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  1. grodog

    OSR Games grodog interview on Twitch TV, Sunday 18 August @ 7:30pm EDT

    Jay Scott, one of the gamers I know in South Jersey, runs a Twitch TV channel dedicated to his 30+ year 1e campaign set in the World of Greyhawk. While visiting with him on my last trip back home, he asked about having me on his show, which will be live-streamed on Sunday this weekend...
  2. Waiwode

    [Interest]AD&D1e (OSRIC)

    Any interest in playing some AD&D1e/OSRIC? (The latter because it's essentially a neatened up expression of the rules without significant changes AND the rules are provided for free by the publisher, for anyone who doesn't have banged up copies of 1e laying around). I'm willing to GM. House...
  3. Umbraed Nox

    eBay EBAY OSRIC RPG Core Book & The Dungeon Alphabet

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/OSRIC-RPG-Core-Book-The-Dungeon-Alphabet/233142147345 I relisted it.
  4. E

    OSRIC 2nd edition: melee combat

    I'm trying to understand how OSRIC 2nd edition deals with melee combat, but I don't get it. There are mentions of different combat approaches, but how do I decide if a player has hit a monster? This is very basic, so I guess I missed this in the rulebook, but I tried and really can't find this...
  5. ShannonA

    [OSR] What Happened to OSRIC?

    I spent some time researching OSRIC last night, for a potential history article, and the biggest question that arose for me was, "What happened to OSRIC!?" It was the leading retroclone (depending on how exactly you define Basic Fantasy), and it quickly got out there with an open license that...
  6. Leonaru

    [AD&D/OSRIC] First Edition Lost Classes

    I like OSRIC, but for one reason or another, the OSRIC core rules don't include the monk and bard class (though some people have written variants of those classes). So I wrote OGL versions of the monk, bard, barbarian and cavalier. They cane be downloaded for free on Lulu or, if out don't want...
  7. Leonaru

    [AD&D/OSRIC] First Editon Knight

    After covering the AD&D monk and the bard, I might as well release OGL version of the Unearthed Arcana classes too. You can download the knight (aka the cavalier) for AD&D 1e/OSRIC here. It's really just the cavalier from UA. I included some information from Sage Advice, though, since UA...
  8. timbannock

    [Interest/Recruitment] OSRIC/AD&D1e in homebrew Necromancer Games/1e Modules world

    The Game: The Seekers is an open-ended sandbox campaign, largely featuring adventures and locales from Necromancer Games and various 1st edition adventures. The Player Characters are mercenaries and sellswords, motivated for whatever reason to obtain treasure, arcane lore, and experience. They...
  9. T

    [OD&D] Thoughts on, Questions about, and Potential House Rules for OD&D

    I've been inspired to check out OD&D. After reading several threads, including Old Geezer's pontification threads, and reading several sites, and checking out OSRIC (which I know isn't OD&D, but I"ve read up on the differences), I've had some thoughts, and questions, about OD&D. I've also...
  10. A

    [Theory] Flavors of D&D

    Flavors of D&D Well, I’ve been using this as shorthand for a while now, and some folks have noticed, so I thought I’d put it out there for public consideration/critique/destruction. It’s an attempt to provide a shorthand way of referring to the various major ‘flavors’ of D&D, in a way that’s...
  11. grodog

    BBP/UP OSRIC™ Hardback (SECOND Printing)

    BBP/UP OSRIC™ Hardback (SECOND Printing) Wichita, Kansas and Everett, Washington—28 June 2012: Black Blade Publishing and Usherwood Publishing are pleased to announce that the SECOND PRINTING of the Black Blade Publishing/Usherwood Publishing OSRIC™ hardback is now in stock and available for...
  12. Skywalker

    OSRIC A5 Size

    I have had and ran OSRIC for a while as a PDF. However, I just bought the smaller A5 sized version if the book and received it today. Leaving aside any comment on AD&D1e in general, I find myself a little surprised by how much perverse enjoyment i am feeling in having the entirety (well not...
  13. C

    [OSRIC] Isle of the Earthshaker. Old School AD&D.

    I love Old School Gaming. Most of all, I loved the old days where up to several dozen players could take part in the same campaign, dropping in and out of the game as the number of places at the table at their schedule allowed. I missed it so much, that I decided to run a game just like it. We...
  14. Leonaru

    How's the quality of the OSRIC 2.2 HC/SC edition?

    The title says it: I'm thinking about getting a printed version of OSRIC 2.2 (I know it's free for download). Does anybody have it and can tell me how high the quality is?
  15. H

    OSRIC compability with AD&D

    I'm sitting here with a hardcover OSRIC and I have what I think is a simple question: How compatible is the AD&D DM's screen with OSRIC?
  16. LibraryLass

    Running for a group of relatively new players... 4e or OSRIC?

    I've got a group now. One player's had two sessions of Pathfinder, and I set her up with the character builder, one's had a single session of 4e. The other confirmed player I'm not sure about, but I don't think she's experienced either, and I know the last one has no experience. I can run...
  17. T

    1e So... common hacks?

    So I've picked up some old 1st ed AD&D books, downloaded OSRIC, and gotten quite excited. Sandbox here we come! Before I continue, what hacks, patches, and fixes are commonplace to this venerable old beast? I understand weapon speeds are not exactly popular.
  18. R

    Need help/advice sorting out the various retro offerings

    I'm trying to understand all of the retro D&D offerings. And pick one. Personally, my first D&D was the Holmes basic set, which I have in storage somewhere. Played the hell out of it when I was a kid and then moved to AD&D 1st ed. (I recall that being what TSR intended). Played a lot of 1st...
  19. A

    OGL d20 v OSRIC: Why?

    I'm curious about the preference shown for Old Skool AD&D (as personified by OSRIC and most recently demonstrated by the apparently wondrous Lamentations of the Flame Princess) versus the OGL-licensed d20 rules and True20 (i.e. basically Pathfinder). I know that OSRIC works like LotFP are...
  20. J

    NOD #4 On Sale Now!

    I've just put my latest issue of NOD on sale at Lulu. NOD is a magazine devoted to old school fantasy games - specifically Swords and Wizardry, but easily compatible with B/X D-n-D, AD-n-D, Labyrinth Lord, OSRIC, Castles and Crusades, etc. In this issue of NOD I have a sandbox hexcrawl with...
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