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  1. K

    Palldium Skill system question. How to convert between Original and Revised?

    I have a bunch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness books, but a couple still use the older Megaversal skill system with High School College and Secondary skills, when the more "recent" books use the system they introduced in Robotech where there were just Scholastic and Secondary...
  2. Dalillama

    [WIR] TMNT/After the Bomb/Road Hogs

    The old-school first edition stuff, almost. My copy of TMNT is the revised edition. I was going to just do after the bomb, but decided to cover the main book too, since it's not that long, it contains the actual rules, and I have a copy. TMNT Introduction: The introduction is a third of a page...
  3. Spikey

    [Let's Read] The Palladium Roleplaying Game, AKA Palladium Fantasy First Edition

    Inspired by Jhary-a-Conel's excellent let's read thread of the second edition, I'm going to read through the original Palladium Roleplaying Game. Not quite Palladium Books' first complete game but possibly the closest to Kevin Siembieda's original campaign that seems to have informed most of his...
  4. Jhary-a-Conel

    [Let's Read] Palladium Fantasy (2nd Edition)

    I've always had a soft spot for Palladium Books. Back in the pre-internet days when Dragon magazine was my main source of gaming information outside my local group I was fascinated just by the (many, many) ads for Palladium product. It all seemed to exciting and so much bigger than D&D or my...
  5. Marcantony

    [Palladium] The Rifter® to go on hiatus for at least two years after issue #84

    Here; I never saw that coming. The Rifter had always been separate to Kevin and wasnt affected by his schedule, something must have changed.
  6. T

    Palladium - Rifts Acronym/Dictionary List

    Greetings all, I am trying to get organized and prepare cheat sheets/quick references to make game play more enjoyable and have less time spent digging through books. One of the items I am trying to get or, if not available, draft up myself is a Acronym List and dictionary guide. We have been...
  7. W

    Palladium 2018 Open House

    There has been a lot of Palladium discussion on these boards recently. Is anyone else going to their open house in Detroit next month? I'll be there. Maybe some of us can meet up.
  8. P

    Palladium loses rights to Robotech® RPG and Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Miniatures Game

    The Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rrpgt/robotech-rpg-tacticstm/posts/2120399 Things really don't look good for Palladium as a whole imo. Nor do I think they understand that they need to issue refunds to their backers and not discounted Robotech merchandise. As a company in charge...
  9. gtroc

    🎨 Creative [Heroes Unlimited]Worlds Strongest...A game

    H'okay so I have a fun little game I sometimes play and I would like to share it with you. Its a game where I make characters for Palladium's various games. See I love Palladium's games. One of my first games was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness which I still love to this day. I...
  10. L

    Palladium OSR

    I own, or owned, everything Palladium books published up til about 1998. Rifts? Sure, but that was only because I was an obsessive collector and it kinda fit in with my Robotech shit. Robotech was my gateway, then Beyond the Supernatural, Ninjas and Superspies (the old shit, back when Muay Thai...
  11. Marius B

    I ordered a Palladium X-Mas grab bag and I'm ureasonably excited about it!

    I've wanted to get one for as long as I've known about them but shipping to Europe plus customs and whatnot was always prohibitively expensive. But this year, I'll be in the US for a few weeks, so I decided to order one and have it sent to the address I'll be staying at. I just got the...
  12. M

    [Palladium] What is the difference between Physical Strength values?

    So PS 25 (normal) PS 25 (Superhuman) PS 25 (Supernatural) What is the difference in Carrying Capacity between the three?
  13. G

    what is palladium missing?

    i hear people trash palladium/rifts all the time. i played tmnt and other strangeness tons as a kid and had a blast. i'm getting back into gaming and just want to know what is palladium missing compared to other rpg systems. i hear lots of criticism about palladium and i would be cool to learn...
  14. L

    Palladium System – Analysis

    Well while I only really ever plaid a few games of Robotech, I ended collecting a good amount of Palladium books. Like many I found Palladium games interesting for ideas, but found the system to be less then serviceable. Two events made me think about the books again. One was setting up an...
  15. M

    Palladium House Rules

    I realize the Palladium system is among the least popular and most maligned in the role-playing world, but get this: I've found it makes an excellent introductory system for new role-players. Their inexperience makes them rather uncritical and accepting of the system's flaws (i.e. they've never...
  16. J

    Let's Talk the TMNT RPG

    My son, 8, is big into the TMNT..as most young boys tend to be. I've never played the Palladium game. Would this be something I could run with 8 year olds? What supplements are worth tracking down? Any? Was there ever another TMNT rpg? Something easier to get into than the 80's Palladium one...
  17. gtroc

    [Nightbane/spawn]Let Us Play With These Concepts

    Horror is a tricky. Action is tricky. Ok, that is not entirely true. Both action and horror are pretty easy, on the surface. But if you want to do them well they are both quite difficult. Even more difficult is combining the two in such a way as to be good at both. Horror tend to deal with...
  18. N

    Robotech RPG and 2nd edition: please for the love of god tell me about it

    So I'm a fan of Robotech and Macross, but was completely unaware of the existence of the Robotech RPG until a friend told me about it. Said friend is neck-deep in the Palladium system, such as Rifts and other titles I don't remember. Now I didn't grow up in those things. '92 is where it's at...
  19. Blackwingedheaven

    [Nightbane/Nightspawn] Rebooting the Setting

    So, I love Nightbane/Nightspawn with an undisguised passion. It's one of Palladium's best games, basically their effort to cash in on the World of Darkness craze of the late 90s/early 2000s. For those unfamiliar with it, the basic premise is that the Nightbane are shapechangers with two forms: a...
  20. Blackwingedheaven

    [Double Cross] DX3 for Nightbane/Nightspawn?

    I'm seriously considering writing up a conversion of the classic urban-horror/fantasy game Nightbane (aka Nightspawn) to the Double Cross rules. The game shares a lot of the same themes: a shadow war against monstrous foes while struggling to maintain your own humanity after becoming something...
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