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out of print games

  1. G

    Marvel Super Heroes (TSR)

    My local group was talking about honoring the memory of Stan Lee, and I started looking into the old Marvel Super Heroes from TSR. If I'm looking for used materials, what do I need in order to run a game?
  2. C

    [ADVENTURE!] Good first impressions.

    I just got a look at a copy of "Adventure!" from White Wolf. The game is out of print these ten years or so, but a friend of a friend had a copy and it got to me somehow. It is definitely a fluff heavy book, but full of things that are fun to read (if a little painful due to the font size.)...
  3. Ahrimanius

    OOP RPG Books you never got a hold of But really want to own.

    I have been spending years trying to get a hold of KULT Illusion Number One a Supplement/Promotional Item/Poster for KUlLT. over a 3 year period I have seen this rare item on sale on ebay once and I lost in the bidding war. It has become my Personal White Whale concerning my RPG Collection...
  4. L

    Yay, Noble Knight Games!

    Just hopped over to nobleknight.com and picked up some out of print goodies - specifically Dark Ages: Mage (and a splat) plus Mind's Eye Theater The Wyrm. At some point when I have more money, I have to zip back over there and get that Vampire: Victorian Ages I've been wanting. Now if I could...
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