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  1. X

    Best simulacrum for AD&D 1st Ed feel

    Hello Everyone, I've played a few 1st Ed AD&D sessions in my life, but never had the opportunity to DM a 1st Ed AD&D game until now. I've got 6 players who are not familiar with 1st Ed AD&D rules and certainly don't own any of the Gygax books. I'm giving the AD&D simulacrum serious consideration...
  2. daddystabz

    Retro D&D clones...which is best?

    I own a lot of Castles & Crusades stuff and absolutely loved its SIEGE system mechanics and old school feel. I am curious though, after seeing just how many retro clones are out there now, how do they all stack up and contrast apart? What are the merits of each and which one seems best...
  3. Wulfgar22

    [D&D] D&D players...have you heard of the Old School Renaissance?

    Just curious as to how many D&D players here on RPGnet have actually heard of the Old School Renaissance? As a frequenter of dozens (and dozens!) of blogs and forums dedicated to older editions of D&D, the retro-clones and the OSR it seems the OSR community is vibrant, creative, fast-growing...
  4. E

    [Advice] Need advice on LuLu.com order

    So, let's see if I can lose my lurking status by asking for some advice. I just got a 10% coupon code for LuLu.com with a $25 max savings limit in my inbox. It expires tonight at MIDNIGHT. I need advice on how I should properly let that burn a hole in my pocket. Here's what's currently in my...
  5. Captain Deadpool

    [OSRIC/AD&D] Multi-classing

    I don't own AD&D, but in OSRIC 2.0 it says multiclassing is explained in the races section as to what races can take what multiclass, but it doesn't appear to be listed anywhere in the race descriptions. Can somebody give me a general overview of how it works, including what to do about hit...
  6. V

    What is your favorite D&D nostalgia-inspired RPG?

    The thread title says it all... Of the OD&D/AD&D inspired nostalgia RPGs, what is your favorite?
  7. G

    Lulu ate my Diaspora/OSRIC!

    So I was looking at some items on Lulu last night (particularly, Diaspora and the black & white hardcover version of OSRIC) and today I decided to purchase them. When I go to do this, Lulu claims these items are suddenly "not available". What's going on?
  8. I

    OSRIC In Print

    Printed copies of OSRIC are now available via Lulu. I thought someone should make a thread about it, since it seems to have happened pretty quietly. I only found out about it when I checked the Wikipedia entry, looking for news about its development.
  9. B

    OSRIC(ADnD) Sandbox Game

    Players wanted for PbP OSRIC sandbox-style game. Devilish knaves, weird monsters, adventures on the high-sea. Become a hero, or die an unsung death... Only join if you can commit to 1 post per weekday. See the game info section for more details. The game is at rpol.net and is called...
  10. T

    Is Labyrinth Lord OSRIC?

    Pretty much what the topic says... does Labyrinth Lord utilize OSRIC? or is it a different tact to accomplish the same thing? thanks, david
  11. rbingham2000

    OSRIC v2.00 is out!

    http://www.knights-n-knaves.com/osric/ And I have to say, the layout and everything looks damn nice!
  12. P

    OSRIC and OGC

    Just a heads up... Around the end of September, I'll be making almost all of OSRIC 1 into Open Gaming Content. Exceptions are the artwork, the OSRIC name and the variable experience point rule which will all remain product identity. This is in preparation for OSRIC 2, which should launch...
  13. BMonroe

    [AD&D 1st Ed] Experience with OSRIC supplements?

    I'm seeing quite a number of folks publishing OSRIC-compatible supplements lately: Ronin Arts First Edition Society And others. It's actually somewhat astounding how many little books are coming out for "First Edition Fantasy". I'm curious if anyone has picked any of these up, and if there...
  14. Caerwyn

    OSRIC vs AD&D

    Ok, this has probably been done to death, but my google-fu is weak at the moment. How different is OSRIC from AD&D. I know OSRIC is "D&D with the serial numbers filled off," but what (if anything) is different? I'm at work, and they really won't let me download the free PDF. If someone...
  15. P

    [OSRIC] Name recognition/interest check

    Hi all, indulge my curiosity here. What proportion of RPGnet readers know what OSRIC is, would you say? Most, some, few, hardly any? How many have downloaded it or read it? Most, some, few, hardly any? How many will be interested in OSRIC 2 when it comes out?
  16. Zombie Flyboy

    Renewed Interest in AD&D 1e and now OSRIC...why?

    Something I have noticed is that there seems to be a general revival of interest in AD&D 1e. I'm wondering why? Personally, I do prefer 1e to any other version (though some elements of 2e also). However, I think I am in the minority and it is interesting to see a bit of renewed interest. Is...
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