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onyx path

  1. J

    Trinity Continuum Core Rules [Sell Me On/Off]

    I really enjoyed the concepts behind the original Aberrant and Adventure! RPGs. I was not a huge fan of the system - I like those games in spite of it. I missed the Kickstarter for Trinity Continuum & Aeon, and I see that Onyx Path are gearing up for an Aberrant Kickstarter soon. I’m trying to...
  2. W

    Ask a Scion 2e backer anything

    Hey everyone. It's been a long wait but I should be getting my 2E Scion books along with the GM screen today so I thought I'd start a thread where I'd answer questions about the game. It'll help me learn the system and give you all some insight So feel free to ask me anything related to Scion...
  3. Stork!

    Books with significant God-Machine content?

    I read God-Machine chronicle and the fiction anthology and the Demon core book. I've backed Contagion. Are there other things which have lots of God-Machine info?
  4. Garblag

    [Scion RPG] Vostok's Chance - YouTube Actual Play

    We are proud to present to you Vostok's Chance, our new Scion RPG show. This is Session 0 - Character Creation, but Colin also gives a good rundown of Scion system and setting (as well as our campaign setting). Vostok's Chance was cancelled in the 90's after the criminal reality show format...
  5. B

    About the Storypath system (Scion & Trinity Continuum) [+]

    I've seen folks asking what distinguishes the Storypath system seen in the Trinity Continuum and Scion games from their White Wolf and Onyx Path predecessors, and I wanna sit here and do some fannish squeeing about it. I wrote this up for Facebook and Google+, then realized I could share it...
  6. Pandorym

    IC All That Glitters Is Red (Vampire: Blood and Smoke)

    The roar of thunder from the raging storm outside rattled against fine-cut glass, bounced off immaculately polished wooden floors, and met its end triumphantly in the high arches of the richly decorated ceiling above, quaking the carved crystals dangling sanctimoniously from the gilded...
  7. Pandorym

    OOC All That Glitters Is Red (Vampire: Blood and Smoke)

    Welcome to the OOC thread for All That Glitters Is Red, a game of Vampire: Blood and Smoke set in modern day Edinburgh, Scotland that will begin on September 1st. This game has three players: Pheidias, playing Elaine Coventry/Allen Grey, Mekhet Mnemosyne investigator CatNosferatu, playing...
  8. Second Chances

    [Kickstarter] Geist: the Sin-Eaters Second Edition

    The time for a second chance is here. The Geist Kickstarter opens tomorrow at noon EDT. Beware of ghosts bearing masks. Link
  9. V

    [Onyx Path Kickstarter] Is this a coincidence?

    I have backed both Trinity - Aeon as well as Dragon-Blooded, What Fire has Wrought in the last month. Something I just noticed. I really dislike both of the pieces of artwork displayed below the Stretch Goals in either campaign. They're both Poser art (Poser art can be good. These pieces are...
  10. P

     Beast: The Primordial - Player's Guide is Out!

    So the Beast Player's Guide is out and available on RPG Drive Thru now. I thought I would share that and create a thread for discussing the new book. Here is the blurb for it: I've only read the opening fiction and looked over the Table of Contents. There is a LOT of stuff in here and I'm...
  11. T

    [Mage: the Awakening 2e] Seeking Advice - Running Mage for the First Time

    I am super excited to be running my first-ever Mage game because Mage is awesome! It’s also a game I’ve struggled to understand in the past; I didn’t know what to make of it in its first edition, but the new edition makes a lot more sense to me. I think I’ve got a good approach to it. I’d like...
  12. Pandorym

    OOC Some Strange Magic (Mage: the Awakening 2e)

    Welcome to Some Strange Magic, a game of Mage: the Awakening Second Edition in the Chronicles of Darkness system, flavored by the 2016 movie Doctor Strange. We have five players, listed below: Cannonball Squidheadjax Phantom Grunweasel Gareth3 KnockingBox With Pandorym as the ST. This thread...
  13. Pandorym

    [Interest] Mage the Awakening 2e

    So, saw Doctor Strange, perfect concept of a Mage game to me. Alternate dimensions, entities outside space and time, sanctums, artifacts, awesome magic kung fu... you name it. So, I'd like to see if anyone is interested in a game of Mage 2e along those lines. Characters would probably all...
  14. B

    Chronicles of Darkness book requirements?

    I want to play Mage: the Awakening and Chronicles of Darkness and was wondering what the book requirements are. I assume you need Mage: the Awakening and Chronicles of Darkness, but are there any adventures for Mage: the Awakening or Chronicles of Darkness? Or can you mix and match Vampire...
  15. Pandorym

    OOC Down in New Orleans (Vampire: Blood & Smoke)

    Welcome to Down in New Orleans, a game of Vampire: Blood & Smoke using the Chronicles of Darkness system. We have three players: Smilingbandit2 Stinkyfool Retias With Pandorym as the ST. This is the thread for character sheets and discussions, rules questions, and all other out of character...
  16. Pandorym

    IC Imprisoned in the Big Easy (Beast: the Primordial)

    Booms of thunder and flashes of lightning roll across the heavens above as thick dark clouds swirl and gather, threatening to unleash their contents and drown the city below in a cleansing torrent of rain. It is a city of excess, of revelry, of dark secrets and hidden monsters among the...
  17. Pandorym

    [Recruitment] Vampire: Blood & Smoke

    Pandorym here, and I've got the itch to run a Vampire game using the new Chronicles of Darkness rules. The premise of the game is one that I tried to run before but fell apart due to issues between players. You're a group of Kindred who awake one night to discover that all of the elders and...
  18. Pandorym

    OOC Imprisoned in the Big Easy (Beast: the Primordial)

    Welcome to Imprisoned in the Big Easy, a game of Beast: the Primordial in the Chronicles of Darkness setting. We have four players: The Wyzard Funkadelic Nicias ChairKicker with Pandorym as the GM. This thread is intended for character discussions, rules questions, and any other out of...
  19. L

    [Exalted 3e] The Fair Folk - What's different in this edition?

    So as the title says, I'm curious if the developers have discussed if anything significant has changed with the raksha this edition, or if you guys have noticed anything different about them. I remember reading their mechanics will be simplified, which makes sense, but I'm curious about their...
  20. Tango Samurai

    Onyx Path 2016-17 Planner on DTRPG

    While it's supposed to be 24 pages, only eighteen print. However the big news for me is.. Deviant: The Renegades (happy dance, it has a name!) Hunter the Vigil 2nd Ed. No word on Hunter the Reckoning 20th or Demon the Fallen 20th. Blah, damn it. :( EDIT: Here...
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