often. Personally I am missing the ORE equivalents of Ashen Stars (Sci-Fi), Trail of Cthulhu (Modern horror), Night's Black Agents (modern action)...
  6. F

    Why is Wild Talents (2nd) considered to be gritty/lethal?

    Hi all, I never played Wild Talents, but I own some books for it and hope to run it, when I get some time (maybe never). I often heard that the combat system is pretty dangerous. Why? I get it, that it can be deadly if you get one or more hits to your head, but that is the case for most systems...
  7. W

    [Wild Talents] Body swapping power?

    Anyone have any ideas on how to build a "I temporarily swap bodies with you" power? If it was just against normal people sure, Useful probably does it, but then you start thinking about using it on powered people...and then you probably get access to many or all of their powers when you're in...
  8. F

    Mistborn: The lovechild between ORE and FATE

    Hi all, I recently read Mistborn and it is a really great game. I like especially the rules. They are a mixture between Fate Accelerated and ORE. You have tags, which are like aspects and a small attribute list, but no stunts. Then you use a pool of d6, look for matches, you pool does have an...
  9. Extinction Burp

    What's new for arc Dream re: the Wild Talents games?

    They've been awful quiet lately with anything not Delta Green or Puppetland. I'm beginning to think that Wild Talents is being shelved. :(
  10. S

    Which do you consider easier to teach a total newbie? GURPS, Savage Worlds, or ORE (Reign)?

    Situation is, we recently finished a story arc of a campaign, and now we are starting the next arc of the campaign. Currently the game is in GURPS, and has worked out nicely. One guy has said, after telling her stories about it, his girlfriend would be interested in trying the next story arc of...
  11. F

    [Monsters and Other Childish Things] Weird Skills and Multi Actions and Helping

    Hi all, I have a question about Weird Kids and Weird Skills. If a kid uses a weird skill, lets say a tentacle attack with "wicked fast 3" and "Awesome 1" and wants to do a multi-action, maybe climbing a wall or jump over a river, how would you handle this? How do qualities interact with...
  12. A

    [ORE] Better Archangels

    So, I'm planning to run a Book of Revelations* game of Better Angels - if you've got Angels vs. Demons vs. Demons, why not bring in the big guns? So, I kinda want to toss some Archangels at the PCs at some point (not at the start)... only problem is, I don't have a full grasp on how dangerous...
  13. Extinction Burp

    One-Roll Engine/Wild Talents: Doing something different with Hard Dice

    I'll be honest: I don't much like Hard Dice in ORE/Wild Talents. Too clumsy, too many special rules. But I'm not sure I like Expert Dice any better. Here's an idea: what if we replace them with dice that act like Wiggle Dice (hate that term!), but they are lost first just like Hard Dice. Any...
  14. C

    [ORE] House Rules and Conversions

    So I've just recently gotten into ORE, mainly Wild Talents and Reign, and was interested in finding out the various house rules that people use. I'd like to know of any conversions that you'd recommend to get ideas from or that were simply well put together. I'll start us off with a few house...
  15. A

    [Better Angels] One Roll Character Generation?

    Just the question in the title, really - are there any One-Roll generators for either Better Angels or A Dirty World (which I could fiddle with)?
  16. Tensen01

    [Reign/ORE] Cyberpunk Hack

    So a looong time ago (serious, it was 2005!) I made a post about using Godlike to run a Cyberpunk game. I got a lot of great responses but, unfortunately, never ended up running the game. (https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?217891-GODLIKE-Cyberpunk) Well I have, 11 years later, been bitten by...
  17. F

    [MaoCT] How to handle disadvantages?

    Hi all, I plan to run an urban fanatsy game with Monsters and other Childish Thing and I will take some inspirations from Kerberos Club. What I miss a bit in Monsters is that you don't have abilities that can have a negative effect on you. I think about the oath bound of fairies for example. If...
  18. Z

    Wild Talents Confusion

    Hello folks, hoping I can find some people here who can help me understand parts of Wild Talents that are throwing me for a loop. I have been reading forum posts, reading GODLIKE information as well since it seems to be the same system but there are a few areas now that are confusing me. I will...
  19. Stattick

    ORE probability question

    I can't find the answer, so here's the question. Let's say I'm rolling 11d10. What's the chance that I roll at least one 10? I don't need a match. Just a 10. Well, at least one. Follow-up question. Let's say that I get at least one match that isn't a 10. We'll say I have a matching pair of...
  20. Tensen01

    [Reign] New One Roll Professions?

    So I'm going to be likely using Reign for an upcoming Humen-Only, Low Fantasy game I'm going to be running, and while I love the One Roll Character Creation, there's a couple that don't fit the starting area or I just don't want. The first is the Beggar profession. Just don't want it. The...
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