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  1. Quasar

    [LFG] Newcastle, Australia

    So after several years without a group, I'm desparate enough to take some more direct action. At this point I'll play almost anything. So if there any any Newcastle groups needing an exta player, pm me.
  2. Quasar

    The Netflix Price Rise

    Is upon us. Well. Cancelled my netflix now that I got the price increase notice. Though I might re-sub to the Australian Netflix. Turned out that US9.95 is more than AUD 11.95. At least if google is not lying to me. I do lose all the ratings and favourites and everything though. Now to test...
  3. Burgonet

    [Ozmob] The Secret River

    So why are you here reading this thread when you could be watching Lachie Hume's beard, or Tim Michin naked? http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/secret-river/DR1338V001S00 My own personal view of the first episode? I almost stopped watching after twenty minutes but stuck it out and was very glad...
  4. Quasar

    [OzMob] Netflix

    So an apparent leak on at least some of the local day 1 catalogue. http://ausdroid.net/2015/03/22/netflix-library-and-pricing-leaked-ahead-of-tuesday-launch/ Some interesting things listed, like Winter Soldier, which I don't see on the us catalog. The lack of trek I find interesting, which...
  5. Quasar

    [OzMob] Gallipoli and Stan

    I'm probably not that keen on 7 hours of mythologising Gallipoli for a new generation, but I found this interesting. Tonight they dumped the whole thing on the new streaming service Stan (which is co-owned by Nine IIRC). Rather surprising that given its status on the Network. Figured it would...
  6. Quasar

    [OzMob] Utopia

    So thanks to a Philip Adams interview with Rob Sitch, I found out about this new ABC comedy. Watched episode one, and I have to say I found it pretty bloody amusing. Yeah it reminds me a fair bit of 'The Games' and 'Frontline' but still I was highly entertained by the first episode...
  7. Quasar

    [OzMob] New 3DS

    Hey looks like we got our own Direct where a date of November 21st was given for the new 3DS revision. http://youtu.be/_uNYEo8YN3I Pretty surprised we're getting it this year.
  8. Quasar

    [OzMob] Doc Neeson dies

    http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/music/the-angels-doc-neeson-67-dies-20140604-zrx5i.html What a sad way to go. Some great stuff he did.
  9. Quasar

    [OzMob] Curiosity Show

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTGXDTMfPPw A 'new' episode. It is couched around and funded by kellogs to sell cereal, but my inner child can't help but squee a bit.
  10. L

    [OzMob] Melbournian meetup?

    Anyone want to meet up sometime soonish and do a bit of the board games thing? I'm happy to host if people are okay with travelling to Hurstbridge, but in the city is fine as well. I can bring Munchkin (vanilla, Cthulhu, pirate, I forget what else), Resistance:Avalon, Betrayal at House on the...
  11. Quasar

    [OzMob] Doctor Who and iView

    http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2012/08/dr-who-episodes-to-premiere-on-iview.html A good move on the part of the ABC (they should do this for all the new foreign shows). Though I wish the stream quality was a bit better than it is.
  12. Burgonet

    [OzMob] The Straits

    The Straits. Ever since I moved to Cairns in 2004, I've always thought FNQ was a perfect place for a crime or police story. I just watched the first two episodes back-to-back this evening and thought it was some of the better Oz TV I've seen for awhile. Spared the painful moralising of The...
  13. N

    [OzMob] Tin Soldier is closed in Sydney?

    So I'm in Sydney for work, have some downtime and was just about to go to the Tin Soldier when their website tells me they are closed! Talk about the end of an era... :(
  14. Quasar

    [OzMob] Tomorrow, When the War Began

    So I got around to seeing this film on BluRay. I have to say that overall I quite enjoyed the film for what it was. Given the films budget, scope and inexperience of the director and cast (first timers) I thought it turned out pretty well. Probably my main gripe would be that the film did not...
  15. Quasar

    [OzMob] Aurealis Awards 2010

    http://www.aurealisawards.com/ And so my to-read pile grows. Anyone read any of the winners?
  16. Quasar

    [OzMob] Underbelly: The 1920's

    So I ran across this bit about the next Underbelly series. Firstly it made me wonder when we'll get a series set during the convict era (I'd certainly watch it). Secondly...anyone know much about this era? My knowledge of organised crime doesn't go that far back in terms of modern Australia.
  17. Quasar

    [OzMob] The Dresden Files - cheapest option

    So with the strong dollar I figured I'd buy the dead tree version. And looking around it seems like the 108 for the two books at Milsims seems about as cheap as any international option. Shocked I am. Are there any options I ought to look into?
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