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out of print

  1. G

    Marvel Super Heroes (TSR)

    My local group was talking about honoring the memory of Stan Lee, and I started looking into the old Marvel Super Heroes from TSR. If I'm looking for used materials, what do I need in order to run a game?
  2. C

    Where do you buy out of print or used games?

    Theres a FLGS near me that carries used and out of print games that I love to browse every time I go in there, and it got me wondering if theres anyplace anybody commonly goes to shop for this stuff like yard sales, flea markets, ebay, ect? So where do you all buy this stuff at? Or do you...
  3. H

    eBay [eBay] Horror on the Orient Express!

    This famous Call of Cthulhu campaign remains out of print to this day. There are no plans to ever reprint it. This product was unwrapped, then briefly looked at once and gently replaced. The contents are complete and in excellent condition with no markings, tears, bent pages or other...
  4. Ahrimanius

    OOP RPG Books you never got a hold of But really want to own.

    I have been spending years trying to get a hold of KULT Illusion Number One a Supplement/Promotional Item/Poster for KUlLT. over a 3 year period I have seen this rare item on sale on ebay once and I lost in the bidding war. It has become my Personal White Whale concerning my RPG Collection...
  5. Narmer

    What is your Favorite Out of Print Game?

    And why? Mine is Melee/Wizard/The Fantasy Trip. I loved running characters through the solo adventures. Grail Quest was a particular favorite of mine.
  6. J

    [Eclipse Phase] Where can I get a print copy?

    So I am UK based, and really want a print copy of Eclipse Phase. Does anyone know of anywhere still selling them? Or has anyone had the pdf printed and bound for them. if so where and how much did it cost?
  7. Ahrimanius

    How much did you pay to get hold of an OP/Rare Book?

    Personally I spent: 135$ for Kult Beyond the Veil 90$ for a second copy of Kult BtV 100$ for all Kult Source Books 50€ for Limited Edition Kult 1ed (German) 100$ for A Game of Thrones Limited Edition Other Rare/OP Books I purchased where not that overpriced.
  8. trechriron

    [eBay] BESM Third Edition RPG

    From my personal collection. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=230338514598
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