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  1. Pandorym

    IC The Elder Scrolls III: Vvardenfell

    You are dreaming, you think. Perhaps of scenes from a childhood long past. Of landscapes, myriad and vast, teeming with life. Or perhaps an infinite darkness, an endless black that stretches on beyond the bounds of time and space. But you soon realize that your dream is no longer your own...
  2. Pandorym

    OOC The Elder Scrolls III: Vvardenfell

    Hello and welcome to The Elder Scrolls III: Vvardenfell! This is a game of Fate Accelerated set in the land of Vvardenfell, ten years before the chronological start of Morrowind. I'm the GM, Pandorym, and with me are four players: @squidheadjax @fireinthedust @Stormraven @brahnamin As always...
  3. Pandorym

    OOC Moonlight Brigade

    This is the out of character thread for Moonlight Brigade, a game of Epyllion as Powered by the Apocalypse. I'm your Dragonmaster, Pandorym, and with me are four players: @Keal @Bremen @Nobby @Choo Choo As always, this thread is for all out of character banter, rules questions/discussions...
  4. Pandorym

    [Interest/Recruitment] Epyllion PBTA

    Epyllion is a game Powered By the Apocalypse where you play dragons in a dragon-centric world. You are the sons and daughters of the Dragonlords, mighty rulers who need your help to investigate rumors, solve problems, and discover the truth of a growing evil in the land. Along with your fellow...
  5. Pandorym

    IC Out For A Long Walk

    You blink. Time has passed. You don't recall much, only opening a Door on the Escalara -- the Grand Stair -- and suddenly being irresistibly pulled through, plummeting what felt like thousands of miles until you slammed into a hard surface and lost consciousness. Looking up, you find yourself...
  6. Pandorym

    OOC Out For A Long Walk

    Welcome to the out of character thread for Out For A Long Walk, a game of Lords of Gossamer & Shadow. I'm Pandorym the Game Master, and with me are the following players: @EnigmaticOne, playing Lang Zi @The Tim, playing Surta @ApparitionsStalkTheNight, playing Paili of House Irvine @Stormraven...
  7. Pandorym

    Re-Recruitment (Godbound)

    I have a game of Godbound going on currently called I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria that's lost two players and I'm looking for at least one more. Is anyone interested?
  8. Pandorym

    IC I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria

    It is a dark day in the nation of Lumina, one of the Nine that bends their knee to the will of the Incandescent Empire. Black clouds block the sacred azure rays of Sorcen, the blue sun of Eiphoria, which casts a gloomy pall across the floating land of enchanted clouds. Normally this would be a...
  9. Pandorym

    OOC I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria

    Welcome to the out of character thread for I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria, a game of Godbound set in the custom fantasy world of Eiphoria. I am Pandorym, the game master, and with me are five players: @ajdynon @DannyK @Donan @Ramidel @squidheadjax. As normal, this thread is for all rules...
  10. Pandorym

    [Closed Recruitment] I Bless the Rains Down In Eiphoria

    I summon the five players interested in a game of Godbound within my custom fantasy world of Eiphoria: @ajdynon @DannyK @RdMarquis @Donan @squidheadjax. All Words are allowed, including everything from the Lexicon of the Throne. Concept Words may be taken with an appropriate concept, obviously...
  11. Pandorym

    IC Spooks and Southern Belles

    Chapter One: A Second Life It's a warm afternoon on May 31st, 1935 and the sun is shining. A cool breeze tickles your hair and makes ripples in the tea in your cup. You've just graduated from Ursuline Academy here in the great city of New Orleans, and your family couldn't be more pleased...
  12. Pandorym

    🎨 Creative It's My Birthday! Give me Sci-Fi (or Warhammer 40k) Plot Hooks!

    As the title above. I could use the assistance! Aliens, weapons, events, worlds, all of it!
  13. Pandorym

    IC An Unspeakable Oath

    Riordan. An agri-world located on the fringes of the Morpheus Sector, specialized in expansive and heavily-guarded vineyards that produce the entirety of the sector's finest spirits. It is here that you were transported from the forgotten icy depths of Telos by Aureus Mazar, a former loyalist...
  14. Pandorym

    OOC An Unspeakable Oath

    This is the out-of-character thread for The Unspeakable Oath - a game of Warhammer 40,000 as Powered by the Apocalypse - using the setting of Black Crusade. I am the Game Master, Pandorym, and with me are four players: @Raveled, playing Iskar the Blighted (Dark Apostle) @EnigmaticOne, playing...
  15. Pandorym

    IC To Sail the Sleeping Stars

    Space. A vast expanse of almost uncharted depths, each tiny light a chance for exploration and profit. Such is the wages and wiles of the Rogue Trader, with a dynastic right granted by the Emperor himself on the Warrant of Trade, to go forth and do what must be done to help expand and enrich...
  16. Pandorym

    OOC To Sail the Sleeping Stars

    This is the OOC thread for To Sail the Sleeping Stars, a game set in the galaxy of Warhammer 40k using the FATE Core system. Specifically, the particular flavor for this tale is Rogue Trader. We have six players: @Donan @kitty voodoo @Raveled @Sabermane @Starcrash @wormmonda Naturally, this...
  17. Pandorym

    IC Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition

    Nova Station, 136.M42 "And so, as you see you have nothing to worry about, so calm down," your new boss, the Ordo Xenos inquisitor Zephyr Twilight reassures you as he dunks his nose back into the bowl of fine amasec near him and drinks deeply. He's a bit strange: a long red mane as fluffy as a...
  18. Pandorym

    OOC Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition

    Welcome to Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition, a game of FATE Accelerated Edition set in an unholy crossover of My Little Pony and Warhammer 40,000. Here our three player characters @Bremen, @Elfwine, and @Meriss serve as acoltytes of the God-Empress Celestia's holy Inquisition, under...
  19. Pandorym

    IC Save Game: Fight the Zeroes!

    It is quiet tonight, something unusual in the rubble-strewn, war-torn streets of Cartridge Gardens - the last remaining city on Tendoria Island free of the Glitch. The once-bright island is heavy with tension and fraught with peril, as the guards continuously patrol the streets, eyes peeled for...
  20. Pandorym

    IC Spring's Fling, Autumn's Thorn [Urban Shadows]

    Beep beep beep... The sound of the alarm going off echoes almost painfully in your ears, bouncing off the hardwood floor and ricocheting off the many rare paintings covering the egg-shell white walls before brutally rattling your brainpan. A single unnaturally graceful motion is enough to...
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