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  1. CitizenKeen

    What do I do with Space Orks that's not offensive/problematic?

    So I'm building a Space Fantasy RPG, the basic premise of which is "Aliens Are Just Elves: Dungeons and Dragons In SPAAAAAAACE". Nothing original there. Trying to look at some things from unique directions, fun takes, etc. (minotaurs are brilliant mathematicians, hence their love for labyrinths...
  2. Daigoro

    🎨 Creative (Dozenty One) Ork clan, squad, tribe, warband and gang names

    Orright you muck-breaths, we've split off a new splinter clan. Whaddyou pug-heads think we gonna shud call ower-selfs? 1) The Desecration Lane Cankle Stanks 2) Left Fang of Orcus 3) Pretty Boy Stomp Show
  3. Caseyg

    Using The One Ring to Role-play Orcs

    I've been kicking around the idea of making a Middle-earth campaign set at the start of the Fourth Age. The twist is the players are orcs on the run after the destruction of Sauron. In my head, I got this image of the orcs being fractured into tribes that are being systematically destroyed by...
  4. Particle_Man

    [5e] Orcs are not cannon-fodder. They are dangerous. Even alone!

    One orc vs. a warlock, wizard and cleric (lvl 1). Damn near killed the party (the orc rolled up). The players were victorious (barely!) but I doubt that they will make jokes about "only an orc" anytime soon! :)
  5. S

    Original RPG Oil Painting on the auction block!

    The oil painting from the Orc Lord's Dominion and promotional piece for North Texas RPG Con is up for sale. it has one bidder... at the minimum bid. A perfect time for a collector to pick up a published piece of RPG art in the earlier stages of a well published artist's career. Lloyd Metcalf...
  6. M

    I am terrified of orcs.

    Okay, I'm not actually terrified of orcs. I'm not even mildly frightened. But there is a kind of disconnect as to how I imagine orcs when I read about them in fantasy books and when I'm roleplaying. Maybe I've just been conditioned by fantasy literature to think of orcs as large and menacing...
  7. N

    [DDN] Orc Babies and the difference between fantasy and sci-fi

    James Wyatt's latest column is spectacular. And not in a good way So. His definition of fantasy includes genocide? Right. I ... have few words.
  8. R


    Over at the D-20 Games Facebook page we're running a competition to WIN a copy of the award winning Lords Of War: Orcs Versus Dwarves card game AND ALSO Lords Of War: Elves Versus Lizardmen on release. Just head over to the Facebook page, like the page, share the picture and comment on what...
  9. R

    A Darker Side of Orcs

    I have to admit, I like a liking for rather dark fantasy setting. Like George RR Martin's work a bit more than JRR Tolkien. So I was thinking of running a fantasy game where, among other things, orcs are portrayed in a very dark and scary sort of way. Basically, by looking at all of the evil...
  10. T

    [riff] Orcs as boars

    So there's a fabulous thread in Tangency right now about a novel concept for elves, and it makes me want to redesign orcs. Elves are being reimagined on the plan of brachiating apes. Orcs have been commonly depicted with porcine features, which makes me ask, what if they were actually a sort of...
  11. A

    Gaming Idea: ORC STAIN

    I could not resist posting this comic... especially given how much I <3 orcs. http://io9.com/#!5795566/how-does-one-invent-an-economy-based-on-orc-genitalia-orc-stains-james-stokoe-fills-us-in ... aaaaand GO!
  12. T

    [WFRP/WFB] Are Ogres Greenskins? ..and Orc Spores for reproduction

    Are ogres greenskins? Specifically, do they reproduce by sporing/spores like other greenskins do? Regarding Greenskins: Are they dug from the ground like LOTR greenskins? jh
  13. whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Stan Nicholl's Orcs

    So - just bought the omnibus book in a charity shop for £2.50, and plan on returning it to whence it came if it turns out to be rubbish. But, the story so far really puts me in the mood to play something similar - the PCs are part of a warband of a "savage" race, either out to perform missions...
  14. J

    The GM as biased narrator

    So, I was thinking today about James C. Scott's excellent THE ART OF NOT BEING GOVERNED, which is about the ways in which people - specifically, the mountain peoples of SE Asia - escaped the state's hunger for manpower and tax by moving to less reachable areas and becoming "barbarians," and how...
  15. T

    (1st/2nd ED)A pondering on half-orcs and similar

    I like the half-orc. It's one of my favorite parts of 1st edition. I am, however, at a bit of a quandry. In first edition, the half-orc always struck me as being a bit of a "slinker". They got +1 to Str and Con, true, but the picture in the PHB, plus their level limits, lead me to think...
  16. C

    The Orcish Cabinetry is All Painted Black and Covered in Spikes? Really?

    Every orc is a warrior, but the survival of orcish society demands that a certain number of orcs spend a little time away from the training camps and the battlefields to develop some sort of craft. You are an orcish cabinet maker. Do you paint all your cabinets black or just leave the rusty...
  17. J

    [4E] Brainstorming a new kind of Orc-help

    Ok. So for whatever reason, I'm struggling with reskinning some orcs to be followers of Shar in my Forgotten Realms game. The players are 3rd level. I thought, I'd just find a creature that had a darkness or blindness attack/ability and just reskin it to be an orc. But I'm not really finding...
  18. P

    Orcslaying by Edition

    This thread compares how many Orcs you have to kill to level up, by level and edition. Assumptions - A human Fighter with a STR of 15 decides that he will level up by killing Orcs. [No Orc leaders or higher level Orcs, just the most basic Orc listed in that editons monster section, with average...
  19. L

    An orc's-eye view of civilised humans.

    So, you’re an orc, or a heathen or a barbarian. Whatever. The point is that you live on the borderlands and civilisation is slowly eating up the wild lands where you and your tribe make your home. How do you view the civilised humans? There must be dozens of possibilities, so I’ll list a couple...
  20. G

    Modeling animosity Orcs

    I've been wanting to do this for a while, and finally started chopping up Orcs. Now while I'm not really a tournament game player, I'd like the opinion of some tournament players as for the legality of what's likely to be a fairly sparce looking unit. I'm also looking for more ideas on what to...
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