paladins & princesses

  1. The Wyzard

    Paladins & Princesses: Source Material?

    Quick reference thread here. What shows off this subgenre? What are good examples? Books, movies, game stuff, whatever. Bonus Question: To what extent is P&P differentiated from Romantic Fantasy ala Blue Rose? What are the departure points between the two?
  2. P

    [+] Tips for running/playing in a Paladins and Princesses type game.

    These two threads are sources for the concept of and appeal of Princesses and Paladins. But I want in this thread more advice on...
  3. Z

    Paladins & Princesses: What's the appeal for you?

    I'm referring to the categories in Armchair Gamer's theory here: ---- This is a question for fans of Paladins & Princesses-style worlds. Not characters or individual adventures but whole worlds ruled by this logic: " It's...
  4. A

    [Theory] Flavors of D&D

    Flavors of D&D Well, I’ve been using this as shorthand for a while now, and some folks have noticed, so I thought I’d put it out there for public consideration/critique/destruction. It’s an attempt to provide a shorthand way of referring to the various major ‘flavors’ of D&D, in a way that’s...
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