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ooc thread

  1. M

    OOC OOC- MurderInParqdise's Rise Of The Runelords

    Welcome again to Rise of the Runelords! Most of my welcome was in that message I sent you all, so....Hi! I can't wait to play this game with you, and I hope you will enjoy crafting this story with me!
  2. Pandorym

    OOC Save Game: Fight the Zeroes!

    This is the Out of Character thread for Save Game: Fight the Zeroes! using the FATE Core system. I'm the GM, Pandorym, and we have three players this time: @Unka Josh @Crimson Carcharodon @t@nya As always, this thread is for rules discussion, absences, and other things unrelated to the...
  3. Choo Choo

    OOC [D&D 5E] Vault of Larin Karr

    Here's the OOC thread for Vault of Larin Karr, a D&D 5E campaign. The recruitment thread is here, the mostly-placeholder wiki page is here, and the IC thread is here! Woohoo! As I've said before, I'll be posting a minimum of three times a week (unless you guys are doing your own thing without...
  4. AndersGabrielsson

    OOC [Kult: Divinity Lost] Leave a Light for Me

    This is the OOC thread for Leave a Light for Me, a game using Kult: Divinity Lost. The initial discussion thread is here, and the recruitment thread is here. The so far barely-there wiki page is here. IC thread is here. I hope to keep this thread active, as I've learned that's one of the best...
  5. Rook S.

    OOC Monsterhearts: Jefferson City Confidential

    This is the OOC thread for a game of Monsterhearts, second edition, featuring Rook Seidhr as Master of Ceremonies. Players: Mr Sitouh as the Fae insomniac as the Ghoul The Tim as the Hollow Meliai as the Infernal Please fill out your Skins and post them here, up to but not including the...
  6. R

    OOC Doom of Daruma [FAE]

    Doom of Daruma is a re-imagined Masters of Umdaar play by post for Fate Accelerated. Players Iustum playing Severin Pandorym playing Kora roryb acting as GM spacerander playing T’chyck Recruitment Thread. Wiki. IC Thread.
  7. thorya

    OOC The Witch's Tower (M&M3e)

    This is the out of character thread. If you're posting I.C. please put your rolls in a spoiler block or mark it as OOC. If everyone could post their finished characters here, that would be helpful. I will work on putting together a wiki (unless someone else is willing to). Please post your...
  8. R

    OOC Secrets of Qar [Barbarians of Lemuria]

    Secrets of Qar is a play by post game using Simon Washbourne’s Barbarians of Lemuria, Mythic Edition. Players: stinkyfool, playing Thrux Walkie Talkie Noise Decoder, Playing Black Beryl Xhaosdaemon, Playing Voldurr GM: roryb IC thread Mighty Success options and Hero Points At this time...
  9. K

    OOC [Godbound] Dark Matter

    Welcome! Zaenso Xi sector Wiki
  10. R

    OOC Mysteries of Lemuria [Barbarians of Lemuria]

    Mysteries of Lemuria A play-by-post of Simon Washbourne's Barbarians of Lemuria (Mythic Edition). players Pandorym, playing Sargon the Stalker Chronicler, Playing Thusuzuu GM roryb IC Thread
  11. R

    OOC Blades Against the Red Tide [Scarlet Heroes]

    A game of Scarlet Heroes play by post. Players: roryb — GM Chronicler — Gendai the Necrolator (elven Kuan Amelatu) sulldawga — Chek fai (Imperial Blade Adept) Madcat — Salim Tabari (Eskanti Treasure Hunter) IC thread. Wiki.
  12. Civil Savage

    OOC Empyrean: Airships & Alchemy (Fate)

    This is the OOC thread for our Fate game of an "endless sky" setting featuring the crew of an airship called Maria. Players, please check in so I know you're still with us and have made the transition. You can post character sheets here for reference if you want, but as long as they are up to...
  13. R

    OOC World of Super-Science [World of Dungeons]

    A Thundarr-esque play by post using a hack of John Harper's World of Dungeons, namely, World of Super-Science. Hijinks in a post-apocalyptic world of super-science and mysticism. Find the odic reactor and disable it before the wicked tech-wizards can harness its powers to fully subjugate the...
  14. M

    OOC Godbound: The City

    This serves as the OOC thread for the game, "The City", using the Godbound rules (free version here) by Sine Nomine Publishing. Any OOC questions can be posted here, I'll try and keep up with them. I'll also try and keep an up-to-date list of rulings here, so there's a centralized repository...
  15. mpascal02

    OOC [MHR] Naruto

    It's Naruto! This is the Out of Character thread, and I'm your GM, mpascal02! Please repost your characters here, as well as the wiki (if you haven't already). IC thread will be up shortly is up.
  16. Rook S.

    OOC Welcome to Holy Question Mark

    This is the OOC thread for Welcome to Holy Question Mark, a campaign set in the Amberverse using a combination of ADRPG and Lords of Gossamer and Shadow rules. wiki recruitment thread GM: Metal Fatigue Players: Meliai (playing Maple) The Tim (playing MG) Mr Sitouh (playing Cleave) Callooh...
  17. Pandorym

    OOC All Night In New Orleans

    Welcome to the OOC thread for All Night In New Orleans, a Vampire: Blood & Smoke play-by-post game here on RPGnet. Current potential players are: Pheidias InfernalTeddy SmilingBandit2 Markov Hardcore Keltoid With Pandorym (that's me!) as the Storyteller. This is all custom content, none to...
  18. B

    OOC ICONS - X-Men - Year One

    Ok, time to kick it off. Here's the obligatory OOC thread to post your characters, talk about rules, etc. At some point, I might write up a more formal background to the game world, but I'd rather just improvise for now. Baseline principles: It's an alternate reality X-Men game with Xavier's...
  19. Bellerophon

    OOC ICONS AE - Justice League - Let there be Justice, though the World Perish

    Ok! I'm starting this thread now so we have a place to post stat blocks for characters, discuss rules queries (since not everyone has the Assembled Edition), and generally discuss the meta and setting of the game. I'd also like to encourage players to help tweak or give suggestions for stat...
  20. Civil Savage

    OOC Star Trek: Pioneers

    This is the OOC thread for the Star Trek: Pioneers game powered by Atomic Robo. Please post the current versions of your character sheets. We can also use this thread for OOC discussion, reactions, and mechanical stuff that goes beyond the immediate moment.
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